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  You could therefore also say that whiskers, honeycombs, stacks, and hell, even fades look stupid, it's just fading indigo, there's no 'purpose'.   If you're into raw denim then stained shoes come with the territory. If this bothers you so much then either buy darker shoes or screw raw denim, buy yourself a pair of light stonewash 501's, and be done with it. This is like building up a 12-inch drop and then complaining that your callused hands aren't dainty anymore.
+1   Also, shortening the sleeves at the shoulders, which is necessary with working buttonholes, is often almost or just as expensive as getting the buttonholes made.
  This is great. Would love to see how it looks with the jacket buttoned as well as the sleeves shortened a touch but I like it a lot.
If it's any consolation, it will be a style that won't draw strange looks from other people for 6 months. Jeggings belong on a girl.
+1 on ribbedtee but grey, not white, unless you have the complexion of dracula after a long dry spell.
You sure about that? Second pic looks like a woman
  To go a bit against the grain here, it's definitely possible that it could work, given one or more of the following scenarios:   1) It's really dark. 2) Viewer is really stoned and/or drunk (preferably both). 3) You are standing waist deep in water and somebody near you is making a lot of ripples.
  I'm not entirely sure what you expect to gain by trying on an off the rack jacket (properly fitting or not) when you say you're having a bespoke suit made. A proper bespoke tailor goes off your measurements, taken directly from your body (by him/herself or a trusted assistant). Chest and shoulder fit, balance, pocket size/position, and sleeve length are all givens and pretty much immutable if you want a jacket that looks good. The rest (lapel style/width, shoulder...
So you'd be checking out a side view of yourself to ascertain balance first and foremost while ignoring the bowed lapels (which takes up fabric on the front of the jacket, practically guaranteeing a balance skewed to the rear) and the fact that you're about to bust the shoulder and side seams?     Even balance can't be evaluated unless/until you're reasonably within the chest+shoulders ballpark.
  The only thing this clears up is that you're still not getting it. Fit in a suit begins with the chest and shoulders. That's always the first step. There's no such thing as "let out the chest and let out the shoulders" because if you've got both of those problems in the same jacket then you've sized completely wrong, which in turn throws everything else off. Nothing else matters until you take the correct first step that lays the right foundation for everything...
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