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Motorcycle jackets fall into one of three categories:   Fashion: Thin jackets typically made from hides cut thinly and sewn weakly, which break in easily and would offer little to no abrasion resistance for a get-off from your bike. Wear one of these and you'll look right at home in Hollywood, but any rider would know you don't ride. Think Fiorenza, contemporary Belstaff, some Schott models.    Practical/Safety Conscious: Thick, armored jackets with heavy duty...
Thanks for the reference pic! I almost went with the Tan 72 Hour, as my 256 is Tan and I really enjoyed it, but I went with the Otter Green to try to avoid some denim transference. The backside of the 256 has a ton of denim indigo transference. 
Thanks so much for your insightful comments. I imagined that was the case with nylon. I'm a huge fan of the 256, but I just can't deal with the weight any longer. I think you're spot on in suggesting that a daily carry, due to frequency of use, really has to be much less compromising in terms of comfort and ease of use. But, my gosh, that 256 has aged beautifully...
I picked up a 72 Hour Lightweight version during the Father's Day sale. Trying to decide whether or not I want to keep it.    I've used a 256 for about five years, and I've loved it, except for two things: the weight and the lack of a true laptop compartment. The lightweight 72 Hour addresses both issues, but I just don't know about this nylon.    I know that, if I want to save on weight, I have to concede something in the material. But I'm not sure how the nylon will...
Oh, I see. Sorry I posted this in the wrong place. Thanks for your help!
I'm 5'8" in boots, and the small duffle looks like the right size on me. I can do the medium size, but it looks a little long next to my frame. 
Hi. I'm going to be traveling to a very cold climate for work, and I'll spend a few days there. I live in Houston, so I have jackets appropriate for ~40 degrees F at the lowest. I'm looking for something quality, for ~20 degrees F, that's also slim cut with a military-ish aesthetic. Just wondering if anyone knows of such a thing, as I've had a hard time finding something. Thanks a bunch for your help. 
I just took delivery of the Harvey Messenger Bag. I've gotta say it might replace the 256 I've used happily for years. Though it doesn't look nearly as business-appropriate, and I wish it was a lighter shade of olive with the dark brown leather, rather than black, the storage capacity, light weight, and comfortably wide shoulder strap make it outstanding in terms of sheer carry. Plus, the side pockets on either end are actually useable, unlike with the 256. I'm going to...
I ordered one of those brown nylon straps for my Tan 256. I thought it would reduce weight and that the width would be more comfortable. The width does help a lot with a full bag, but the nylon material is incredibly scratchy and has no give whatsoever. I wish I could send it back, but I can't. I think it was $30. So I would try a leather solution, like the image that's from the first page of this thread. 
A cobbler can make one for you. If you want it to be from Wicket and Craig (the tannery Filson uses), you can order a single side from them. But then you'd have a lot of leather left over. I'm sure the cobbler can find a leather that is "close" to the color of Wicket and Craig's dark brown bridle leather, and they can make you a wide strap from that.  
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