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I just took delivery of the Harvey Messenger Bag. I've gotta say it might replace the 256 I've used happily for years. Though it doesn't look nearly as business-appropriate, and I wish it was a lighter shade of olive with the dark brown leather, rather than black, the storage capacity, light weight, and comfortably wide shoulder strap make it outstanding in terms of sheer carry. Plus, the side pockets on either end are actually useable, unlike with the 256. I'm going to...
I ordered one of those brown nylon straps for my Tan 256. I thought it would reduce weight and that the width would be more comfortable. The width does help a lot with a full bag, but the nylon material is incredibly scratchy and has no give whatsoever. I wish I could send it back, but I can't. I think it was $30. So I would try a leather solution, like the image that's from the first page of this thread. 
A cobbler can make one for you. If you want it to be from Wicket and Craig (the tannery Filson uses), you can order a single side from them. But then you'd have a lot of leather left over. I'm sure the cobbler can find a leather that is "close" to the color of Wicket and Craig's dark brown bridle leather, and they can make you a wide strap from that.  
Really hate parting with this, but need the cash. Aero Leather Cossack, size 36. Ordered through Insurrection/Thurston Bros.   Listed on eBay for $500. $450 for members here.   It has a surface-level scuff mark from a bike accident. Absolutely no damage anywhere. It's in perfect, broken in shape. Very, very soft and pliable and will give a little if you need it to. I have worn this in pouring rain and stayed completely dry, thanks to the Horween...
Really, really hate to do this, but I need to sell my Satchel and Page Pilot's Bag. This is their version of a duffle bag. I love this bag quite a bit, but I need the cash.    I've probably owned 20+ leather bags, and this is the best leather duffle bag I've come across. They just got it absolutely right with this one.    Listed on eBay for $375 $325. $275 for members here.    It will ship in its original dust bag, which is where it's being stored.    Used once,...
 No worries. I do have a great cobbler, and I considered going to him with the original. I likely will, because I have a softer, fattier shoulder pad that I'd like to put on the strap while one of the ends is loose. My first thought was to get Filson to cut one for me, but I quickly remembered, thanks to posts like yours, that my cobbler could do a fine job of it. 
I've been wanting to order a custom length strap from them. Was it an easy process? I'm 5'7" and would love a shorter shoulder strap. 
Becky at Raleigh Denim mentioned the Tencel briefly in an email to me about some other things. This is what she said: "Tencel is made from woodpulp and is one of Cone Mills' eco-friendly denims. They are 10.5 ounces, which is lighter than the 12.5 Original raw denim." Hope this helps a little. I've no idea how they would fade or feel.
Could you provide P2P, shoulder, and back length measurements please? Thanks! 
Luggage Tag still available. 
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