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I have known for some time now about John Lobb. I thought they were bespoke shoes only. Now i see shoes on Mr. Porter under the Lobb label. Is it the same company? What is the quality like?   Thanks
Thanks guys, Looks GREAT!
7 3/4, 7/78
I'm a big guy. I have a big head. I go to regular stores and nice hats dont fit. I tried a big and tall store and the hats are BLEH! Does ANYONE know a custom shop where i can buy top quality hats? Thanks!
Thanks for this thread.... I just ordered a pair of the Italian cashmere lined deerskin gloves.... From Leather gloves online...   I have high hopes...   Thanks
A: not a "newbie" been a member for a yr.. lurker before.....i just dont post a lot.   B: even if i WAS a newbie... my opinion is still valid.   C: I'm a city boy born and raised... Phila my whole life.. Engaged to a Wonderful New yorker.. and have been splitting time there for over a yr. Harlem (uptown baby).  Will be living there full time next yr.     ALL big cities have issues. Problems.. Shit!!!  Thats what makes them cities... the sheer numbers and...
Was married for 15+. Now engaged again... in both we had 3 accounts     1 joint, one hers one mine.... we each contributed a set amount to our joint account for the monthly bills and other goals, and our individual accounts were ours.   that way she didnt have to ask for money for the hairdresser or if she decided to but some jeans or something.... it let her keep a sense of independence.    AND demonstrates a commitment to us... we each have a stake in our...
Sushi azabu... very traditional. Very fresh. Fiance and i went and enjoyed it thoroughly.
 8.3 million people live in NYC. 800k in SF...... the rules and EVERYTHING need to be different! Why is this so strange?
YES.... spectator shoes... didnt know what they were called.   JT is wearing Loubouitin's since They's not on the website or in the stores.... (I called) i'm assuming they're custom.   Thanks
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