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Here's to waiting  The scary thing is that when you have gotten over the threshold of sizing, Vass will drain all of your bank accounts. 
Rezső quoted med six weeks as the current turnaround time for MTO. Pretty awesome.  
I believe this is the Melton.   Pic courtesy of colecho.    
^   I believe it is the chelsea! One of the pictures automatically got saved as "Chelsea".    Cheers, feet-brotha'! 
Just took the plunge! Can't wait for these puppies!         Thx to Kolecho and luk-cha for pictures! I went with 5 pair of eyelets.   For what is worth I'm: Carmina forest, UK 6.5 Carmina rain, UK 7 (how rain is supposed to be a wide last is beyond me) C&J 325, UK 7 (should be 6.5) EG 64, UK 7-7.5   Tried the F-last in 40.5 but they were to big! Went with size 40. Hoping for a perfect fit.
Stripped shit kickers!  
What is the approximated turnaround time for mto?   The current price list can't be posted often enough so here it comes again.  
Late x-post from the ultimate vass porn thread: 02 Briefcase in brown suede [[SPOILER]]
That colour! 
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