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 Cheers!  Dunno yet but expect not to feel as much gravel etc through the sole. Hoping for a shoe suited for long walks :)  I'll give em a spin tonight or tomorrow. More info to come!
"Chelsea"F-lastDark brown box calfSeamless heelDouble sole tapering to single with rubber toe tips 520 € shipped to Sweden Confirmation on payment 2014-04-23Date of delivery 2014-06-02 Pardon the iPhone pics...   [[SPOILER]]
Floor looks really rigid! Love the cat and the shoez as well!
Moaar pics?
How much did the pair set you back?
 ^Couldn't agree more!
Very dandy. I love it!
 Mid brown is a terrific suede shade. Very nice colour. 
love the laces on the two eyelet derby!
Here's to waiting  The scary thing is that when you have gotten over the threshold of sizing, Vass will drain all of your bank accounts. 
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