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Not in F either, apparently... 
I know that the matter has been discussed at length in the past but I have to raise it one last time.   Is this a bad tree fit?    
X-post from the Vass thread  
 Cheers!  Dunno yet but expect not to feel as much gravel etc through the sole. Hoping for a shoe suited for long walks :)  I'll give em a spin tonight or tomorrow. More info to come!
"Chelsea"F-lastDark brown box calfSeamless heelDouble sole tapering to single with rubber toe tips 520 € shipped to Sweden Confirmation on payment 2014-04-23Date of delivery 2014-06-02 Pardon the iPhone pics...   [[SPOILER]]
Floor looks really rigid! Love the cat and the shoez as well!
Moaar pics?
How much did the pair set you back?
 ^Couldn't agree more!
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