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Holy shit
We sure do 
Man. Thread is exploding lately. 
 RM Williams. 
 Thank you for your kind words! 1. The pair were dark brown. Not really sure what type of leather they are made of. IRC they are made of a greasy form of yearling, not greasy kip though. The box is nowhere to be found.2. Just trial and error. I stripped them first then washed them with leather shampoo. I'm sure there is a guide in the shoe care thread. 3. I used chemically purified gasoline made by a Swedish company called Gripen. I believe Saphir has a equivalent...
 Wentworth. They used to be brown. I stripped them and re-dyed them in order to achieve a antique burgundy/vintage rioja ish colour.  
X-post from WAYWRN  
 Deserted bike lanes, quite low speed and total absence of bike police 
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