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Just in. X-post from IG.  
 I have. I've also had nothing but great interactions so far  I'll keep you guys posted.
Bought summer 2013. This can't be good.      
39.5 for me.
Hmm, dunno if i can tell just yet. Gimme a couple of months or a year.   My gut says Vass sources better suede than Carmina but i'll trow the question out there for an answer from members with more Vass suede experience :)
 @Shawl Lapel Cheers 
Thought it was time to share a family picture :)   From 12 o'clock    "Chelsea", F-last, dark brown calf, seamless heels, natural edge trim, double leather sole tapering to single at the waste with rubber toe tips Austerity brouge boot, U-last, antique cognac calf, single dainite sole "Burlington", F-last, light brown suede, seamless heels, single leather sole with metal toe tips           Different angle  
+ 100
New kicks!   [[SPOILER]]
 Haha, yeah!  They look a bit pale, but I had just washed them and fed them a layer of cream without brushing it out :) This winter:  
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