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 Thx!  Haven't seen betis blue. How would you describe it?
Thx for great service!   Super happy!   Enzo Bonafè bal boots. 946 last. Vitello blue.    
@RogerP @watchidiot @TtownMD   Thx gents!  
En route!   3540 mod, 946 last, vitello blue  
 Vass sure did! MTO inspired by Gaziano & Girling "Burlington". F-last, light brown suede, seamless heel, natural edge trim and single soles with metal toe plates. Flat laces from Saphir.
Instapic of  "light brown" suede, no filter.   IG: herrjarl  
Just in. X-post from IG.  
 I have. I've also had nothing but great interactions so far  I'll keep you guys posted.
Bought summer 2013. This can't be good.      
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