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I am also still in for Keats (I think we were 3 of 6 required)
I understand we have 3 for this one. Please let's get 3 more!
In the light of recent unpleasant developments, anybody else interested in MTO?
This policy affects not only the US market. I don't think there is an AS retailer in Russia, for example. it's a shame, but this is their choice. Will have to look for nice shoes from their competitors.
If Keats in Oxblood with a matching suede throat - count me in! I would love to get those!
Not quite to your point, but I always wanted to get a pair in espresso calf. Hulatt or Pendle? To me it should look just stunning. Anyone interested in joining this?
  AFPOS, would it be possible to get an MTO project where the stile of the boots would be confirmed, but one could choose from a range of upper suede colours? Alternatively, would anyone fancy some interesting combination of calf and suede colours? I for one particularly like the green calf and violet suede one on the left part of the picture. 
Yes, I'd be in for one of these colours too.
So what about Milton in midnight blue? Is it happening?
Grey suede is great, but I'm afraid they'd not be suitable for the weather here. But midnight blues look equally great!
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