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 The most comfortable shoes RM makes are the ones custom made for your feet :) I have a pair of Joe's PH, EASILY the most comfortable boot I've ever had. Got mine double-vamp, poron slip sole and Vibram air-bobs. Walked all over with these, back-packed through Armenia this past spring. The double vamp, combined with application of Obenauf's has proven to be about as waterproof as leather can get, so can't say about the weather tuff but double vamp will certainly do the trick.
Anyone have sizing advice for Grizzly Mocs? I have a pair of Grizzly Boots, bought them in my normal 10.5 and the fit OK, just a little snug/narrow in the toe box. Anyone else find the same?   I figured this was due to the deerskin lining, so wondering if I should go up a half size to an 11 or made try a EE instead of a D. Trying to find the right balance between being able to wear barefoot and with midweight socks. Thanks!
Not sure if anyone else noticed, but apparently Filson has re-introduced their hunting boots and they're back to being made in the USA. It's a welcome development, just wonder who is making boots for them.
I emailed them a few weeks ago about a pair of Sipayik's and they said they're currently turning everything around in 2-3 weeks. Seems like they're staffed well enough right now that they're not really getting backlogged.  
While technically true there is no reason this should negate a refund. If you're not satisfied push them to take it back, I doubt they'll refuse.
If going to wear barefoot then go with your regular size.
Don't have it in front of me, but I believe Quoddy claims that Vibram makes those soles just for them, so not sure you can get them elsewhere. You can probably find something similar from Vibram, however, and you may be able to get something more functional. I could see putting an Aztech/ Airbob sole on some of their boots to soften the walking.
Sounds about right. Mine are a 10.5, which is my usual size, and they fit pretty snug. I can't wear midweight or heavy socks with them, there isn't enough room. 
Thanks for the replies. Makes sense. I know the general moc feel is not the same as a shoe with built in support, and I like mocs. I do walk alot, though, and the grizzly boots with the crepe sole, for me anyway, can't be worn over long distances when it's over 40 degrees, they're just too warm.    Anyone else find they need to size up by 1/2 with Quoddy's?
Read through a lot of this thread, but would love to hear if anyone can comment on the comfort of their heavier tread Vibram soles. I'm not a fan of camp soles and would like to know if their new Vibrams give a softer feel, more suitable to walking longer distances. I have grizzly boots with a crepe sole but I find them too warm to wear in fall or spring. Was thinking about a pair of either Kennebec chukkas or Sipayiks, the new ring boot they make.  
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