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 I ordered a pair of jeans that are being made, but now I have little hope of actually being able to wear them after trying on the chinos. I was originally brought to Gustin because I read somewhere that lifters found their jeans wearable...hmm... I have a pair of Tellason's that seem to fit well, their straight tapered fit works, although still fairly snug in the thigh. Another jean that I have been wanting to try is the Iron Hearts, although pricey, I'll probably try a...
Have been experimenting with the fits on Gustin a bit. I have a few things still on order, but from what I have received so far, it seems the fits run VERY slim. Their regular pants are slim fit, and their slim fits might as well be called super skinny.    I suppose I'm a little bit of an outlier: I lift weights and squat, but I'm not that big of a guy. 5'10", 180#, 43" chest, 32" waist 23.5" thigh. I ordered a 32" waist in regular fit chinos which are skin tight on me,...
Ebay auction of Allen Edmonds Ashton Derby Orthotics Chili Burnished Calf 8D   Pre-owned, gently used. Original box, shoe bags and chili polish included, as well as a shoe horn.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/291008876126?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
No one bought the new grey Park Avenues? I was very interested to see how these looked on someone. I also had an idea that they might look good to layer in some blue shoe polish, giving them a slight blue sheen, especially on the cap-toe. Sound interesting or no?
Plus, no one pays attention to local politics. Local politics is the best way to steal.
  I believe this is called nailhead, though a close-up would help.   Small article on nailhead fabric:   http://levinerwood.com/2010/02/23/night-and-day/
    Let's fast forward this a little:   "________ seemed to work out, shouldn't the government be funding it?"     No.
      I agree with you that nuclear energy is probably a better option. But I do not support subsidies for it, either, cause I'm consistent like that. Likely most of the public money was wasted, anyway (and therefore a con).
If it wasn't a con, they wouldn't need public funding.   /thread
    Fixed your post.
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