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Thanks - would you say they are suitable for a (slightly unconventional) black tie rig?Just a heads up, when the promo code is applied the order reverts to the full charge, rather than the 50% pre-order charge
@kirbya  - how dark is the navy velvet swatch for the slipper pre-order? Is it comparable to a midnight blue?
Awesome - can't wait to see it!
/\ likewise for the 39 please 
I was offered either MTM (6 week turnaround, no fittings) or bespoke (minimum 3 month turnaround, 2 or 3 fittings)
No, I went through The Finery Company - based in Sydney
Commissioned my first bespoke pieces last weekend. Needed something to wear for summer and now I'm in the southern hemisphere I'm a little out of sync. A bit nervous about the whole process, but looking forward to it.    Decided to go with B&Tailor - a single-breasted suit in a lovely Dugdale 9oz mid-blue cloth; and a casual sports coat in a dark green Drapers linen hopsack   Inspiration:       Fingers crossed...
Did you guys end up ordering full size runs on all the proposed MTO styles?
Possibly stupid question: Can the green Leder jacket and pants be worn as a suit, or is the fabric different?
Thanks - what's the name of the Fyshwick place? A few are showing up
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