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Need a raincoat, any thoughts on this yellow Suitsupply coat?  
Could someone recommend a winter jacket please? Something like this...  
Can anyone find something similar to this AllSaints Rotary Coat?     I was ready to order it the other day, but it's now sold out.    Thanks!
Thanks for all the information in this thread, it's been really useful.  Has anyone tried Pinky Tailor? (http://www.pinkytailor.com/Suiting.html) I had a look today and got quoted around 19,000 bht for a Super 160 Vitale Barberic Canonico (Wool/Cashmere from memory). Also had a look at Narin Couture, but the fabric/suit I had my eye on was out of my price range, around 35,000.  Any advice would be appreciated... Thanks!
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