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Which of his line did you end up sampling? Mine still haven't arrived!
Is anyone else selling those white drawstring pants?
Thanks. And presumably size down if I'm in between sizes?
@gdl203 @conceptual 4est do you guys have sizing advice for the La Portegna espadrilles? They look like the perfect choice for my trip to coastal Italy in July 
Puredistance - M for me today
How'd you size them? From the advice on the website it looks like a 42.5 in F last = a 42 in these boots
Inglese polos are great ( although cuffs will need some minor adjustments) Do some people size down on the IM tunics? My medium seems huge and isn't particularly flattering, although I may not be used to the style.
Nordstrom cancelled my polo order for some strange reason which gives me a bit more time to figure out sizing. If anyone can offer advice I'd appreciate it
TSS padded blazer thing in navy ordered. Should be good for Tokyo in October
Just a couple of sprays - it's powerful but you need more than a drop. The cognac/boozy note is strong, but smells rich and sweet rather than alcoholic. You won't get any referrals to AA. I still wouldn't recommend this for work, the cognac, leather and tobacco produce something that's too rich for the average workplace.
New Posts  All Forums: