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Just watch out, very pushy sales staff and bad quality control - I cycled through 4 different frames before I got a pair that didn't creak and feel like they were about to fall apart
Good to know, thanks
Can someone explain the difference between Camoshita and Camoshita United Arrows...is there one?
Sure thing, it's Huddersfield cloth from the Lindley Collection. 9/10oz from memory with a crisp, super dry hand.
@NickPollica, is this beige fabric (https://marcusmalmborg.com/?product:trousers:Eidos+beige+Lorenzo+flannel+trousers) the same as this beige fabric? (http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/beige-twill-wool-silk-linen-sal-trousers-suit-separates-310g.html)? Thanks!
Clearly you haven't been to DFO in Canberra
Love it. Great idea
Depending on the challenge I think an extra week might attract more entries
Something a little different today:
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