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Great combo - which jacket is that?
Beyond plain white and blue shirts, what is the most practical color/pattern for CBD?
What last are these?
Now their shoes are sold through No Man Walks Alone and others, Vass will only ship to 'pre-established' customers in the US.
Good point   Although I don't think I have particularly broad shoulders (18") but I still think the president spread looks too small
Don't get me wrong, I wear sunglasses + suit all the time. But I know some hardcore traditionalists around here balk at the idea.
You're probably not getting any love here because the focus is the business wardrobe (and I imagine to many sunglasses are anathema to CBD). But, for what it's worth I think they look good.
While we're on collars, any advice for a casual linen shirt that will be worn untucked?
Murl's looks CBD appropriate to me, but he's also a tall dude
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