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Hello summer (...and sun in the eyes)
Is anyone after the Navy Monpe pants in 32? Sold out in Meyvn and happy to entertain reasonable offers.
I have one the way as well..
Heavier linen is fine for the Aussie summer - I have a tan linen suit in Carnet 12oz cloth and it's comfortable in 30+ degree heat. I think a heavier linen suit in a conservative colour would be fine, but it depends where you work. Otherwise a fresco, mohair blend, or tropical wool would do the trick.
Try Steve Calder - I had my first fitting a few days ago and was impressed with the fit - especially the back:
@NickPollica how would you size the monpe pleated pants - TTS?
D'oh - lesson number one - always check for confirmation emails, looks like my order for the document robe coat didn't actually go through and now it's sold out in my size (Not to suggest there's anything wrong with the NMWA E-commerce setup, internet issues on my phone were almost certainly to blame!)
There certainly seem to be some..bold.. colours in the Fresco III book
How long until your event? I have a pair of these and they are great: https://www.hangerproject.com/foster-and-son-custom-slippers.html
Thanks! I've been back and forth on this one for a while but close to pulling the trigger.The sizing for the medium looks a little big if I don't intend to layer, but I guess that's the intention with the slouchy aesthetic?
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