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My next project: a single breasted suit in 8oz Cape Breeze 70% wool / 30% kid mohair, in a lovely, dusty slate blue. Half lined jacket, unlined pants.
@Geoffrey FirminDrake's via A Suitable Wardrobe
For a friend's wedding
@metranger8694 - how wide are your shoulders? Have you tried on a Formosa jacket - if so, what size did you take?
Field English Custom Tailors - I've not had anything made by him, but his alterations work (some of it very complex) was fantastic. He'll set you back around $4000 for a bespoke two piece suit
You can, but whether you should is another question. The answer is no.
@gdl203, any sense of when the rest of the Formosa preorders will drop?
Interesting - I tried a small on a while ago from a non NMWA source and it was waaay too snug, without the arctic liner and with just a tshirt underneath. I figure a large would be spot on if wearing over a suit/sportscoat. I assume the cuts don't vary between retailers?
What size do you usually take in suits/sportscoats?
Interesting, is there an alternative you would recommend from any of the makers I specified?
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