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@The Noodles do you have any more pics of the Formsoa blue plaid?   Everyone - which would be the most practical addition to my wardrobe, the navy plaid Formosa or the grey flannel Formosa. Workplace is on the slighter more casual side of CBD (i.e. suit/tie every day, but freedom to go beyond charcoal/navy) Bear in mind this will be for average temperatures ranging from 50 - 80. I currently have:   Navy wool birdseye Grey wool birdseye Charcoal wool Light blue...
Seen this? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sartoria-Formosa-Hardy-Minnis-Napoli-Houndstooth-2pc-Suit-Jacket-Pants-48-50-NR-/351346940867?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item51cde8dbc3
Hmm ... tempting..   Also tempted by this (the same as @Murlsquirl's much-discussed flannel, I think).       But wondering how practical it is for the Australian climate. Does the flannel wear noticeably hotter than similarly-weighted fabrics? How fuzzy is it?
 This is the blue windowpane Formosa, ja? How 'blue' is it IRL? Looks lighter than the navy birdseye but want to make sure the two aren't too similar
Thanks for the tip, I'll keep my eyes peeled. And resist the urge to pull the trigger on the OTR stock in the meantime
If there's another Formosa trunk show before I leave the US for good in late June, then sign me up. Wouldn't mind commissioning a few pieces before I head back to the sartorial wasteland of inland Australia...
Battling with Suitsupply over pant length. Went to pick up a new suit with minor alterations, pants were at least 2 inches higher than agreed. Asked them to fix it, customer rep asked why I would want to do that when it's 'the current style'. Insisted on a slight break and he came back with 'do you want people to laugh at your long old man pants?' He wasn't trying to be funny, either.. Service in store has really gone downhill.
Thanks @unbelragazzo, looks like a trip to NY is in order. PS looks like that green Valstar pony is back in stock in most sizes...
How long do Formosa MTOs generally take? If I wanted to order something from the FW14/15 swatch book, are there pics available online or is it best to visit NMWA HQ?
 This is the Eidos navy houndstooth fresco, right? Would you say the overall effect is more grey than navy? Perhaps my monitor playing tricks on my eyes again..
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