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Team high rise seersucker (And green W/S/L and crunchy grey)
That photo sealed the deal. The tweed had led me to think it was a winter only bag; seeing it with the tobacco linen suit demonstrated it could be used all year
I couldn't resist the limited edition Kimber tote, it seems like a really unique and versatile piece
Congrats @Andy57But you've denied your poor selfie stick its 5 minutes of fame!
Any Kimber discount codes I can apply now?
He also sprayed me and my partner (and the bag he put the atomiser in) with Haute Lux, it's 2500 quid a bottle and leaves gold flakes everywhere..
Roja Dove - Great Britain, the bloke at the Roja store in London was nice enough to give me a 7.5ml atomiser of this
Really appreciate the recommendations - thanks! I'm intrigued by J Fitzpatrick. And I love Iranian food, so Hafez is now on my list
Très profond.. The article was shallow, tacky and pointless. I agree with @bertie, no idea how it got past the editor.
True Detective Fargo Luther
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