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Roma spread on business shirts and Soft President on casual shirts.
I do - pretty happy with them but took a few orders to get the measurements just right. $30 shipping is a bit rough - at the moment they can't ship direct from India to Australia, they go India-NY-Australia
Have you measured them...with a measuring tape?
Yeah - think that might be the pose, it's sitting reasonably flat in a neutral stance
X-post from WAYWT - cold today and have a couple of big meetings, so went for the simple and conservative option. Local tailor here did a pretty good job getting the rogue wrinkle out of the suit shoulder. Thoughts on what could be improved?
Formosa Drakes Proper Cloth Vass
Alas I'm no longer in DC - back in cold, grey Australia
Yup, that's the guy.
Found out there is a B&Tailor agent near me for MTM, might give it a shot in the coming weeks - heaps of great ideas on their Tumblr page... Noodles the grey suit looks good. Stand with your feet closer together
Still trying to visualise the end product - something like this? Or this?
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