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As you can see from the pics, there is a roughness to the texture of the fabric, but it has a soft hand. Wrinkles a bit, not as much as linen. Wears a little hotter than linen, too.
Wh....what the hell happened here
Do it - it was my favourite purchase from SS15
@NickPollica When will Henry Buck in Melbourne start carrying your stuff? Do you know which cut they will stock? Can they do MTM?
Buttero laces snapped today - d'oh. Can we order replacements?
Speaking of PC - don't get the hidden button down. The loops keep slipping off the buttons, which are so big it makes the whole collar 'float'
@Claghorn I really like that, great pick. I would love to pick up something similar - PM with deets?
Thanks! Probably the lighting or colour correction, both of which aren't great
Thanks @Gerry Nelson
Thanks mate!
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