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   *Drool* Well, I didn't need to buy Christmas presents anyway.
All,   Have a 40R Polo RL Cotton SC up for trade/sale - figured I'd offer it up here first since I haven't contributed much yet to the community.  Open to all offers!   Details: Great patch pocketsDarted frontCompletely unstructured100% viscose liningSingle ventSlim fit with high arm holes and slimmer sleevesChest: 21Shoulders: 18BOC: 31Sleeve: 25   [[SPOILER]]
Ah, have a soccer game tonight or I'd definitely be in!  Have fun guys.
Gents,   I'm new to the denim game (well, actually nice/good denim), so I wanted your opinion on my first buy.  I settled on APC New Standards (I like slim but not skinny jeans) but I'm debating sizing.  I'm a 34x34 in almost all pants, the waist from a true 34 (sits high on hips, dress pants) to 35 (low rise chinos, etc.).  I've read for APCs that the size drop is anywhere from 1-3 inches - would a 32 or a 33 be my best bet?   Also, I tend to prefer less fading...
  Suit Supply could be a good option for you, esp. if you are near a store.  If not, I'm pretty sure they do free returns over the mail!
  Love it.  Great stuff here, the light pants/navy gingham look great.  Deets on the watch?
  Don't necessarily be afraid to branch out a bit from what the stereotypical people at your school wear.  Even just some penny loafers may make that look a lot better! If everyone dressed like the stereotype, there would be no need for this site!  
  Your best friend for learning what to pick up / what not to is the eBay completed listings (assuming you are looking to make a bit of dough).  A quick perusal through the completed listings for "Allen Edmonds Glasgow" gives me only one selling at $51, and that was in near-new condition.   Others at much lower prices.  Other than eBay, just continue to read the thread - a lot of the guys in here know their shit. I guess it depends on how much you paid for them... if you...
  Good effort.  To add on to the above, I would go for a solid tie in the second look - the herringbone jacket, patterned shirt, and tie don't necessarily go.  Maybe go to a solid navy tie, or if you want a more casual look with it a navy knit.  Shoulders are, as noted, a bit wide on the second one but the pattern is quite nice and the rest of the fit is decent (minus the pants length).  Love the shirt on the second outfit.  Keep on keepin' on, if you are still in college...
  Great combination, the jacket is an especially great fit.  Very preppy/trad, in a good way.
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