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Thank you thrift gods:    Puts everything else I've used to shame. If this were a Spoo auction, the headline would definitely include EFFORTLESS. 
 For those that are curious  When you are in the thrift store, it gets quiet, and you hear the whistle . . . run.
 Portugal, Italy, Romania is all I've seen.
I would vote no. Never seen Incotex made outside of Europe. Tags are made to look like Incotex.
I have a Boss jacket that I know has the same first tag. 
  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J._Press In 1974, the Press family sold the rights to license J. Press for the Japanese market, making it the first American brand to be licensed in Japan. In 1986, J. Press was acquired by the Japanese apparel company Onward Kashiyama, who had previously been his licensee for 14 years. Japanese licensed distribution is roughly six times larger than the American-made J. Press.
Shirt has been sold. Thank you all for the interest. 
The small tag says "made in Italy." That said, I think it is more than a safe bet that someone else makes for them in Italy.  
New Posts  All Forums: