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 Yes, some moderator needs to change the post in the ID thread. So much confusion because of it. 
 Yeah, that sounds very odd. Lexol is very safe to use with a wide range of leathers. That said, I do prefer HDLP for my Filson straps.
 Sure; if you want to look like an idiot. 
 Half a week to a week of clothing sounds more like the Pullman to me, depending on how you pack. A fully loaded Pullman, however, is quite heavy and can be a pain if you are running around airports and train stations and such. I'm not on the road more than a few days at a time so I downgraded to the Medium Travel Bag. In terms of camping, unless you are driving right up to your camping location I wouldn't hike a trail with either of these bags, and really any of the...
 Same thing happened to me in NYC except the guy at the counter was nice and said, "I don't think it's a suit, I'll charge them separately." Bee nice to store employees!
 Not sure. Rancourt should be able and willing to answer this, though; they should want your order to fit!
Wow; beautiful pair of shoes!   
 And even when adding water repellency, you should watch out for products like SnowSeal and silicon based solutions. SnoSeal, for instance, completely seals off the leather, preventing it from getting the conditioning it needs. A product like HDLP, however, provides repellency and conditioning.  
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