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 Well, if it's only a scuff I'm sure that will buff right out!  
 Yes, they are moving. Last time I checked new store opening in the fall.
 Of course Michael K. Williams who played Omar Little now plays Chalky White on Boardwalk Empire and is outfitted by Martin Greenfield; you're close!
Thrift stash house! You could have some young hoppers working the streets pushing tweed for you.
Wes, what's the deets on the boots on the right. Look nice! Edit: Hooker and I must think alike. Edit 2: 11D; PM sent!
 Probably going to have to get a trailer for the Ferrari. 
 Yes, certainly shell.
 Personally, I would want to keep wearing the jacket rather than having to put it behind glass. Also, you might want to consider how many signatures you could realistically get; I would hate to get only a few and then not be able to wear the jacket again. If you are confident you could get the entire team or a majority of the team, however, you might want to consider it.
New Posts  All Forums: