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 Yes, certainly shell.
 Personally, I would want to keep wearing the jacket rather than having to put it behind glass. Also, you might want to consider how many signatures you could realistically get; I would hate to get only a few and then not be able to wear the jacket again. If you are confident you could get the entire team or a majority of the team, however, you might want to consider it.
(10.5 D) Brooks Brothers Peal and Co Burgundy PTBs w/Dainite Soles made by in England by Crockett and Jones.   Calf not shell cordovan. Shoe trees not included. Very good condition. Note small imperfection indicated by pencil. Please see more detailed pictures.   $150 shipped CONUS via USPS Priority Mail. PayPal only. Sold as is. All sales are final. 
 Create a Google Document and make the sharing preferences public (view, not edit). See my signature for an example.
 On closer inspection I can only find one Gokey made Orvis bag in their current lineup.  The rest of the appealing Orvis luggage is from the Battenkill line. The bag that eazye posted is probably not Gokey (which does not mean at all that it's not a nice bag!). 
 Curious because I haven't seen either in person myself. Orvis purchased Gokey some years back and from what I can see from the website current Orvis/Gokey luggage has some sort of Gokey branding. Still, great bag. 
 Is this Gokey made Orvis? 
 Very interesting. Those look great. Where in the world did you hear about these guys? I also seem to remember you mentioning a denim company out of CT that you were pleased with. I'm a NE boy and haven't heard of any of these joints!
 I'm 10.5 on the Brannock and wear 10.5 - 11, depending. I don't have much experience with AE, since their lasts don't fit me well. I would also consider that these aren't dress shoes, but suede chukka boat shoes. Sizing will be a bit more forgiving. 
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