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Best to PM me for faster response.  French work smock - see link in signature Kamakura OCBD 16.5-33 [[SPOILER]]
Nice find by @jefferyd    http://tuttofattoamano.blogspot.com/2016/05/a-piece-of-history.html
Le Laboureur Cotton Drill Work Jacket in size 3 (medium). Worn a handful of times. Sadly the sleeves are a bit short for me. Some slight wear.  Please refer to pictures in addition to approximate measurements below:    S2S 18 in P2P 21.5 in Arm 26 BOC 29.25 in   $50 shipped CONUS. Price is firm. PayPal only. Sold as is. All sales are final. 
 For those interested and seeking more info along these lines, check out:  http://scottcadams.com/bananarepublic/
 Great article. Planet Money also did a story on the bags:http://www.npr.org/sections/money/2015/12/25/460870534/episode-672-bagging-a-birkin
 Oxfords are best with suits, not business casual. Try a brown suede chukka (e.g., Loake Pimlico or Kempton), a brown NST, or a shell or pebble gain LWB or PTB.
People are going to be all over the window displays, particularly when you mention none of its for sale; people want what they can't have.
 Such a great haul. That man had excellent taste. All of those are super wearable. 
 Do the AE shoes for BB have the same kind of heel pad? IIRC a lot of the AE for BB have a combination heel instead of the standard AE rubber heel. I suppose the only way these aren't Alden is if AE for BB has these heel pads, which I doubt. Also, how confident are you that the guy actually spoke with Alden? Did he speak with someone at HQ or just some sales rep in a store?  
 Yes, this is it. Good (and fascinating) reporting on this as part of the Planet Money t-shirt series: http://www.npr.org/sections/money/2013/12/10/247362140/the-afterlife-of-american-clothes  Highly recommend listening to the whole audio version of the story. They follow the shirts to Africa and discuss what buyers look for. Also, sizes XL and up won't sell so there is a whole secondary industry where folks resize and tailor them down. 
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