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 . . . then you can pass along your additional profits to those of us whose retirement accounts have taken a hit because of the European financial crisis. 
 Isn't this your second time on PTO? The first being when they used a shot of one of your suits, cropped out the pants, and said it was an orphan.   
 Last tag looks like Chester Barrie . . . so they made RTW for Huntsman? Seems strange.
Quick Huntsman question; is this RTW? It has an empty name/date tag. Quality is still very high.   [[SPOILER]]
 I bet this goes for retail.   
 Thanks so much for the report! Was certainly planning on taking a drive up one of these days. Very nice to know they have an accommodating little shop. 
 It's been available for a while via invitation only. Only now is it open to everyone. I received an invitation but didn't order. I hear it's not great. I would get that Echo up ASAP before they hit the streets next month. 
New Posts  All Forums: