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 As is, for sure. Gives the buyer more options. 
 As others have said, MG made for the show, which was filmed in Brooklyn. If you don't see any MG signs and are still curious Carl from CEGO (@Shirtmaven) is plugged into the NYC film scene and might be of some help.
SuitSupply spread collar shirt with shirred sleeves. Tagged 41/16 but see measurements: 16.26 collar19 shoulder22 P2P26 arm Send me a PM!  [[SPOILER]]
 Something similar happened to me a while back. Technically I could have totally rejected the claim on a few grounds. But do you really want to be right and then risk negative feedback? (Though, in certain situations you could potentially get the negative feedback removed.) If you provided accurate measurements in your listing, I would reply and gently remind him that the measurements were provided in the listing, that you don't normally offer returns, and ask how he would...
  Damn it, @330CK
 I was at a library book sale back in college. It was the last day and books were highly discounted. The sale had just started and I was looking through some books when someone with a garbage bag comes running down the aisle and dumps the entire shelf I was looking at into the bag. Turns out her partner was doing the same. They filled up tons of garbage bags and then spent the rest of the day sorting through them.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
 Electronics can be hard. Often very difficult to test in store (have to cobble together cords, speakers, amps, etc. into a quick and dirty test system). A lot of things are even difficult to test at home (most of us don't have reel to reel tapes lying around)! Some stuff may be worth something untested, but most may not (unless you offer free returns, which would be a PITA with electronics).  
Put This On just posted about a This American Life episode that aired yesterday on LL Bean’s guarantee. http://putthison.com/post/147951367048/bean-counter-testing-ll-beans-guarantee-ifhttp://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/591/get-your-moneys-worth 
 I called eBay when I had my first issue as a seller last week. I remember it was something that Spoo always suggested. It was very helpful. You should easily be able to point to the tracking and claim and note the time discrepancy for the person on the phone. Might want to contact the buyer and ask what his concerns are. Helpful to have already spoken with eBay, though, and know where things stand (e.g., if he doesn't pull the claim).
New Posts  All Forums: