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 Not sure. Rancourt should be able and willing to answer this, though; they should want your order to fit!
Wow; beautiful pair of shoes!   
 And even when adding water repellency, you should watch out for products like SnowSeal and silicon based solutions. SnoSeal, for instance, completely seals off the leather, preventing it from getting the conditioning it needs. A product like HDLP, however, provides repellency and conditioning.  
 Acts as a sealer? I'm not sure I know exactly what you mean by that. Waxes and polishes can "act like a sealer" and I don't see any harm in that.  My understanding is that VSC is like a poor mans Saphir Renovateur. Both will redistribute the polish a bit (evening out the finish) and condition. A good cheap straight up conditioner is Lexol, which is easy to find, particularly in large quantities.  If you are trying to condition boots, for my money, nothing beats HDLP. I...
 This weekend? I'd be camped out there right now!
Anyone interested in some NWT 5.11 Tactical Taclite Pro Pants (khaki, 38x32)? My friend served in the Army over in Iraq and said that these were the default for all the contractors over there. Would be great for hunting, hiking, outdoors, etc. I'm planning on picking up a pair in my size; these look great. Happy to provide measurements. 
Kamakura Red OCBD - Unworn - New York Slim Fit - 16x35   Previous version of the New York Slim Fit (back darts, no box pleat, unfused collar band). Washed cold and hung dry a handful of times. Shirt shrunk and is a bit too small for me so never worn. Please see approximate measurements below:    Collar 15 3/4 P2P 21 1/2 in S2S 18 1/4 in Arm 25 in Waist (measured across last button) 20 1/5 in Length (measured from bottom of collar to tail) 30 1/2 in   $40...
$215 NWT Adriano Goldschmied The Protege in 2 Years (Distressed) Black - 30   Made in USA. 98% cotton; 2% polyurethane. Approximate measurements:    Waist 31 1/4 in Rise 9 1/4 in Inseam 29 1/2 in Leg Opening 8 1/2 in   $50 shipped CONUS. Price is firm. PayPal only. Sold as is. All sales are final. 
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