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 At that price, makes more sense. Also, made in Canada not some third world country like most of the Orvis nowadays. Still, very interesting. 
 Orvis made from LP fabric? Really?  
 Exactly. Who the fcuk cares where he may or may not get his clothes.
 Never show weakness.   
Huge belated shout-out to @SpecialK2k12 for the hook up on some sweet high rise Incotex made in Italy trousers!    If anyone sees 34x32 made in Italy Incotex with a 12 in rise, I'm your man; best fitting OTR trousers I've found. 
 Where is your favorite place to get wang? 
 I love picking these up for myself. Some of them are incredibly well made. If anyone finds these (~38-40) with the approximate measurements, please send them my way! S2S 17.5-18P2P 21Arm 25BOC 30.5-31Pants 34x32
Has anyone ever inquired about the selvedge chinos?
Vintage Banana Republic made in England John Molloy Donegal tweed shacket. Fits (~medium), though the sleeves are a tiny short and the cuffs, if buttoned, are tiny. Couldn't find any size tags, but there is a "P" on the dry clean only tag. Can I be sure this is mens? Buttons are on the correct side. [Edit: thanks to 1ofTheCoolKids, P just means Perc Safe and pointed out that sleeves/cuffs may have shrunk a bit at the cleaners.] Still not sure what I'm going to do with...
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