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 Another good option for silk knits: http://www.chippneckwear.com/silk-knit/
 Don't know the maker either, but looks very similar to a tag I found (and had never seen before) on a BB I pulled recently:  
 Easier to reload the website every few days than stop in at the store ("Any new shirts in?"). That was my experience when I was in NYC.
 Fixed your post 
^ That BB is great!  
 Seconded. Those are rather large cracks. All you can do is make them look a little better. 
 You are correct. I tend to overuse absolutes. Once and a while you'll see the Made in Italy tag on the waist but no Corn tag, but some blue maker tag that no one has been able to definitively figure out. But as others have said, certainly most of it is Corn, particularly suits. 
 While I haven't ordered from Luxire yet I would strongly recommend finding a pair that you like (OTR or thrifted and made to fit perfect by your tailor) and using those measurements to send to Luxire. Personally, I have a 34 waist and prefer an 11+ inch rise and 9 inch leg opening. You can find plenty of trousers with a high rise in thrifts, but might need to slim the legs just a bit. Believe it or not my favorite trousers are from Incotex; they make a lot of very slim...
 I agree. The Corn for PRL tag looks very similar to Canali. But until now all PRL Italy is Corn (will be HF moving forward and that is a very easy tag to recognize). 
  Really cool find, but need a little help. Vintage "Sears, Robuck, and Co." steel toe work boots with a nylon sole. Tagged 11E, but much closer to a 10.5D/11C (my size and they fit me perfectly). Click through for a comprehensive set of photos. Any insight would be much appreciated! Not sure what I'm doing with these; fit me perfectly but I've traded my Ford F150 4x4 for a Volvo and anything resembling a job site for a consulting gig.
New Posts  All Forums: