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Put This On just posted about a This American Life episode that aired yesterday on LL Bean’s guarantee. http://putthison.com/post/147951367048/bean-counter-testing-ll-beans-guarantee-ifhttp://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/591/get-your-moneys-worth 
 I called eBay when I had my first issue as a seller last week. I remember it was something that Spoo always suggested. It was very helpful. You should easily be able to point to the tracking and claim and note the time discrepancy for the person on the phone. Might want to contact the buyer and ask what his concerns are. Helpful to have already spoken with eBay, though, and know where things stand (e.g., if he doesn't pull the claim).
 These are awesome. They will look great cleaned up.
I do very minimal eBay selling and have never run into trouble until now. Someone purchased a baseball bat from me and the item was delivered on June 1. Buyer contacts me today claiming undisclosed damage. I ask for a picture because I simply have no idea what he is talking about. He sends me two blurry thumbnails. I tell him that I simply can't see anything in the pictures. He then says that my first picture in my listing shows the damage. I'm very suspicious at this...
Florshiem Imperial Shell LWB - 9.5 D [[SPOILER]]  AE Newport - 8D - scuffed up, but would make great summer kickarounds  [[SPOILER]]
A few finds and a few questions.  Florsheim Imperial Shell LWBs - 9.5 D - kept in shoe trees and in good condition  AE Newports - 8D - some scuffs, but would make a great pair of summer kick-arounds  Nostalgia - na Japanese made Singer 15 clone - great condition - NA - will see tons of use  [[SPOILER]] Schott cafe racer - great condition - just the right amount of patina - assume this is vintage - anyone have thoughts? tagged 46 - I wear a 40 or so and the arms and...
Best to PM me for faster response.  French work smock - see link in signature Kamakura OCBD 16.5-33 [[SPOILER]]
Nice find by @jefferyd    http://tuttofattoamano.blogspot.com/2016/05/a-piece-of-history.html
Le Laboureur Cotton Drill Work Jacket in size 3 (medium). Worn a handful of times. Sadly the sleeves are a bit short for me. Some slight wear.  Please refer to pictures in addition to approximate measurements below:    S2S 18 in P2P 21.5 in Arm 26 BOC 29.25 in   $50 shipped CONUS. Price is firm. PayPal only. Sold as is. All sales are final. 
 For those interested and seeking more info along these lines, check out:  http://scottcadams.com/bananarepublic/
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