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Is a tag through the center of a silk scarf an automatic pass? Talking Hermes and the like.
 If I can't test, I don't pick up unless it's special. 
 Absolutely. Always a balance between weight, cost, quality, and comfort. No different than menswear. Hike your hike. 
 Yeah, @Fueco is right. There are so many niche brands in the outdoors world. The ultralight backpacking community, for instance, has a strong and reputable cottage industry that take advantage of various materials that traditional retailers don't even touch. ZPacks is a perfect example due to their extensive use of Dyneema (formerly known as cuben fiber). Of course, you can't always get too caught up in brands. Did you know that the guy who designed the Patagonia layering...
 Are we standing on one leg or the other person? 
A double shot of @ChetB over at Put This On!    
That's a medically inadvisable amount of tuna.
Does Uniqlo still non slim fit OCBDs in stores? Their website just lists slim fit. 
 Silver lining about the lessons learned: 
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