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^^ Nice. Pale khaki G&G twill ordered.    Got the navy a while back, then they disappeared off the site. Glad to get the other pair I wanted.   Next have to figure out some super light weight things for the Phoenix summer.... Maybe that khyber cloth? Couple of questions about that if anyone could answer. Does it hit on the relatively biz-caz side of things (i.e. more dressy of a chino)? Will it hold a crease?   Edit - (one more question) will there be any shorts this...
Nice shirts. If these were Med's ....
^^ I too was confused, but now I think I understand that the blue is actually a very grey and light blue, since it has all those grey v-shaped flecks when seen close up. Right?
Perhaps grey sportcoats with other color trousers - blue/navy, green, or ....stone, black, dark brown?
These are killer. Would kop if it was my size....
@Leaves- any chance of a restock on the chocolate suede Carmina chukka? It's exactly what I've been looking for, but my size is sold out.
ooof. Couldn't let that sale on sale pass, so picked up my first Samuelsohn piece, a navy blazer. Hope the size is right. I already have a 40 in an Ep Southwick suit, even though I'm a Med in Ep shirts, because of my shoulders. Am hoping the same works for the Samuelsohn.... but it is a bit of a blow to the wallet for me. Looking forward to trying it on. 
Yeah, I'd be happy to organize something and to wait to do so until things for the boot pre-order are farther along the way.   I would prefer a cap-toe, whiskey, double monk for myself, though I am a bit flexible on sole or last. Since I'm working with a Latin teacher budget, I'd prefer bench-grade to make the purchase slightly more economical.   MDubs's pair of Lowndes has a chisel toe (as opposed to rounded) which looks good to me too. MDubs - any other details of...
If there's a pre-order ever for those whiskey double monks, I'd be in.
New Posts  All Forums: