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Hey Mike- any chance for a khaki-color cotton option in this Portugal suiting? Teba is not my thing, but have been hoping you'd do a epla khaki cotton suit for a couple years.
These sold about 4 years ago.
What size is the jacket? I see measurements, but what is the size on the tag?
Hope some chinos and the other type of beanie will be posted to the website soon. When the preorders came around I was short on funds, but it is a new month... Also got my bamboo shirt shipping email. Wonder when the other summer blended fabric tees will ship. Haven't got the opossum or fenice or whatever tees yet.
^^ thanks for the replies!
Yeah, I did use their online contact form last night to ask about the change. No response email from Carmina, but the website was fixed. You're probably right about it being some fiddly IT problem. Purchased a pair in 7D. Not 100% sure about sizing, but that is the size of my Inca pair of cap-toe double monks which fit pretty well, if a hair short. This will be great if the sizing works.   Edit - I did just notice somethings about shoe trees being included on the Carmina...
Just went to order a pair of the Detroit cordovan derbys, but the price is back up to $975. Not sure if I'm too late or it's another error.
^^ serously. $750 was a maybe, but $975 is a definite no. A couple of years ago you could get cordovan shoes from Carmina for $600.
It's late for me to say so, but it was great to go to the epaulet event in Los Angeles back over Labor Day weekend. Got measured and ordered a couple of individualized shirts. It was really cool to meet Mike again and talk for a while about things coming up for Epaulet. Really looking forward to seeing how the Shirts turn out. And now I couldn't resist the cornflower blue brushed twill or the ivory Austrian flannel shirt. Now waiting for four Ep shirts. Mike, any chance...
Can't agree. Wear 7.5 in barrie shell longwing, which I can wear and be on my feet comfortably all day. I tried 8 in the sneakers and my toes were touching the end of the shoe uncomfortably without even taking a step. Hence the sneakers in my signature. Maybe my feet are relatively narrow but longer than I thought.... 
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