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Thanks, but shoot. That mid brown with a red/orange tint is precisely what I want in a ptb. Had one from leffot, which was Alden, but sizing didn't work out. Will keep an eye out on that Reddit forum from now on.
Well, can't comment authoritatively on fit because they sent a width shoes instead of d width. Went to exchange and the associate said there were other sizes in d width but not mine. Ended up returning the pair.Edit - also almost bought a cordovan belt as an exchange with the discount but was too annoyed at bb to let them keep any money ...
Those are amazing. Mind if I ask where you got them?
I should have them in hand Wednesday or Thursday. Will try to respond with sizing info. I'd imagine that the unlined cordovan fits more snugly over the last, which might make them feel tighter on the foot at first, but maybe someone else knows with more certainty in which last the bb lhs is made.
Have Alden color 8 loafers on the way. Sales lady said there was only one pair that the catalog had. Like $505 plus tax... Hoping for no major defects and a good fit.
This is standard seat construction. The only time I had a little trouble was because I gained weight and the pair was made of particularly light weight fabric. Was easily let out in the seat by my tailor. Never had a failure of the stitching.
These are ridiculously awesome. Any chance for the same model with a navy suede upper? 
^^ Nice. Pale khaki G&G twill ordered.    Got the navy a while back, then they disappeared off the site. Glad to get the other pair I wanted.   Next have to figure out some super light weight things for the Phoenix summer.... Maybe that khyber cloth? Couple of questions about that if anyone could answer. Does it hit on the relatively biz-caz side of things (i.e. more dressy of a chino)? Will it hold a crease?   Edit - (one more question) will there be any shorts this...
Nice shirts. If these were Med's ....
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