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If there's a pre-order ever for those whiskey double monks, I'd be in.
First thing I bought from wolf vs. goat was a blue pinpoint spread collar shirt a couple weeks ago. Fit worked well and was impressed by the fabric. Just bought into the rewards program. This should be fun.
Great. Thanks.
So, question to clarify. When you're talking about sizes for belts vs. trouser size, is that trouser size a real waist measurement, EP sizing (off of real by 1 inch usually), or average vanity sizing (2-4 inches)? I measure a 34 waist, in a real literal measurement, usually buy Walts in 34 (for the extra leg room) and have the waist taken back in. Would that be a 34 or a 36 belt? Thanks. 
For Sale - 1 Ashland fit shirt (made by Gitman Bro's) for Epaulet New York.   Difficult to capture the color in a picture; it's a rather light blue on a white background. No stains or holes.   Always cold washed, ironed, and hung to dry. From a pet and smoke free home.   Not worn much, because it's just a bit too small on me.   Measurements from EP's website:   ASHLAND...
That camel hair always looks fantastic in fit pics on SF. Too bad this isn't a 40...
Haha. Ok, good to know. Thanks.  Next time you could just pm me on here if you have nice size Med Ep shirts to move... as nice as spoo is, you can cut out the middleman... 
  Thanks for the reply.
Hey. Just picked up this shirt on ebay. The fabric turned out a little lighter (thinner, see-through) than I thought, and I'm curious about what it might be. Does anyone recognize this shirt?  
$hit. Really sorry. Didn't think of that.
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