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Pm-ed. Are these still available?
I'm late chiming in, but just saw that the preorder closes tomorrow. Looking for another jacket. Trying to think of something versatile. I have a navy suit, navy hop sack jacket, mid grey cashmere jacket, and the donegal Vitorio in midnight (all ep), as well as a lbm 1911 linen/cotton off-khaki jacket. What do you think would help round out things? Obviously no more blue is needed yet, but would a brown tweed (orange Julius or Allister,s ancient) be wearable for a Latin...
Went online to check my budget and pick up an heirloom (thanks again for the sizing advice), but saw more things added to the sale section. Came away with a Vitorio in midnight and the Java hop sack walts... So much for the heirloom budget.
^^ Great! Thanks!
[[SPOILER]] Gratias magnas vobis ago! (Thank you very much!)
Heirloom fit question. I wear Med in ep shirts, but 40 in south wick jacket from ep, which usually corresponds to shirt size large. Am 5'8" about 175lb with broad shoulders and 34 inch waist (or was before holiday sweets). Should I go with a 38/Med or 40/large?
Thanks, but shoot. That mid brown with a red/orange tint is precisely what I want in a ptb. Had one from leffot, which was Alden, but sizing didn't work out. Will keep an eye out on that Reddit forum from now on.
Well, can't comment authoritatively on fit because they sent a width shoes instead of d width. Went to exchange and the associate said there were other sizes in d width but not mine. Ended up returning the pair.Edit - also almost bought a cordovan belt as an exchange with the discount but was too annoyed at bb to let them keep any money ...
Those are amazing. Mind if I ask where you got them?
I should have them in hand Wednesday or Thursday. Will try to respond with sizing info. I'd imagine that the unlined cordovan fits more snugly over the last, which might make them feel tighter on the foot at first, but maybe someone else knows with more certainty in which last the bb lhs is made.
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