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Can't agree. Wear 7.5 in barrie shell longwing, which I can wear and be on my feet comfortably all day. I tried 8 in the sneakers and my toes were touching the end of the shoe uncomfortably without even taking a step. Hence the sneakers in my signature. Maybe my feet are relatively narrow but longer than I thought.... 
For sale - 1 pair of Sneakers from Epaulet    material - front quarter horse hide and suede colour - teak size - 8    New in box with shoe bags. Never worn. Tried on once, but they're too small for me. Selling at my cost ($180). Shipping to CONUS and maybe Canada included, other shipping negotiable.   Pm with questions - seems to work better than posting replies.   Will try to add a couple of my own pictures from my phone once this listing is created   Images...
Wow. Thanks very much for the replies everyone! Will try a one or two of a few things recommended.
Created a problem and looking for a recommendation. Have some Ep Gat's in the mail to me. What socks do people wear with those and shorts? Have loafer socks and cotton ankle socks and wool dress socks. Does anyone have a favorite for no-show sneaker socks?
Emailed Mauro earlier and he said in his reply that he fixed the reward members code. Going to buy a couple tees now.
Am in for two tees of different fabrics. Yeah, extra cost must be for the fabric. Mauro has been very transparent about cost structure before. Am excited for them and the trousers.
Just picked up a telegraph suit in olive. Have high hopes, but the price is so reasonable... First purchase from ts, so we'll see. Did stop by the sf store a while back while on vacation and the two guys there were nice.
Pm-ed. Are these still available?
I'm late chiming in, but just saw that the preorder closes tomorrow. Looking for another jacket. Trying to think of something versatile. I have a navy suit, navy hop sack jacket, mid grey cashmere jacket, and the donegal Vitorio in midnight (all ep), as well as a lbm 1911 linen/cotton off-khaki jacket. What do you think would help round out things? Obviously no more blue is needed yet, but would a brown tweed (orange Julius or Allister,s ancient) be wearable for a Latin...
Went online to check my budget and pick up an heirloom (thanks again for the sizing advice), but saw more things added to the sale section. Came away with a Vitorio in midnight and the Java hop sack walts... So much for the heirloom budget.
New Posts  All Forums: