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Mine will be in F606. I am almost sure I'll like it (I have not yet regretted any of the EG purchases I have made)
From the EG pin-up catalogue, it looks like it's similar to the C&J Weymouth. Is there anyone who owns or knows about both the shoes give some comments? Thank you.
I called EG a few days ago and apparently their computer was down so they would not be to respond to any E-mail for now.
I have quite a few pairs of silk knots from Jantzen's and they are not bad at all. The knots are slightly smaller than those from TM Lewin and Polo Ralph Lauren but as far as I can see, the quality is comparable. I bought them at the shop (he has a full big bowl of them) and at HK$20 - slightly less than US$3 - they are a great value buy.
Does anyone happen to know what sale items are in size UK 8.5F?
I have a few Breuer's ties and they are among the favourites in my collection. I am not sure if they are from the same line as what you guys see but mine seem to be of good quality. They cost much less here in Singapore - equivalent of about US$54 at full retail at Takashimaya. I have seen them costing quite a lot more (at least 40% more) at Lane Crawford in Hong Kong.
I have use trouser/skirt hangers (with clips) from Carrefour (Suntec City). I think they are about S$1.00 each. And hang my trsouers by their cuffs - the creases are kept quite sharp even after a few wears.
threadstarter, I think the others have given their thoughts and you have decided not to go ahead with the purchase. But still, I'd like to give my 2 pennies' worth. The font used for the words "Ermenegildo Zegna" is not the same as the one used in originals.
Can someone tell me the titles of the few French shoe collector magazines and how I can subscribe to them? Thanks
M@T> Please keep us posted. If it's good, please tell us where to find this shoemaker
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