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+ 1 on Ercole. If you can I recommend the Brooklyn Shop.  DL-
@UrbanComposition Its 18oz. I have a darker green that I had done this fall from the same range. The weave is very open so I had mine half lined to stretch from early fall to late spring. Really nice Donegal.     DL-
Thanks @Warrengardner 
@SimonC thank you for the details, I don't think they would be in use in the dead of summer or winter, but for the rest of the time it sounds like they could work. If you have an image I would be interested to see how it looks made up.  Thanks for your help.  DL-
Anyone have any experience with Dugdale's Town Classic Hopsack. At 14oz and a hopsack I am considering it for a year round trouser but have not felt a swatch in hand. If anyone owns some I would be interested to hear your thoughts.        Thanks,   DL-
 The 325 last in an E fitting is a wider last, so you should be alright with a standard fitting. You would want a 9.5E imo.  Additionally, I have a pair of Brecons in a 9G on the 341 last which would be good fit for a 10.5E assuming you meant in US. I happen to have them for sale as they are a bit too wide for my foot, but the length is spot on for a 10.5 if you wanted to get them at a good price. I only wore them outside a couple of times. (sorry for the obvious advert,...
I would love to see a special on Minnis Fresco's for odd trousers and possibly some of the VBC hopsacks as well.  DL-
@andrewmrsid is this a model you plan to stock? Also curious about the Shanklins.  DL-
How about a block stripe. Blue and Ecru or Navy and tan. Could be nice in a seersucker. DL
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