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I do the whole pourover thing every morning and I have all the gadgets. Besides fresh beans, If I were to recommend one piece of equipment it would be a scale. You cannot create consistent brew without knowing how much water and coffee you are using (assuming you are taking the handbrew plunge).DL-
I don't know of any, but if I do send in my shoes to C&J my hope is to have all the Dainite removed and have either Ridgeway or leather installed as a replacement. Does C&J still do this?  If anyone knows where to have that done I am all ears as well.  DL-
Ridgeway for snow and ice.
I buy shells from Horween for watch straps I make and I can confirm that dark cognac is the Horween name for the color and will vary. I have some on the light end of the spectrum and some much darker. The lighter colors have even more variance.  L-R Clayton British tan, Clayton Navy, Horween Dark cognac, Horween Dark Cognac, Horween #8 and Horween Black. DL-
I will be picking up the green W.Bill below at the beginning of October.    DL
Exploring the Northwest passage and walking to the subway are not in the same ballpark, they're not even the same sport. We are talking about everyday clothing not an 1845 exploration.  And yes:
I did read your post, and made mention to the few situations in the winter where technical clothing, boots and down are a necessity. I never said wearing tweed was the best or warmest option.  The weave of the tweed is a much bigger factor than the weight when it comes to warmth. Some are more open than hopsacks (W. Bill Donegal) for example is 15oz (400g.) and you can see right through it, and wears great in early fall and late spring as well as indoors. While some barley...
I couldn't disagree more. There are definitely times where down and Sorel are part of my wardrobe (I am in Upstate NY), however I truly enjoy having the right tweed, linen, cashmere ect. for the situation. I would much rather have 3 different weight tweeds than one of these stupid things:DL-
@Leaves can you post an image of the Goma Para? Or a link to a pair that has them? Thanks, DL-
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