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Dark, I like the contrast.   DL-
Lets hope so!  DL-
Copper, I do not have any images from Meermin. I was speaking to the boots Meermin posted on their website.  DL-
Ironist, I understand your thoughts here, my expectations are simple. I am looking forward to them, and I think the "prototypes" look great. I am completely satisfied with all of my current Meermin shoes/boots, and I have no doubt Meermin will deliver again on this GMTO. The success was good enough for Meermin to put them in their own line-up, and we got to choose the leather and soles we wanted.  While the EG shearling looks more plush and full, I am not paying for EG's...
Its called "Crocking" it is where the skin pulls away from the flesh. It is common on all leathers, and you need not worry. The placement is not ideal, but it will not effect the longevity of the boots. Once you kick some sh#t in them it will not matter anymore. Nice boots.   DL-
Do CMT, (Cut, Make, Trim) this way you control the cost of the cloth by sending them your own, and you just pay for the construction.
Do the suede Tetbury's stretch with some wear? This is my first experience with the 348 last, the 9.5 was too big, and the 9 is pinching my instep on the right foot. Should I move along or give them a chance?   TIA,   DL-
Mimo, Yes it is, but I am going to convince myself that December is the expectation. I did this with papers in college as well, always assumed it was a D, so if an A showed up it was a nice "surprise" moment.  DL-
Mimo,   No ETA, but he mentioned 6-8 weeks in production. My guess would be mid to late December but do not hold me to that.   DL-
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