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I like consistency. Needed to retire some of my OCBD's anyhow.
GMTO Shearling lined Galway boot...please note that this was the test boot done in black. Pepe also mentioned the back detail and loop will be changed slightly.   Color me excited:      
None of mine have blown out, but they both the 14oz. Dark Denim, and I have only had them a year or so. Also I did order two pairs to wear them every other time as to keep the longevity. My next two pairs will be CMT with some white oak denim I procured via the internets.  DL-
My Snuff chukka from Meermin is my most worn piece of footwear in my stable, and it has held up very well.  DL-
GMTO Shearling "Galway" boot update. Here is the message from I received from Pepe:   Ridgeway soles took some months to be made; we have just received them, so we have now started the production of the boots straight away. I hope you understand that the production cannot be started without having the soles.   Tomorrow I’ll send you some pictures of the sample we’ve made for you to share it with the participants of the group.   Thanks again for touching base, I’ll...
I have emailed them twice and filled out a contact form, this is my only critique of the business model they have. I would rather see them lack in communication rather than the quality of the product.  DL-
PCK1, or anyone for that matter, know if CJ makes another model in "Golf Grain" leather? I am not a big fan of the dubmonk, but the leather looks the nuts. TIA... DL-
@LuxireStudio I recently order a new pair of trousers, with a reference to a previous order which were copied from a bespoke pair I sent in. While I am aware that there are paper patterns kept and referenced, are details like banding on the interior of the rear hem,  waist band construction and depth of pockets kept in the files as well? Or do I need add them to the custom notes each time.    Thank you,   David-
Emailing today, please note, I do not have a special status with Pepe or Meermin. I do not get emails any faster so it may be some time before I get a response. Really excited for them!  DL-
New Posts  All Forums: