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One more of the DWW...       DL-
@Andy57 what donegal is that?
@Leaves  @Skoaktiebolaget   These went too fast! Congrats on a wonderful makeup. Please let us know if you plan to restock this:   I am definitely interested in either the same make up or something in a Oak Grain, Snuff suede or even just a brown calf.    DL-
Nice. How stiff are they (the Santos)? I had to give up on Meermin because they are just way to rigid. Are they softer like a C&J or rigid like Meermin?   Thanks, DL-
I would be out on coffee suede I just bought my first pair of EG Dover's in Mink suede. Oak pebble or even just dark brown calf would be good too. They also have a snuff suede as you mentioned earlier.   DL-
@Burzan I am in for a snuff or even dark brown hatch grain.  @Leaves what is the minimum for CS GMTO? Thanks, DL-
First pair on maiden voyage...I get it now.      Best,   DL
I do the whole pourover thing every morning and I have all the gadgets. Besides fresh beans, If I were to recommend one piece of equipment it would be a scale. You cannot create consistent brew without knowing how much water and coffee you are using (assuming you are taking the handbrew plunge).DL-
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