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Thanks, its a BB with baby lapels. I agree on the square, a soild brown might have been nice. DL-
Back to tweed with snow this morning, paired with an old Luciano Barbera tie.  DL-
[[SPOILER]] So @luxire has a lot of Green Chino/Cotton cloth.  I just can't decide between the Dark and Light. I would appreciate your thoughts. Best and TIA. DL-http://luxire.com/products/graphite_green_soft_plain_chinos http://luxire.com/products/fern-green-light-canvas
A few weeks back I mentioned that there was a nice 100% wool open weave textured (linen-esque) cloth that was the same exact cloth as the drapers book. Here is the proof and the details:   Drapers is on the left if you can not tell. Best, DL-
Wool, Linen, Cotton and silk...and suede on the floor.
Unlined flannel blazer and knit tie. An old wimpy lapel and a new square.  Best,   DL-
I am having Luxire make up a un-constructed cotton sportcoat for a fit jacket, and I am thinking of having it done in Dark Olive -Light Olive Green, but I cannot find any good images of greens that work.    If you have any images (your or others) that show a green cotton sportcoat in action I would love to see them, and TIA.    I just don't want to come close to the obvious one: Best,   DL-
I would like to be in if there is a list please put me on it. I like the color of my SC (below) which is the French trad one. The fit is terrible, but I like the rumpled Hemp. 
Just catching up on this. I have had mine since the holidays, and I really like them. The suede is wonderful and soft. They are a bit narrow, and do lack some toe shape, but a wonderful boot all around. Not my best pic sorry. I did swap out the laces for some Alden flat waxed ones.
All rumpled everything, Hemp, Oxford and Knit.  DL-
New Posts  All Forums: