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Ridgeway is the only way! DL-
Its a great tie, and in 9cm too!!
Thanks to @wigglr for the tie suggestion, great combo with the green on this SC.   Best,   DL-
Thank you @heldentenor I appreciate it. Watching & reading this thread has been a big help.  DL-
Green with Rust, thanks for the suggestions. Really enjoying this tweed. My images are blown out for some reason today. Also really digging these fawn flannels they are a welcome addition to the standard Gray.  [[SPOILER]] Best, DL-
Please restock this exact shoe...I like the patina service, but this pebble is 
Thanks everyone, I am feeling better about it. I now know why it was on sale however.    DL-
Thats what I was afraid of. I will try a few of those combos, but I felt the same way when I kept trying it with some of my fits and had to keep swapping it out.  Thanks. DL-
Just wondering if anyone has pics or recommendations on how to wear a light gray cashmere tie? I bought one over the summer on sale, and now that the season is here, I wanted to see some successful uses of one (assuming there are any). I can't seem to imagine the trousers not clashing as I wear quite a few flannels in the fall and winter.   Here is a similar image lifted from Drake's website:     Thanks to all in advance, DL-
Agreed, and somehow I want the patch pocket to be bigger or at least closer to the bottom hem of the jacket. Could just be the angle of the image too.  DL-
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