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Get the test fit pants if you are still dialing in your fit. They have basic chinos in a range of colors. DL-
It really depends on the type of suede. If it is a true reverse calf, it will not stretch any more than calf. If it is a split it will stretch quite a bit. DL-
I would thumb this up twice if I could. Nice!
Fox FlannelMinnis AlsportMinnis Worsted Alsport I & IIHarris Tweed A few I would love to see.  DL-
Does any one have any IRL images of the VBC Navy flannel below:    Thank you for your help. I am looking to make up a 3 patch blazer for the fall, and I like the mottling in the cloth, but I cannot get an idea of what it would look like in natural light/non-studio lighting.    Best,   DL-
I like this overall, however a slight taper on your trousers would be a worthy investment at your tailor. DL-
Pay a good tailor to make you a bespoke pair, get the fit exact and mail them in. It is an investment up front, but when you want another pair all you need to do is order. DL-
  I like these as well, would anyone be interested in doing a GMTO in a Fox/Snuff suede version with either dainite or half rubber soles for the fall? Every time I see the EG version I like it more and more. I would prefer the Rain last as well, but I am open to the Soller as well.  EG taken from Pinterest: 
Which leather is that?
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