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Its called "Crocking" it is where the skin pulls away from the flesh. It is common on all leathers, and you need not worry. The placement is not ideal, but it will not effect the longevity of the boots. Once you kick some sh#t in them it will not matter anymore. Nice boots.   DL-
Do CMT, (Cut, Make, Trim) this way you control the cost of the cloth by sending them your own, and you just pay for the construction.
Do the suede Tetbury's stretch with some wear? This is my first experience with the 348 last, the 9.5 was too big, and the 9 is pinching my instep on the right foot. Should I move along or give them a chance?   TIA,   DL-
Mimo, Yes it is, but I am going to convince myself that December is the expectation. I did this with papers in college as well, always assumed it was a D, so if an A showed up it was a nice "surprise" moment.  DL-
Mimo,   No ETA, but he mentioned 6-8 weeks in production. My guess would be mid to late December but do not hold me to that.   DL-
Ironist, We are moving forward despite a few unpaid invoices. Pepe has ordered the soles, requested a pair to be built and tested (style & sizing for additional lining) and will go into production soon. I may have gotten a few more on board than we needed to avoid waiting for people to pay.  DL-
Thank you Derek, I have sent them a message. DL-
Having just read the ASW article on Loden, I did a quick search for some online and has turned up mediocre. I did find this site here: http://www.leichtfried-loden.com/ but I am not familiar with this mill nor which mills would be best for it.   Suffice it to say it has sparked my interest in having a shooting coat made up. Anyone know of any mills to order Loden cloth in lengths.   TIA,   DL-
I will be adding to my collection once again, this time with a pair of Tetbury's in Brown Suede for this fall. Paid full RRP but if my past experiences serve me the same, I will be happy with my purchase. I have no patience to speak of as well.   I would love to see some images of folks who own these already, as it is my understanding they are a fairly common piece for C&J aficionado.   Image taken from SF...   Best,   DL-
@luxire Do you have access to boiled wool to make casual sportcoats as shown below:     I would be interested in the possibility of having one made up to my measurements. Navy would be nice!   Thank you,   DL-
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