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Exactly! I will probabaly get one pair of trousers and one pair of shorts!DL-
Does anyone know what cloth this is? It's from one of the BNTailor guys. I like the mottling/heathering it this but I have no idea if it is a wool or linen or something else. Thanks, DL-
^ @bienluienapris what cloth is it from Luxire. Thanks. DL-
[[SPOILER]] Glad to see an O'Connell's blazer in this thread. I have had to move away from their SC's and Trousers for fit reasons, but there really isn't a nicer bunch of guy's. If you ever get a chance to visit the store its a one of a kind menswear experience for sure. DL-
Thank you for the thumbs yesterday...more of the same, but today my socks match my sport coat.   [[SPOILER]] Best, DL-
Been a while...Fresco, shantung, "chambray?" and wool and a silk square. Shirt is Luxire chambray, but looks more like an end on end to me...either way not a bad cloth.  [[SPOILER]] Best, DL-
^ wondering who make the chukka's too...?
I do have a very nice pair of Teign's size 9.5UK but they are in dark brown suede.    DL-
@mossrockss just posted one a few day ago he did himself on the WAYWRN Casual thread, and even posted a link to the dye he bought. His shirt looks great. He started with a light blue shirt for your reference.  http://www.styleforum.net/t/253842/waywrn-classic-menswear-casual-style/21255#post_8457877 DL-
Wonderful to hear this...now who's up for a GMTO derby on the Rain last done up in unlined Snuff or Polo suede? DL-
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