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I have 3 of them at this point. One made up (herringbone below) and two unfunded. I don't think it wears any more bulky than a Harris tweed. I went with 3 patch.  Lovat: Harris:
It is a bit narrower compared to 337 and 325. However its not really the fit for me thats an issue, the last fits snug but workable. I am just not a fan of the elongated toe box. I am short and these are just a bit too long for my frame. Its a very elegant last, the sole is tapered nicely and has a great shape overall, but the length just doesn't work for me.  Shoot me a PM if you want to discuss further, don't want to clog the thread with the back an fourth.  Best, DL-
I recently purchased the Atherstone in Mink Reverse Calf suede from Frans Boone and unfortunately the 363 last does not work for me, if anyone missed out shoot me a PM. They are a 9.5 UK, not looking to make any money on these just want to get back what I paid. Mods please delete if out of line.    Photo Credit FBoone: DL-
Not sure if you own a scale, but I think it is the best item you can buy for consistency.  DL-
@dieworkwear I am not sure what kind of style you are looking for but I rummaged through some of my Swiss medic pouches and rucksacks and I really like some of the details. They really used simple functional designs. Not too useful for overall design, but nice details for handles and closures. A few images for reference: Here is the front panel which unsnaps and drops down. May not be practical but awesome none the less: DL-
I am new to Bonafe but wanted to test the waters on a GMTO. I am looking for a mid brown suede derby half brogue, leather sole with rubber topper. I would need to stick with the 74945 as I need a wider shoe with a tall instep.    Similar to what G. Bruce Boyer has below:       The AS Browning is a nice example of what I am looking for as well:   Any thoughts/takers?   DL-
I do have the Mirage it's a nice open weave and we put the books over the top of each other and they were identical. Felt exactly the same in hand as well. The Drapers was double the price.
I think this is the most important element. The reflecting of color onto your face from the arrangement of cloth below it has a definite impact.I went to a custom hat maker and he (against my preference) suggested a pecan colored fedora, kind of a light tan with some warmth to it. I had wanted a dark green or navy and he told me I couldn't have it. He said navy and green would do nothing for me. So I asked how/why?We then spent several minutes exchanging different color...
LL tweed
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