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[[SPOILER]] @New Shoes1 what cloth are your Trousers? I had to retire a pair of flannels this year, and that is the color I want to replace them with. Thanks, DL-
@luxire did you stop carrying the Hunt & Winterbotham line? If I recall correctly you did have it at one point.   Thanks,   DL-
Poorsod,   Good to know, I am actually outside of the city so being able to stop and have something looked at/adjusted real time could be great.    Booth,   Thank you for the info I will keep that in mind. For my first piece I am planning to keep is somewhat simple with a SB, Navy Fresco suit. I do want to have buggy lining (unlined). My terminology may be wrong, but essentially having just the sleeves and shoulders lined. This will be my first visit/measurement so I...
This may be a silly question, but does it matter if one goes to the Brooklyn vs Manhattan shop? Will Mr. Ercole be there to measure? I know there are more cloths to browse in the BK shop, but I will be bringing my own cloth for this commission.    TIA,   DL-
 My best experiences with @luxire have been from this method. If you can I would recommend having a Bespoke or MTM, suit and shirt made up and sending them to Luxire so they can copy the fits. DL-
My experience with the standard dainite is not good in the snow at all, in the rain its okay. The ridgeway on the other hand is ideal for the snow, slush and ice. The only other sole that compares is the full commando or vibram, but they look terrible imo. Ridgeway is the way to go. DL-
I would like to see how it hangs when worn for one. Looks great. DL-
Veni nice catch, thank you. DL-
@luxire is there any chance you could post the cloth numbers for the Minnis ranges? I really want to order a specific light gray fresco, but with 3 light gray's I don't want to accidentally order the wrong one.   I do realize I can order swatches, but I have the book on hand and I think I may speak for others when I say having the (0500, or 0511) next to the image would be reassuring when ordering.   Thanks, and keep up the good work. The combination of price, quality...
Because some tailors charge more to make more profit. For me it is the "thrill" of the hunt for a specific cloth. Speaking of which, any other leads on Ethan's fabulous flannel/tweed seen here:
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