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I typically write what I would like (medium weight unfused lining or best option for fabric) Good results so far. DL-
I have two chukkas from C&J I really like both the Tetbury and the Brecon. However I have a high instep and the Tetbury was not a good fit, I love the style but they just do not work for my foot. The Brecon is wonderful, and both are built like brick Sh#! houses. Best, DL-
All sorts of casual today.  DL-
Have a shirt made by a bespoke tailor. You will pay a lot for it once, then send it to Luxire to be copied. I don't know how to cut shirt and what adjustments make them fit better. So have a professional make you one, and have @Luxire make you many.  FWIW I am doing this with my entire wardrobe basically. So far my shirts and pants are Sublime from Luxire, soon I will send them my sportcoat and overcoats as well. DL-
Trad...except for the shirt. DL-
Probably my best dimple in a knit tie, ever... Best,   DL-
Newbie to the thread, I just ordered an Aeropress, anything I should know? Any recipes? Weights/volumes I should try?   I do have a burr grinder, scale, ect. I am set up for and typically use a Hario pourover method.   Thanks,   DL-
Still cold...lapel is still wimpy... DL-
@MGoCrimson That would be great, I just have no idea what they look like. I really like the corozo nut buttons on my summer shirts, I figured a coconut might be a nice change.  Best, DL-
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