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@Andy57 I hear you on that. Thank you for the advice, I did not consider the coat riding up my arms. I typically shoot sporting clays and my concern isn't so much the shells when they eject, but carrying my gun on my shoulder. The break point leaves a bunch of nasty bits on top on my right shoulder from station to station, and on my right sleeve when I carry it over my arm.  I do have the same belief as you, it would be very tough not to give a sh*t about staining a custom...
O'Connell's has the most options, but would need to be ordered online.  http://www.oconnellsclothing.com/Fall-Winter-Sport-Coats/?do_not_use_navigation=Y DL-
Quoted the wrong response. To answer if microfiber can be dry cleaned...No idea...I can ask my dry cleaners next time I am there.
Andy are you planning to actually shoot in it? I am curious as I may have one made at some point, and I wanted to know which type of back pleat would work the best. My original thoughts were for a bi-swing but I like the center pleat better from a visual standpoint. Was this a preference or recommendation from Steed/yourself? As for the shoulder patch it really doesn't do much (in terms of shooting or aesthetically). I would recommend a microfiber lining in the breast...
Cotton and wool, oxford and seersucker. Coat could use a few tweaks, but speaking of collar roll...    [[SPOILER]] Best, DL-
Thank you! Sometimes things just appear, I'm never quite sure how, but they do...and when my wife asks I've had it for years.  
Fresco, chambray & seersucker up top, suede linen and wool below. In hindsight I should have went with a darker shoe.   [[SPOILER]] Best, DL-
I usually post on the HOF, but I am not formal at all today. I definitely benefit from a more structured shoulder, but I am very happy with my linen Safari(ish) shirt/jacket from @Shirtmaven aka Carl.    [[SPOILER]] Best, DL-
Trying to drum up some interest in a potential GMTO from Carmina for a Fall shoe in Polo or Snuff suede, half brogue Derby, Detroit last, Tomir soles or double leather. @steveyoo1983 is this a possibility? Any interest? Something like a G.Bruce Boyer brogue.    Not Carmina but some concept shots: COLOR   Again not Carmina but the concept for the design of the shoe STYLE:   Thoughts?   DL-
@pravda sorry for the slow response, they are the Harvard from C&J via Frans Boone.
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