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I have always send through Portland and before that Jersey.  DL-
Nice drape and weight, I had mine made up unlined and they are very soft and comfortable to wear.  DL-
+1 Tooth, I was thinking about doing something more like this, Upstate winters are no joke! @luxire can you do a true alpaca lining? Thanks, DL-
Overcoat for me. Its the one thing I have not had made for me. 
I think it may be different, I actually own the one linked above and I don't think it is the same as the swatch you posted. There is very little heathering in the 100% Linen cloth I have.   DL-
@luxire can you help, I did a search and I can't seem to find it on the website. Any information would be welcomed.  DL-
I have one WU and I am very happy with it. It is a polka dot Shantung in Navy and is one of my favorite ties. Knots and dimples really well, and on a side note, WU is one of the few makers offering a 9cm tie width, which is the narrowest tie I mess with personally. DL-
Can you provide a link to the sky blue linen with heathering shirt please? Thanks, DL-
I have sent them one of my bespoke sport coats to be copied, and I am now awaiting delivery of my second Luxire sport coat. They are remarkable. Order with 100% confidence when you send them a garment to copy. DL-
Just curious if there is anyone in the UK who might be willing to be a proxy for the C&J "outlet" I realize this is a long shot, but I recently sold my Tetbury's because the 348 does not work for me, and I wanted to replace them with the Brecon chukka.   If not no worries.   Best,   DL-
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