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In the coming months I will be putting together a hand sewn briefcase. It will be a rather simple design overall, as this is my first briefcase. I have made several other cases and pieces in the past 15 years. I plan to detail the steps for my own purposes later on, would it be of interest of folks here to see the process and or images? If not no worries and please delete. Best, DL-
How would you say the Rain last fits? I am a 9.5EUK in most shoes, including Meermin Hiro, and most C&J models. How is the instep? Thanks. DL-
I posted on that, but I have not had a fitting with my tailor since. I will ask him who the distributor is as soon as I meet with him again. DL-
Thanks! I wish they fit, I really do. I even thought about having them stretched to make them work. The 348 is just not for me, someone is going to get a hell of a deal here.
My wife brought gifts from Denmark...really, really good stuff.   DL-
I would be in for 2.5m. I wouldn't mind seeing the occasional slubs of dark ginger brown and darker seafoam green & yellow ochre if possible. (not to be too specific or anything) I just like the idea of using faded winter colors, the kinds of things you see poking through the snow in a field, which are typically frozen straw, grass and dirt.  DL-
[[SPOILER]] Red and Green is one heck of a risky move, but if there were a book on how to do it, this would be the first chapter...well done @Braddock
Not sure how they will stack up, but if anyone here gets a bag from my local shop I would be curious on your thoughts. They do small batch mostly lighter roasts here is a link, my coffee is typically picked up within 2-3 days of the roasting date.   They did win a Good Food award for their Don Roger series.    http://www.joebeanroasters.com/coffee/single_origin/   DL-
New Posts  All Forums: