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omg, this sounds amazing. do you have a swatch of the navy python? would i be ridiculous to buy two pairs of python shoes this year? lol
Mike - Thanks for the update on the wholecut. I'm gonna pass this time as I decided to go with the Fitzgerald shortwings in cognac. Are the Carmina belts and shoe trees coming with the next shipment? I'm looking forward to that saddle shell belt to match my captoe oxfords.
thanks timpo! which site did you get the baker pics from?
mike - are there plans for a wholecut brogue mto? would love this in cognac, tan, or carmel. i'm also tempted by the cognac shortwings....decisions, decisions
here's the translated description of the truman from doo-bop: "And new year 2012, Truman Jacket. Engineered Garments apparently based on a standard model of a very Notchidoraperu 3B, Is a model representing the current fiscal year plus the arrangement is not overkill. A sense of casual appeal of the three patch pockets. To a sharp image of the chest slash pocket, however. Easy to take the balance of the chief, can not be missed, streamlined and made the overall...
i'm trying to decide between the baker and the truman since both will be offered in grey herringbone.the main differences i see for the truman are:an additional flap ticket pocket and welt chest pocketfully lined (vs unlined for the baker)four buttons on the sleeve (vs two for the baker)anything else?has anyone had a chance to try on a truman? from the measurements on doo-bop's site, the fit looks like it will be similar to the baker. the truman is slightly bigger in the...
Mike - Are these the charcoal herringbone rivets you had at the end of 2010? These were the first rivets I tried to order, but my size was sold out. I'll definitely need to get in on these this time. The wool rivets also sound like they are a must for fall. Any swatches available?
lol!! the epaulet addiction comes swiftly and will ravage your bank account. i would advise your friend to forget about a budget. if i see something i really like and my size is available, i buy it because otherwise it will probably be gone by the next day. i have a "budget" which i am usually over, sometimes much much over.that said, i've accumulated a pretty good rotation of walts, rivets, and epaulet shirts since the end of 2010, so i don't feel like i *need* as much...
yes, you can use google translate to help fill out their forms and i paid using paypal. i sent them my address separately since they didn't really have fields for international orders. shipping (EMS) was kinda steep, 2000 yen or ~ $25. i guess the tax on some EG pieces would be more than $25 depending on where you live and what the piece is.they included a hand written note thanking me for my order and recommended EG.
damn, i'm loving that herringbone baker. doo-bop has great service, i bought a wm sweater from them last season.i'll wait until some us stockists get it to see how the pricing is. the yen conversion has it at $537.
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