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lol!! the epaulet addiction comes swiftly and will ravage your bank account. i would advise your friend to forget about a budget. if i see something i really like and my size is available, i buy it because otherwise it will probably be gone by the next day. i have a "budget" which i am usually over, sometimes much much over.that said, i've accumulated a pretty good rotation of walts, rivets, and epaulet shirts since the end of 2010, so i don't feel like i *need* as much...
yes, you can use google translate to help fill out their forms and i paid using paypal. i sent them my address separately since they didn't really have fields for international orders. shipping (EMS) was kinda steep, 2000 yen or ~ $25. i guess the tax on some EG pieces would be more than $25 depending on where you live and what the piece is.they included a hand written note thanking me for my order and recommended EG.
damn, i'm loving that herringbone baker. doo-bop has great service, i bought a wm sweater from them last season.i'll wait until some us stockists get it to see how the pricing is. the yen conversion has it at $537.
meltonian water and stain protector
i'm on the hunt for a grey wool/herringbone jacket this season as well. the official catalog shows a baker jacket in this material. http://www.nepenthes.co.jp/brands/2012fw/details/eg/fig07.htmli'm hoping they also make a bedford with it.
I found this field guide to EG jackets, pretty basic but useful descriptions with pics: http://www.breathnaigh.org/breathnaigh--observations/2011/03/field-guide-to-engineered-garments-jackets.html
thanks timpo! i'd like to pickup a bedford this season, hopefully in herringbone. what's the main difference between the bedford and the baker? it looks like the bedford is a little more tailored while the baker is more relaxed.
Nice! I've been waiting for these Carmina belts to launch as I definitely need a brown dress belt. Any belts coming in caramel calf or cognac shell?
nice, i love bartley's! they have really good milkshakes too. i went to the other school in cambridge, a mile or so down mass ave. i haven't been back to boston in years though. i will definitely stop by drinkwater's when i get a chance to go back east.drinkwater's is near porter sq on the red line
yesssss!! i'm really looking forward to the python brogues this fall. the caramel calf brogued wholecut sounds killer, i'll probably be up for that.
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