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hellz yeah!
here's my last minute entry for the epaulet shirt contest: epaulet floral shirt epaulet british khaki rivet shorts quoddy canoe suede boat shoes
Will there be another restock later this year of the Fitzgerald in Chestnut shell? I'm debating whether to jump on this restock or wait until the fall.I'm definitely in for the cognac python austerity brogue.
from the belt loop locations, these are probably rivets. my guess would be british khaki as i have the same color in rivet shorts.
reticulated python. khao yai national park, thailand. 1/7/02 don't ever try to get a picture like this without a large zoom lens
sweet! i'm totally down for this. cognac python sounds amazing. are they going to be austerity brogues? or maybe we should call them drunken snake brogues
holy sh*t, those python brogues are amazing. i might be down for a mens style...but i better start saving now. lol
totally an addiction. last night i ordered grey shadow stripe walts, another pair of grey super 120s, and plum rivets. it's pretty hard not to place an order every month. there's always something new around the corner that is a must have.
i'm loving the overdye oxfords and i've worn all the colors at least once. today it's pistachio, which is probably my favorite of the set. for next year, i think a lighter weight material would be better for spring/summer. it's high 70s today in san jose and i was burning up earlier walking around outside. rolling up the sleeves and undoing the top two buttons helps a little. it will be hard to wear these in warmer weather (80+), but i love the colors, especially...
bi-fold wallet in natural leather with red leather overlay. ring for wallet chain, six single card slots, snap coin purse, guitar pick holder, slit pocket behind coin purse, and large bill compartment. brogue skull on both sides, punched through to the bill compartment. this wallet has aged very nicely and is still in great shape. you will get a nice back pocket fade from the raised red leather overlay (see pic from my own 5010xx). purchased from self edge sf ~ july...
New Posts  All Forums: