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i sized down 1 from my MMM size.
i'm in.i've been to mum's several times. they have an all you can eat/drink option.
i got my briefcase today from fedex. the cognac color is really nice. the handle mark that stevent saw is pretty prominent on one side of the bag and fainter on the other. on the other side, there's an odd area of the leather where it appears to be creased/wrinkled. the handle mark isn't really a big deal, but i'm a concerned about the wrinkled mark becoming more prominent over time as the leather ages. i haven't tried to apply any product to either area, but the only...
cross post from waywt
i live about 30 mins south of SF, so it's at least 10deg warmer
[[SPOILER]] kopped. thanks for the heads up! i live near SF, so i'm gonna pick it up this weekend. it took me a few mins to pull the trigger considering it was in the 80s today and i won't be able to wear this until at least oct/nov.
looked like brown suede. apparently you can only pre-order them. http://fashionbombdaily.com/2015/02/01/mens-fashion-flash-lenny-kravitzs-super-bowl-xlix-halftime-performance-saint-laurent-fringed-black-leather-motorcycle-jacket-destroyed-jeans-tan-suede-boots-natalia-fedner-gold-chain-shir/
i'm still on the ravello brixton pre-order too!mike, i'll send you a note with the original order details and my paypal address. i would definitely like to stay on the priority list if alden ever confirms this pre-order from 2011. almost 4 years!
what is your sizing in other brands? i usually wear US 7.5D and i'm not sure if CCP6 will be too big. is CCP5 by special order only?
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