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thanks for the input. i'm gonna keep an eye on my lanvin/cp size (down 1 from mmm). hopefully the kva croc lows will hit 50% on ssense. i'm still on the fence at the first drop (20-30%).are these comfortable? any fit pits? i'm looking for some summer kicks that i can wear with shorts. tia
lol, nice! good eye.has anyone tried these on? i saw earlier in the thread that KVAs fit huge this season. size down 1 or 2? retail is ridic, but i could be tempted come sale season. the white color way looks better imo.
dat metallic forest mix
has anyone hemmed their driggs? if you also have walts, did you hem the driggs to the same inseam? i'm looking into some MTO driggs and want to get the inseams finished to the right length. thanks in advance.
how's the sizing on slp lows compared to CP/MMM/Lanvin/etc?
awesome, i've been looking forward to this! do you happen to have the measurements or target dimensions for driggs in size 28? the driggs measurement table only goes down to size 30.i'm definitely down for a trimmer leg trouser as i've already slimmed down the leg for my 14 pairs of walts.
totally agree. i'm a runner and there's no way i'm going to buy designer-label running shoes. i would be embarrassed to wear them in public.
Common Projects dark brown nubuck rec sneakers in EU size 39. I bought these last year from ssense, but they too narrow and have started to hurt my feet. Worn < 10 times, so still lots of life left. CONUS shipping included.
go for the black and pick it up soon. i got mine from porter and they are already sold out. barneys, matches, etc probably have a few sizes left.this is a good point and i guess only time will tell. the clear panel above the toe box isn't very comfortable since it's unlined, but maybe it will soften a little with some more wear.i think i've only worn mine twice so far and i don't wear a lot of black.
lol, i'm long overdue for a haircut (it's been almost two months). getting that done tomorrow. i'll consider an untucked shirt next time. thanks
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