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i'm in for auburn couro cromo! hh gats coming on monday.
geller SS15 richard blazer on MH for $159 if you are XS/44. it dropped another $20 since i bought it last week, so it's probably the last one. it arrived earlier this evening and it has nice texture and color variation. it fits fairly slim in the body and arms, so best for a true XS/44.
thanks for the heads up. slim pickings for XS, but i picked up a blue/green plaid shirt from ss14 for $55 shipped w/ the coupon.
nice website! btw, the navy soft briefcase pic is shot at a slight angle while the others are shot straight on. also, the shoulder strap is not connected/shown.
i have trousers in both of these materials from epaulet. super 120s is a little dressier as it's a common material for suits. worsted prunelle is a little thicker and has a subtle diagonal rib texture. i would get the mid grey super 120s first. they are both versatile and durable.
anyone have a hooded padded vest in XS or S for sale? preferably grey wool herringbone, but open to other colorways.
good prices on field coats if you are M-XLit was 95F today, so i can't even think about wearing my field coat for at least 3 months
give them more time and keep the lacing loose to allow for stretching. mine initially felt narrow in the morning and they had stretched out significantly after a full day of wear. after a few days of wear, these should fit fine.length wise they are good, so i don't want to size up just for the width.
loden is really a gorgeous color and versatile to wear year round.the coffee table is from crate & barrel and made of reclaimed wood.
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