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ordered cognac and oxblood last night. fyi: 6 left in oxblood. don't sleep on these.
wow, there are some amazing deals being posted! congrats to those who have scored so far. too bad nothing in my size so far...
patrik ervell at 50% kopped the sakura blossoms silk shirt
thanks! copped the white croc kva lows.
how many baller sneakers is too many? :P
slp 15.5 sizing is kinda weird. they are pretty much skin tight on my calves, but i'm also a runner, so if you're really skinny you might be ok. the waist fits big on both my pairs though.try them on at a boutique if you can.
thanks for the input. i'm gonna keep an eye on my lanvin/cp size (down 1 from mmm). hopefully the kva croc lows will hit 50% on ssense. i'm still on the fence at the first drop (20-30%).are these comfortable? any fit pits? i'm looking for some summer kicks that i can wear with shorts. tia
lol, nice! good eye.has anyone tried these on? i saw earlier in the thread that KVAs fit huge this season. size down 1 or 2? retail is ridic, but i could be tempted come sale season. the white color way looks better imo.
dat metallic forest mix
has anyone hemmed their driggs? if you also have walts, did you hem the driggs to the same inseam? i'm looking into some MTO driggs and want to get the inseams finished to the right length. thanks in advance.
New Posts  All Forums: