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slp 10h. sized down 0.5 and they fit perfectly. [[SPOILER]]
i tried this quickly on 10H sneakers and it only gave free shipping
2010 CCP size 7 Lined Bison Color 19 (grey-green) Black Vibram soles Originally from Darklands I bought these from BSR on SZ, but unfortunately they are too big. They are in great shape and the color is really unique. Rice bag included, but no tags or original insoles. $1100 obo, shipped CONUS PM me your offer. I'm considering to keep these if I can find a suitable pair of insoles.
i wear 41 in MMM gats, 7.5 in most dress shoes, and went with 40 in SLP 10H. they should be here on monday from ssense.ysl.com advises to size down: http://www.ysl.com/us/shop-product/men/shoes-sneakers-signature-court-classic-sl10h-high-top-in-black-and-flame-leather_cod44670076pl.html
i wore 12oz heavyweight stone rivets today actually. my first pair from 2011.
no, most of those are older rivet fabrics. i got a bunch of driggs mto from the current fabrics. a few g&l military twills and some three season wools.the driggs fit is spot on and very similar to my walts after i had the legs slimmed down.
a big mto order of driggs came in earlier this week, so i'm putting my summer rivets away to make space. from top: clay, grey oxford, mint, papaya, french blue, plum.
late to the party, but i'm in for a cognac soft briefcase after reading a few pages of this thread. i'm very fortunate that 11 more units were added for january. i've been looking for a briefcase/bag like this and i'm always happy to support a bay area company. i live in palo alto, but i'm down if you guys do a meet up in SF sometime.
ordered cognac and oxblood last night. fyi: 6 left in oxblood. don't sleep on these.
wow, there are some amazing deals being posted! congrats to those who have scored so far. too bad nothing in my size so far...
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