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Can't tell yet - but since 946 fits me excellently in width E (narrow), I recently have ordered my first 804 MTO in this width too. Will compare to Rain once they arrive, if this is of any use.
 Are you sure there is a H width in EB? F is the standard width, E is narrow, G is wide, so H would be extra wide?
 Beautiful shoe! Interesting information on the similarity with Simpson yet tigther around the ankle, I need to try the 2102b last! Since Simpson forefoot is rather on the narrow side, I assume you went with the standard F width in 2102b and didn't opt for narrow E width (as I did on 946 last)?
Very nice! Beautiful color and detail. And interesting trousers
The guys at Skoaktiebolaget again were extremely helpful in determining my correct size. I ordered the same size as I have in Carmina, in E width which is narrow in Bonafè terms, and now that I wear them for the first few minutes I would say they seem to fit remarkably well. They are on the popular chiseled 946 last.   Here another quick picture after unboxing:  
 Thank you. Yes, they are Blake stitched, with the Black 'Fondo chiuso' sole (slim waist). I often find Bonafè soles and frames a bit too massive and protruding to my taste, plus have always liked the sleek and very 'Italian' look of these slim soles best, so decided to go with Blake. I haven't seen well crafted Blake shoes in a while, so am very excited that Bonafè as a skilled quality maker offers this. Will see how well it works in the real.
 X-post fom the 'Enzo Bonafe Handmade Shoes' thread: It has arrived - at Skoaktiebolaget yet, and hopefully soon at my door: 
It has arrived - at Skoaktiebolaget yet, and hopefully soon at my door: 
I don't like that huge, excessive welt and protruding sole (very visible here in these instagram pics), even more so with Norvegese, that Bonafé often use in combination as kind of their trademark sadly. These in my perception give the shoes a quite clunky aesthetic quality, at least in giant sizes like mine ;)   That's IMHO much better in e.g. many Carminas like the Tansjo boot europrep posted below, with sleek and sharp lines etc. But to each his own, of course.
I assume there's no overview information (pictures, drawings, ...) available on which loafers exist in the archives...? So it's probably "come up with an idea and we'll see how we can best match it", right?I could e.g. imagine a model like the C&J Marston (http://www.crockettandjones.com/product/marston-chestnut), maybe on the 363MOD or so...
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