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Not a problem @ThunderMarch . I wasn't aware that a decision for 74945 was already taken, since you had suggested 74945 and 946 in the beginning (the 946 is available in E width). I'll watch this GMTO closely and then maybe do a MTO myself on 946, as I've done before.
Given the fact that I need an E=narrow width, and all four need to be of the same width, we haven't discussed width yet - what width do we all need?
Do we need the same width for all four in a GMTO? (I'm an E=narrow width)
If it's going to be Vitello Blue (ideally burnished as you say) with blue hatch grain, I'm soooo in!!! ​ This is a dream team combination.
Exactly, thanks Leaves! I know of only very few artisans who nowadays do such a super slim Blake Rapid constructions as well as Bonafè do. It's just a personal preference I guess, but I like that sleek look on fabulous dress shoe designs like this one a great lot :-)
 Exactly, these are Blake construction, indeed very slim and light, Bonafè calls them 'Fondo Chiuso'. For these types of shoes I like these much better than the otherwise quite bulky, protruding welts that Bonafè imho often have, it's exactly this slim and sleek style here that appeals to me.​
Received these a few weeks ago: MTOs through Skoaktiebolaget on the 804 last, in Vitello Meleze with black Fondo Chiuso sole in Blake construction in width E with Violet Goat lining. The wait was almost six months this time...
Can't tell yet - but since 946 fits me excellently in width E (narrow), I recently have ordered my first 804 MTO in this width too. Will compare to Rain once they arrive, if this is of any use.
 Are you sure there is a H width in EB? F is the standard width, E is narrow, G is wide, so H would be extra wide?
 Beautiful shoe! Interesting information on the similarity with Simpson yet tigther around the ankle, I need to try the 2102b last! Since Simpson forefoot is rather on the narrow side, I assume you went with the standard F width in 2102b and didn't opt for narrow E width (as I did on 946 last)?
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