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They didn't in my case - although reference sizes/widths in other brands and foot measurements were given, the recommended last (Vil in UK11) was too narrow and half a size too large. So it's better to double check. It's good that there's plenty of information and comparison details here for that.
Excuse me? Of course. Silly question.
Yes. Yet pre-polished not as in using wax and buffing as one does regularly, but rather in a chemical or physical way to the leather surface. Nothing wrong with that, just not what I want and like.
Hope my initial post is up soon, it's all in there ;-) Many have said here that even the Classic Line for them is as good or even better as C&Js and the likes. I own mainly Crockett&Jones and Church's and find these Meermins to be of a quality in my personal opinion that comes not anywhere close in comparison. Rather on par with newer Allen Edmonds I'd say. So very understandable, especially given the price, but not something I consider an option for myself.
  Thanks for this! So I'm not alone ;-)     These are wholecuts in tan with some brogueing (will send picture in separate post). They had to be MTO because they are on the Vil last which only was available up to size UK 10.5, yet José's recommendation was to try UK 11. That last had to be made first, which took the regular MTO time of 12 weeks.
I have received my Meermin MTOs yesterday. Unlike many others, I find the leather quality non-satisfying.   Have written a detailed post with pictures - got message saying it is "held for moderation" because I am a new member... That's strange.
After 13 weeks (and therefore perfectly in time as communicated by José), I received my Meermin MTOs - tan wholecuts with brogueing on the VIL last in UK 11.   Here are some pictures:                 While the packaging looks very nice, it came with a surprise: upon opening a strong "chemical" odor emerged, a smell you usually recognize when entering a store that sells cheap shoes. This smell comes from the upper...
Same here, should arrive next week (José had explicitly recommended the Vil to me because I have a B width in AEs).
Got confirmation from José today (again excellent communication) - my light tan brogued wholecuts MTO (Linea Maestro on the Vil last) will ship on Monday. Shouldn't take too long within Europe - expect some pictures soon
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