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This beast looks absolutely stunning! @steveyoo1983, can you please check if this would be possible as MTO on the Simpson last? If so: Anyone else interested?
 These were made by DNA Groove (www.dnagroove.it)
Good lord, only text here...   It's autumn in Europe - Dark Brown Museum Calf Double Monks on the Park last.    
I'm not on the list, but please allow me to chime in with my assessment: pretty small (in terms of width, i.e. not wide), very low instep. If FOREST and especially RAIN fit you well, UETAM probably isn't for you I'm afraid... (says someone who manages to fit into SIMPSON but has problems with UETAM)   Experts, please step up  
 Oh Steve, how I love this absolutely wonderful Adelaide!! This would be an instakop - but what do I have to see, not available in UK 10 ... ?? (Or even UK 10.5, for that matter...) Is that true?
 Sounds terrific! Yet I would prefer the Simpson last
 No medallion...? I love medallions and would prefer this beauty to have one (imagine, a medallion on a chiseled toe like this! ). Of course I wouldn't object if others feel differently. Can the 'other 5' please share their thoughts? I see you @techaview prefer it without, what about the others?
Thank you @Skoaktiebolaget for a wonderful shoe, the Carmina Modern Classic in Brown on the (for me) perfect Simpson last.  
So you are saying instead of "No, MTOs are accepted..." this should read "No MTOs are accepted..." What a difference a tiny fraction of an inch can make...
 ftfy ;)
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