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Shouldn't that make it cheaper? Unless it's made or sourced from somewhere else.
Ah, the archive exhibition. Do you know what's the deal with size 0? Is it something for selected outwears? I see that it's only available for the thorson out of all the exhibition products. I've never seen the size at any of the FIL stores or online store.
Archive demonstration? Never knew size 0 exist.
The website feels so nostalgic! The days of Web 2.0.
I have seen the shirt in the following materials
This season's Irving Shirt, a cleaner version of the banded collared shirt @Ken P Timex is 10,800 yen. Should be cheaper via Nepenthes NY
@thekunk07 Beams Boys Harajuku, Beams Boys Shibuya and EG Tokyo. Didn't see it at EG Tokyo though. Wished it came in the XL size instead.
Today's OD release. The Navy one is out in May.
@RaraAtTea The convertible collar shirts are slimmer that the regular line. The stand collar shirts are slightly wider while the short sleeves are loose fitting.
New Posts  All Forums: