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@KaleidoscopicK Size 2 for sure. Size 1 is weird, like a male XS in a female cut
@Pazu Your link shows the same for the model, sleeves up to the knuckles. Probably too difficult to alter the sleeves given the button snaps, so I'll just accept the length.
@ssteinle Bedale SL does come in this olive drab colour. Was told that it's a Japan exclusive but the Carnaby Street store carries it. http://www.japan.barbour.com/collection/mens/16ss/006-MCA0375.html
Heads up on the AW16 shawls - most of them aren't 100% wool. From what I've seen, only the polka dot one and the shirting thickness ones are. The rest are wool/polyester blends.
US7 as Mountain Lights are EE width. Half size up if you want to be safe or wear thick socks.
@drmmr Go half size up then.
Air Rifts are TTS for me, with or without tabi socks. The neoprene ones have some give to them. Free Rifts are tight at the toes when worn TTS without socks. Sizing up by 1 makes it loose at the heel and it doesn't come in half sizes. Insoles are softer on the Free Rifts.
Tokyo has a standalone store since last year. Let's see if it folds as well cause it's the last international store.
@hennree Assuming that you're just hanging around the city centre: Food Putien (Chinese. Several outlets in town) Rumah Makan Minang (Indonesian) Koh Nang Kam (Thai Muslim) Nobu-ya (Japanese Izakaya. Reservation required for weekends. Ordering of alcohol is a must, else you'll be turned away) Drinks with view 1-Altitude Level 33 Smoke & Mirrors Lepark (a slightly different kind of view) Things to do Enjoy sunset at Marina Barrage Rooftop Rent a bicycle and cycle from...
Malton boots for a wet day
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