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Button shawl in action
How can you be satisfied with just a pair?
Any interest in a MTO for teak cordovan longwing boots? 4444 last Barbour welt in natural finish Dainite sole
@ecwy What last do you reckon the longwing boots are on? I really dislike how End never provides that information for all their Tricker's.
Tried on an Everest jacket and decided that it's not for me. Mainly because of the outer pockets. They don't function well as hand warmers. Stuffing your hands into them is rather awkward. It's sadly just not THE jacket for a city lifestyle. Guess that shouldn't be too surprising since it Is a replica of an expedition jacket where guys would be using their hands most of the time.
@BLAUGRANA Give them a call. They are good in English.
@migsy999 There is a camo Everest in 44 at Fott http://en.fott.ru/catalog/product/NC-W13-OW-9/ I've seen it at the actual store last winter and am surprised that it hasn't been marked down.
You're supposed to be 9.5UK 4444 last fitting 5 based on your brannock measurements. If 10UK 4444 last is perfect for you, then you definitely need to size up to 10.5UK for 4497 last.
Pretty much the same in Nepenthes Tokyo and EG Tokyo. The former only carries a selection of what's available in latter. Stock quantity aren't too high in EG Tokyo either; the size I want is always sold out even though my visit is just a couple of weeks after the drop.
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