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Regular trousers hanger works fine no?
I use a plastic cover from the dry cleaner to prevent the wax transfer. There's mildew though, due to the humidity here. Nothing that a wipe down with diluted vinegar can't fix I guess. Personally I feel that there's not much point in getting a Barbour if it's not a waxed jacket. Perhaps you could look at other brands that produces similar looking jackets that aren't waxed.
Not a fan of ultralight weight either. Or perhaps I just don't have the discipline for it. Besides the $$$, I question the longevity of the gear. Light usually doesn't translate into hardiness. Much like the minimalist lifestyle talked about recently, I don't think there is a right or wrong about each approach though.
The lighter athletic style hiker shoes/boots are great for day hikes but I won't recommend them for multi day hikes. The glued on soles that most of them have (if not all), can fall off with some abuse. Not the most fun thing to happen when you're in the middle of nowhere.Here's my Danner on a hike in Bhutan. It's about 4 years old and most of the wear is from rock scrambling. Goodyear welt > glue.
Air Unlimited in Black showed up at a local outlet. Half size up fits fine but was such a pain to put on with the laces and straps. Passed on it in the end.
Cause it looks like a variation of Y3? The hype has moved on from those.
Have a pair of C shade Stow on commando sole. There's no patina or anything remotely close on the leather despite it being 3 or 4 years old. It's only after having a pair that I understood why it's "the" country boots for Trickers. It's fairly impervious. The sole edge does show a little wear though. I have tried creating patina with shoe cream and it does work. However, that requires touch up from time to time and can be easily removed with something like Saphir...
Made a purchase off Grailed for the first time and it has been painful. Seller took two weeks to ship and sent the wrong item. What are my options given that I'm no longer keen to deal with the seller?
@Nvspwndamnstr39 Yeah the grey blue No.7 is probably a safer choice in terms of colour matching. I don't see it fading as well though given the lighter base. Then again, you can always slap on a kakishibui coating if you change your mind on the colour. The rear cinch is functional and so far hasn't caused/taken any damage on mine.
@Nvspwndamnstr39 I'll second what Frank has written. They are different from the usual indigo denim. I wear and wash my pair regularly. The persimmon dye has faded a little, making the blue sashiko threads stand out when viewed up close. It's not that obvious from a distance though. Will see how it further evolves before making a decision on a kakishibui coating.
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