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FWK Engineered Garments and Nigel Cabourn Women comes to mind. The range is not as extensive as the Men's line but that's probably due to the smaller demand.
The London store closure could possibly be the beginning of the end.
He does look awesome in it.I'm 5'4" and have tried a couple of stuff at the Aoyama store. As much as I want to, I just can't pull it off even though CdG works for me.
Looks terrible on short dudes as well. Makes me wonder if he's wearing custom sizes.
@scoobydrew Yes to Bedale SL in 32. No to Ashby in XS. That fits more like a Bedale Classic in 34.
Yes, Bedale SL does come in 32.
I wear rifts in the same size as my other Nikes
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