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Have a pair of C shade Stow on commando sole. There's no patina or anything remotely close on the leather despite it being 3 or 4 years old. It's only after having a pair that I understood why it's "the" country boots for Trickers. It's fairly impervious. The sole edge does show a little wear though. I have tried creating patina with shoe cream and it does work. However, that requires touch up from time to time and can be easily removed with something like Saphir...
Made a purchase off Grailed for the first time and it has been painful. Seller took two weeks to ship and sent the wrong item. What are my options given that I'm no longer keen to deal with the seller?
@Nvspwndamnstr39 Yeah the grey blue No.7 is probably a safer choice in terms of colour matching. I don't see it fading as well though given the lighter base. Then again, you can always slap on a kakishibui coating if you change your mind on the colour. The rear cinch is functional and so far hasn't caused/taken any damage on mine.
@Nvspwndamnstr39 I'll second what Frank has written. They are different from the usual indigo denim. I wear and wash my pair regularly. The persimmon dye has faded a little, making the blue sashiko threads stand out when viewed up close. It's not that obvious from a distance though. Will see how it further evolves before making a decision on a kakishibui coating.
@Nvspwndamnstr39 Yes, not selvedge. I sized up by 1 on my Century Denim No.5. No stretching after a few washes. Have tried the indigo No.123 and 3 sizes up fits fine.
@timpoblete Would you mind doing a fit picture?
Homme Plisse?
Junya AW06 patchwork M65 https://www.gr@iled.com/listings/995278 If only it was my size!
Most stores do two drops. 1st round is usually 30% while 2nd is 50%.
Always wondered why UK retailers are allowed to do straight forward online sales for EG. There doesn't seem to be any logic to the restrictions on US retailers.
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