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Have two pairs, shearling lined ones and the unlined. For both, I sized down one from my brannock measurement and am still able to wear thick socks with them. If there are half sizes, I probably could go another half size down on the unlined one so that it fits better with thin socks. Hope this helps.
Way more affordable than something similar from Visvim!
Looks more practical with the angled bottom pockets. The bottom pockets on the Everest jacket were straight down, making them rather awkward as hand warmers
My experience is different from yours. I've had warm friendly service from two different SAs at Dover Street Market Ginza. One of whom was a Chinese speaking non Japanese, which kinda took me by surprise. Likewise service at the Trading Museum store. The SAs at Aoyama store on the other hand are a little bit aloof as you said. I do like visiting it though just to check out the middle aged SAs.
Just noticed that the webstore has slightly different inventory when shipped to Japan vs rest of the world. Prices appears to be much cheaper as well for Japan shipping. Does it make sense to do a proxy buy? Any one tried that?
Made two visits to my local store. The first was at 11:30am. Pretty much picked over by then but the SAs had a mobile device to check real time inventory and could fish out some pieces in the backstore. Made a second visit around 9pm as I was in the area. Stock was topped up, including a few pieces that were sold out when the SA showed me the inventory count on the first visit. Stand out piece for me was the collarless shirt. My size was sadly sold out. Only picked up...
Some interesting make ups at the local retailer. Any idea what models they are? Definitely not on any of the country lasts as they are fairly slim
Might be interested in the teak depending on the last
Cover the welt with masking tape before polishing
Amen. Even in Tokyo, XS is often sold out at EG and Nepenthes
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