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@Mortenmouton the London store is like half the size of the Tokyo Army Gym, which made it less impressive for me.
@tropics The country of manufacture should be on a tag in one of the pockets
Could the same last in shoes and boots be totally different? I have 4444 last shoes and boots; the former fits like they are half size smaller.
I was able to get a SFR prepaid card over the counter with no questions, registration, etc. 9 or 10 euro for the card and another 10 euro for 1GB of data.
Could someone do a comparison photo between the 4537 and 4497? I'm curious to see the differences.
Yes, they were having holiday sales when I was there but it was more about the general condition of the store which felt worn-out. Of course it didn't help that shoes were displayed like bargain bins items.As a comparison, the Barker Shoes store at Regent Street was also having holiday sales but was way more presentable despite being at a slightly lower price point.
Made a visit to the Jermyn St store just before Christmas and it was so underwhelming. Feels rather worn-out compared to the shoe stores along the same street. Was expecting it to be more polished.
How is it possible that I got to try on Paraboot shoes at a store and still get the sizing wrong?
Have two pairs, shearling lined ones and the unlined. For both, I sized down one from my brannock measurement and am still able to wear thick socks with them. If there are half sizes, I probably could go another half size down on the unlined one so that it fits better with thin socks. Hope this helps.
Way more affordable than something similar from Visvim!
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