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Right but Hart Shaffner Marx is floating canvas chest piece fused suit for twice the price and three times when they are in sale. I believe Boss is the same as well for 3 times the price. That is all I meant about the 346.            
Yes I see exactly what you are saying. There is a different material attached to the outside fabric.It is the same color as the fabric so I couldn't tell at first look and it really attached so it seems like one fabric, but the material on the chest is certainly thicker than the sleeves as a result.   I have since gone to Nordstroms and began pinch testing every suit on the their rack, dodging various sales people who were annoyed, and discovered a key difference....
I have to say I am ready to go to tailor school at this point. I have read all the threads and done all the tests and it is driving me crazy at this point. Brooks Brothers advertises half canvas construction on the Fitzgerald line, but not the Madison and charges the same amount. Hart Shaffner Marx has a "floating canvas chest piece" on the classic fit and not the modern fit. Jos A Bank advertises half canvas contruction on the signature golds. I have yet to meet a...
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