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Allen Edmonds Park Ave 12 EEE for my "baby" brother (he said 4E would be better but he thinks he can squeeze in). [[SPOILER]]   Allen Edmonds McAllister 12 D (Available but there is some cracking in the broguing). [[SPOILER]]    
Left behind a 42L Samuelsohn orphan.  No luck finding the pants. [[SPOILER]]     Also left behind this creamsicle houndstooth Samuelsohn sport coat but I forgot the size. [[SPOILER]]    
Alden Tassel Moccasin Burgundy Calfskin -- 663 Aberdeen -- Size 8 1/2 B/D (Available)   [[SPOILER]]   Ike Behar Shirt 15 1/2 - 34   [[SPOILER]]    
It's on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    
Thanks.  I am very dense.  I never, ever think to check those darn completed listings.  I doubt they are still there, but maybe I'll make a trip up because I also left behind some E. Zegna.  Could get lucky or find something else good, right?    
Are pretty much any Alden shoes worth picking up?  I just remembered that I also had to leave behind a pair of 8.5 B/D Alden tassel loafers, but at the time I wasn't that sad because they were scuffed up and the looked pretty worn on the soles and heels.  Now I am thinking they would have sold anyways.
Trade me for something that fits me please (see my signature for sizes).     Brooks Brothers Makers 42R 100% wool Partially lined coat, unlined pants Color best represented in close up of button   Aprroximate Measurements: Pit to Pit: 23.5" Waist: 22" Shoulder: 19.25" Sleeve: 24" w/ maybe 1-2" extra Length BOC: 30.25" Pant waist: 38" Inseam: 29" w/ 1.5" cuff
I guess shirts they want Made in America, 100% cotton (usually must iron), button-down, oxford cloth (usually)... but then other stuff too.  Who really knows?    
Some pics of what I mentioned before.   [[SPOILER]]    
Went to several new to me stores today but in the wrong order.  Ran out of money and had to leave behind several E. Zegna shirts and an E. Zegna Soft SC size 56.  There was also a plethora of Robert Talbott ties for H. Stockton and some Paul Stuart ties (probably weren't many worth picking up though anyways).   Got a few things for myself at the earlier stores (Nordstrom made to measure shirt for some dude who was my size, Zanella shirt, Trafalgar belt to match some...
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