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Allen Edmonds Park Ave Size 7.5 D (available) [[SPOILER]] Brooks Brothers shirts (available) [[SPOILER]]   Thrift fit (OK actually just trying on the BB washable suit and J. Crew shirt that I kop'd for myself) [[SPOILER]]   Almost thought I found that royal blue unstructured coat [[SPOILER]]   And finally, a question... Someone asked before about Northwick, but did anyone have an answer?  Quality?  There was a nice worsted wool grey suit made by Northwick that I...
    I might get the first case of brag thread blue balls.  
    Seersucker without darts is hard to find these days.  They'd love this over at AAAC. (Edit: I guess you knew that.)  
    That's a DM7-stylie haul right there.  
I posted earlier that I found this.  I was pretty stoked.  I "thoroughly" looked it over in the store.   I get it home and start looking it over again.  First sleeve I inspect.   Hmm, weird stains.  Blood?  I hope not.  Maybe it will come out.   Keeping going up the sleeve.   Well how did I miss that on the shoulder seem?  Hmm, I will rob the buttons at least.     Oh, the other sleeve is missing the cuff button. 
    Want if it is in your size?
    Thanks for ceding me the territory!
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