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Not really sure how I feel about any of these ties.  Felt like buying something though. [[SPOILER]]
  I have been told here (and confirmed for myself) that flawed Brioni is nearly always worth picking up.  So yeah, I didn't pass on it.  Also, I sold my wheels so I probably won't be passing on or picking up anything.
My new favorite Goodwill already wised up or something.  They had two pairs of AE Graysons that were marked $79.99 and $99.99.  Just the other day I pulled a mint pair of AE Park Aves for like $6.  
Don't worry, I will be raiding Grendel territory instead in no time.
  Not I, but I also passed on a moth eaten Aquascutum at another area store recently.  Damn the moth!
I am not seeing that much distinction between someone here buying and flipping vs. an employee at GW or SA doing it.  Or maybe the distinction is that most of them could use some extra cash more than most of us.  
  Too bad... that would have had me excited for my summer in ROC
    What size are you?
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