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I have less than 100 feedback.  I feel like 1 negative could sink me.  Grrr.
  It can be worse when they do buy.  Someone asked me to ship to UK.  I quoted USPS Express International.  Also, I provided the tagged size and the actual measurements of the item.  I felt a little bad about the price of shipping, so I threw in an extra item to be nice.  Now he is says the item doesn't fit, the shipping cost too much, and he cannot "honestly rate it as a good or positive transaction."
OK, I promise to treat them lovingly.  I wish I had some cream polish in this color so I could get them ready to rock.
Alden Orthopedic 4 Eyelet Mocc Toe Blucher Trusquare Last 11 1/2 C/E Available!!!!!!     Allen Edmonds Manchester 13 EEE Available!!!!!!     Samuelsohn Blazer (Maybe orphan turned into a blazer?) Marked 41R Available!!!!!!   [[SPOILER]]   Nordstrom beater shoes for me     Brooks Brothers Seersucker Trousers 34 x 32 (might keep and get them taken in, but get at me if you have been dying to have a pair)
The only time in my life I wish that I was fatter is when I read this thread.  
Blackwatch coat looks good with khaki.  How would the trousers look with camelhair coat or something else in a "khaki" color?  
(strictly a play on words, no hard feelings?)
DM7 likes it Greek?  Hope you two rake in the $$$$
Kind of looks like mine.
I think they are.  I honestly don't know what I was thinking on the red one.  The purple might be OK.
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