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Yeah.  Awhile back I asked you for some tips.  I am here now and haven't found anything good yet.
Anyone have a solid black suit in 38R?  In other news, it is hard thrifting in Rochester.  
  In my best Arnold: "It's not a tumor."
  Do you also believe her when she says "I'm not mad"?  Given 2 days notice, you did the best thing by not rewarding that behavior with something like dressing conventionally.
Looking really nice.  
pc nazi?
Thanks for the advice.  The hilarious part is that the shipping was about 3 times more than the item.  I wasn't that keen on shipping internationally and I wanted to cover myself with tracking so I went with Express.  We even went back and forth a few times noting that was expensive but the only option I would go with.  I will offer up the refund less shipping but I doubt it will appease them.     I am definitely going to have to flesh out some terms and conditions or...
Yesterday I wished I was fatter, now I wish I was skinnier.  Although, is that gorge kind of low or is it just the pic?
Yeah, still happening in fact.  If he follows through with the negative feedback, I will see what they can do for me. 
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