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Wasn't he raising money to pay some sort of fine to stay out of jail?  Maybe he didn't succeed...
Made my first foray in Williamsburg.  My brother grabbed two suits for himself (HSM and Daniel Cremieux which fit him perfectly without alterations).  Also came across some bench made in England tassel loafers but I couldn't make out who the maker was.  I did not kop because they needed a bit of TLC and I am not that into the tassel.  
Anyone thrift in Williamsburg VA and want to give your new competition some advice?  PM me!
Nice fit.  If someone comes across a madras tie like that, I'd take it off your hands.  The one I have has some conspicuous pulls.
Good job.  I also failed at finding some golf clubs to use.  But, I still feel good about the trip because I now have a staple navy HF suit thanks to grendel.
  Sweet.  Kind of want it.  Kind of already have 2 navy blazers.  Hmm, but not a 3 roll 2.   Also, thanks to grendel for hooking me up with some cool stuff a few minutes ago.
Hickey Freeman Khaki Suit 95% Cotton 5% Cashmere Size 40R   [[SPOILER]]     Corneliani Gray Herringbone Suit (started as an orphan coat but shout out to my wife for finding the mate) Super 100's Wool Size 54 Italian [[SPOILER]]
A little preview of some finds today.    
Kiton in a Roc Marshall's?   Also, that Etro suit is sweeeeeeet tonylamer.
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