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  I'd be very angry if I didn't already have a vintage Anderson-Little one.  Wait, mine isn't 3-roll-2.  I am angry after all.
  I am still on a quest to find a houndstooth coat for myself (almost as elusive as a nice pair of black shoes, everyone must be after the 10-10.5 size range).  I have given 3 or 4 houndstooth coats a shot and they just never were cut right for me.  I honestly would be happy to find a Boss because, even if it isn't Kiton, it generally looks alright on me.   In other news, my brother called me today.  Said he spent all day reading this forum and is making his first solo...
It is only that neat because I just moved and put everything away nicely.  As far as pests, when I am feeling smart, I will dry clean stuff before I put it in with the rest.  When I am feeling dumb, I will just throw stuff in the closet and hope for the best (and tell myself that moth holes look very academic).
Nothing too amazing but I'm going to post them anyways.   Allen Edmonds Byron 11.5 C   Wool Ties   [[SPOILER]]   NWT PRL, Nordstrom   [[SPOILER]]   Ralph RL (yeah yeah I know, but it looked cool)     [[SPOILER]]   Kingsridge Custom Fabric Berry-Burk Co Richmond VA (?) [[SPOILER]] Brooks Brothers 346 Linen/Cotton [[SPOILER]]   Way late to this party, but where I put my thrifted stuff [[SPOILER]]   Also left behind Canali orphan.  Didn't see high quality stuff...
  I suggest that you don't trouble yourself and just send them to me.
  Aldens in terrible shape bring at least $30-40 and that is a common size.  If they are cheap, definitely worth a shot at removing the marker.
Brown, unstructured, linen & cotton Brooks Brothers 346 sport coat.  Nothing too special but it fits and it was $1.89  
Brooks Brothers for me.  This an orphan or a sport coat?     [[SPOILER]]   I saw this and got excited   [[SPOILER]]   But, then upon closer inspection   [[SPOILER]]   PSA: Came across two nice light purple (or maybe it was light green... hmm doubting my memory at the moment) Richard James shirts in 16"/41cm but they stapled the price tag through the shirt so didn't pick up.  Also, came across a bunch of Jack Victor (orphan suit coats and suits) in 48-50R.  Likely...
Really like those two plaid sport coats.
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