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I have one of these suits.  I'll go snap a pic.
Haven't been out in a long time.  Stumbled across these when I went briefly to look for something else.  All 9 1/2 3E.   Alden   Allen Edmonds   Allen Edmonds
Very generous of you, but I was too late to the party.
Really like this!  If I wasn't cash poor, it'd be mine.
Well I was intrigued by that posted one because it is a 38R like me.  However, I do know a size 44 person in your town that might be interested.  I'll have him get at you if he is.
Very intrigued.  My norman hilton sport coat is my favorite.  A suit could be amazing.
  Love it.  If it was 2 button, I would demand you let it go.
It is not just a movie; it is a real place.  If you're in ATL and you are into opiates, crack, getting arrested, and/or getting robbed or worse, you should go there.
  Been thrifting in the Bluff?  Is "flushed down the loo" new slang for insufflation?
  Awesome.  Just like my grandfather's.  If you don't want it...
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