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Marc, Doesn't your regular tipple give you "piss-breath"? Just curious.
Marc, You were born in the wrong century: you really should have been an 18th century physician - that way you could have made money out of drinking piss.
The socks I have from Lewin are not as good as M&S.
"Shooman", Is that a photo of Anne Wigmore? I always thought it was of you before you went bald.
Quote: Hopefully we will have an election soon, and Bliar the Grand Charlatan will be voted out. That's not going to happen at the next election. Who else do we have to choose?
Quote: I am no dorm-room debater and I was being more concrete than you give me credit for. What sources do you have that define rules? Crime is defined by the law. Etiquette is defined by Emily Post if you want, though I think most etiquette is common sense. Who defines the clothing rules? Bresch, The word "value" is defined in a dictionary: look it up. MPS
It's a pain in the arse to order from Kow Hoo at a distance: I got them to make me a pair like this once, but they were very reluctant to do so. The last-maker is ancient, but he's very good indeed, and the shoe will fit perfectly. The quality is good, but not excellent (think Crockett and Jones). I've not seen Vass shoes in person, but I have no doubt that they are superior. Edit: On the plus side, they will do any design you specify.
Cuffs on a pinstripe suit? Only if the coat sleeves are cuffed.
The Royal Tenenbaums is one of my favourite movies. The clothes are amusing, but frankly they look crap. Most of the coats are more than 2 inches too short.
Kai has also posted photos of his bespoke Raphael 3 piece, which looks absolutely top notch.
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