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Hey.  Im in law school and trying to get from white tees and hoodies to something professional, get a job, and get my life started in the right direction.  Not all of this has to do with clothes of course.  Im 28, suburban New Yorker, not really into fashion exactly, but I like fine things, and prefer my clothes stylish and classic, even when it means baseball caps and jeans.     And i really have almost no idea where to start with professional, student = affordable,...
Thanks - bespoke is just handmade, is that correct?   I'm not opposed to used shoes, i just don't really know my precise size in dress shoes, or what brands to look at.     Basically, I am coming to professional attire from Nikes, baseball caps, and buffalo/seven for all style jeans.  I've been reading up but i'm not exactly sure where to start, on a budget, and in somewhat of a hurry because of interviews honors-related school things.     thanks again!
Hey. A little background - I studied art as an undergrad, lived really cheap in a pretty bad part of brooklyn for five years, and now I'm in my first year of law school.  I don't have alot of money, but I need to upgrade my wardrobe.     Here's what I have - sorry if I sound like an idiot I've always been a skateshoes/jeans/hoodies kid.  But i'm growing up - i swear, haha. So i have - 1 dark gray suit (Hilfiger - the color is nice, the fit is acceptable, its cheap...
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