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That's true, you need to stay by a charger, but there is an extended battery that's only slighter larger that will give you about an extra hour or two of juice.   Or carry a spare.    
New to SF but I know my smart phones.  Android in particular.  So i'll give you my two cents if you dont mind.   Best smartphones on Verizon:   1. Galaxy Nexus - If you want cutting edge operating system software, very good specs internally, are willing to accept a few bugs while Android 4.0 (ics) is worked out (there are really very few anyway), very nice slim profile, best screen available on a verizon phone (movie ratio dimensions, Samsung super amoled...
One more question:  Is the Florsheim Kenmoor Cap Toe an acceptable, affordable substitution for AE park ave?   Thank you.
Thanks that clears things up.   I'm still in 1L - so I was just curious where 3 pieces fit in.
Not to post a thousand times, I apologize, but is the AE shoe bank just an AE outlet (for example, there is an AE outlet at Tanger on Long Island, NY) - or is it something different?  Thanks,   Edit:   Btw I replied to the two above posts, but they are being moderated.. Just wanted to specifically express my thanks, they are extremely helpful posts, and I'm very grateful.
Thank you very much, this was incredibly helpful.      
Thanks alot, that's really helpful.  I can manage to get a couple pairs of trousers, some well-fitting shirts, and a blazer.     As far as the shoes go, can I ask your opinion on the Florshiem Kenmoor cap-toe?   vs. the park avenue and vs the air adams cap toe?   Thanks again, z  
What exactly is the purpose of a three piece suit?   Is it conservative enough to wear at work in a law firm?   Just curious.
thanks for the replies ... let me try to get at these points -   i'll check out suit supply when i can get into the city - school keeps me really busy but i could probably get in there in a weekend or two.   the AE park ave is what i was looking at, as well as the kenilworth - they look pretty similar and theyre comparably priced, but i'm trying to keep the cost of the shoes below two hundred bc, basically, i just dont have much money right now.   that's also...
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