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Got two london style suits yesterday at suitsupply nyc.  Medium gray and navy.  Really impressed with the quality - nice selection of suits in alot of sizes and cuts.  I know where im getting my next one.    
Agreed. Touchwiz is ugly and clunky. Cyanogen is nice and its lean. My nexus is rooted running various roms, waiting for cm9 to be complete.
I'm in law school trying to get a summer job with a firm.  I'm purchasing a new suit, and it's going to have flat fronts. I like cuffs, but not sure if it's conservative enough looking, because i dont want to give a flashy appearance.  Thanks for the input
^ thank you
What's the purpose of the third jacket front pocket (the one above the regular front pocket on a suit)?     Is this modern?  Is it conservative enough for (common theme in my posts) law firms?   Asking bc there is third FP on the Washington suitsupply suit ( )   thanks  .
resurrecting this thread ... are cuffed flat front pants more or less conservative, generally speaking, than uncuffed?   for my purposes, i mean FF pants that match with a suit jacket, at this point.  although i have also been thinking about cuffing a pair of gray cotton trousers as well.   thanks for the help!
^Thanks, I'll have to check those out.     Just checked on their website and the button does look a little high on the Washington.  I assume they don't alter their button placements?
well you HAVE to use wifi on any 4g device when you can, or toggle off the 4g and use 3g if battery life is a priority and you aren't going to be near a charger all day.   Personally, i just use wifi when im at home and at school, 4g whenever i'm not (live in NY so it's a good 4g signal pretty much everywhere).   Also keep my brightness on auto - saves alot more battery than you might think.   And the 4.65 inch screen is a huge drain, for sure.  Battery life...
^true i never carry a spare.  I also have the extended and i get thru the day unless I've been doing some very heavy browsing.  Anyhow, I'm at school during the day, so I keep a USB with me and plug in to my computer if I need to.   Iphone's battery is slightly better than gnex, tho, that's true.   Razr maxx is supposed to have the best battery available currently.
@Stranglove - was the selection good?    I'm going on Friday to look for a navy suit.  Pretty sure I need a classic fit so i've been looking at Napoli and Sienna on the website.
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