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Napoli is slimmer than Washington, Washington is a more american-traditional style suit.   Pretty much any of the ones with Italian names are slimmer cut.
Has anyone purchased a suitsupply blazer in half wool half cotton or other blends?  Curious how they feel/what the construction is like. I have in mind the Washington cut, something in Navy or slightly lighter than Navy for business casual/casual wearing.   Thanks
For conservative interviews, you should be looking for a Navy or a Charcoal, and either should be very dark.  Like, from far enough away they look black.   If this place is more relaxed and you might use this suit for like, a wedding for example, you could go with the ligher shade of gray, but if you're just going to be interviewing you should have something either navy or charcoal.  You want the interviewer to remember you, not the color of your suit which stood...
I think you could get away with taht medium gray suit, but if you want a suit predominantly for interviewing purposes I would suggest a very dark navy or a charcoal gray.  The medium you picked out is dark enough to work, I think, but you can never go wrong with navy or charcoal.
Any ideas about this one??  if not it's ok.  Not trying to be a pita.    
that's a good tip, thanks.interesting. that pretty much only goes for the rough line of ae's?
Picked up this topcoat from Barney's outlet at Tanger in Riverhead last week.   It's charcoal, says 100% virgin wool.  also says "fabric made in italy" and another tag says"made in italy."  It's branded Barneys.   Got it for 40 percent off the outlet discount ,so it was about 400 down from the outlets 700, and the "original" barney's price was supposedly 1400.   Any comments or ideas about this purchase?  I desperately needed a top coat for the winters...
Thanks PhiPsi, I didn't catch that in the description.  It's a great looking shoe.  Maybe I'll see if it goes on sale next week but I doubt it will.   Isn't there another AE sale in the summer, as well?  Thought I read something about one.
Thanks.  What i really want is the Jefferson, but can't figure out how come they're 445 unless it's just a quality of the construction issue.   If anyone has any info on that shoe i'd appreciate it.
Seems to me that it would depend on what kind of business, but brown works.  However, you'll probably get a good deal more use out of a charcoal or a medium gray suit.     That said, if you can pull off a brown suit, you'll be fine either way.
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