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Thanks for the pics! they look pretty rad.  
Today I was in Garden City and I went into a store called Southhampton - they make their own suits (in Canada, I asked) and also sell a variety of mens clothing.     Their navy blazer was nice - half canvassed, 110's wool, for 350 or 400, and I was told that their suits (also half canvassed) start around 400, fully canvassed for 800 and up.   Just curious if anyone is familiar with the brand, did a search on google and in SF and could find no reviews or a website...
Couple pics of the Walnut fifths - per request of zerostyle.   The pants (all three) are slightly long, havent hemmed them yet but plan to take them up .5 to 1 inch or so.   Please excuse the gf's dorm room floor. I know the speckled tile is magnificent but please try to contain yourselves.   With light gray slacks:   with darker gray-brownish slacks:   with camel-brown slacks:  
some real beauts!  jealous of those shell strands     
When I tried on the Washington it did not seem to me to look fashion forward, because it's not as tapered as some of their other cuts.  The one thing that did seem a bit forward about the Washington, however, was the high button stance  .  I think it would depend on your shape how fashion forward the Washington model looks.  I happen to fill it out, and it didnt seem very slim cut to me.  I tried the 44s.    
As I mentioned a few posts back, here are the pics of the Walnut Fifth Aves:  
Thanks Michael, you're right  I am shooting for a navy blazer (saw it navy on another site without a good description).  Preferably looking for one under 300, but willing to go up to about 4.  I will check ebay but usually BB don't fit me very well - the shoulders are too padded since my shoulders are broad to begin with.  But i'll have a look online and see what I can come up with.  Will also check out the anderson-little blazers.   Thanks for the advice!
My Walnut Fifth Ave's showed up - they are gorgeous, will post pictures tonight.   Might return them tho and get the Fifth Ave's in Brown, since they will be primarily for business/biz casual use, and get a pair of either Mcallister, Strand, or Jefferson in walnut, for the versatility.    
Steffan that looks like a good fit.   @Chocsosa - not sure if Washington is slimmer than Napoli - my statement was made based on what I tried on at the NYC store.  The reason is, I'm broad in the shoulders and have gained some weight in the last few months - so i'm about 5'10, 190-200 lbs fluctuating.  I have a serious belly right now.   The Washington and the London were the only Suit Supply cuts I could fit into - And I didnt find either to be slim cut, more so...
Any opinions on this jacket?  looks to be fused, and im not in love with the lining to say the least, but I am in need of a sport coat for business/casual use over the summer and beyond.   Thoughts and suggestions welcome, thank you. -Robert Graham Dexter Jacket, Navy    
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