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the loafers look great.  
I have the split toe - not sure if it's the epic.  Not really very familiar with shoe trees.  I have several that were hand me downs from my father and grandfather, and I recently purchased two woodlore trees myself - one is a large and the other is a medium.   Not sure what to do about the large, it seems to fit without being overly tight, but at the same time i obviously don't want to mess up the shoes.  Maybe i'll just stick them in some slip on ck shoes i dont...
On the topic of shoe trees, my size is generally a 10 D - the last size it's recommended to get the Medium woodlore.  A 10.5 D is supposed to get the large woodlore.  Would it make much difference if i used a large woodlore (happen to have one, although i have some mediums as well) in the 10D?  the fit is tight, but doesnt appear to be stretching out, and it doesnt take all that much effort to extract the tree.  Of course, i dont want to destroy my park aves.
no you're white?    
^ can i get a suuuuuuuuu ?  represent
 sippin on the moet, laid up, rae gambino - mastamind the plan tony starks, cappaccino
Thanks man i look forward to any info.   Would love to add a pair of strand, jefferson, or possibly mcallister to my collection. Possibly a walden also.
one man ran try to get away from it, put ya bifocal on, watch me a cometh   cap's one of my all timers. verse on winter warz is a true classic.
Mainy, love that big cappa don avatar.
As far as the sale goes - i can't find any info on what shoes might be discounted.  I've been googling periodically for news like every day... 
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