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^ damn those are really nice.
So is this sale basically the only sale AE will be having for some time? Also, how does this sale compare to their other sales (90 off or 19.22 percent)?   Thanks alot.
Just some questions about the Memorial Day Sale - is the sale comparable to this one in the discount? And are there many styles on sale then?   I am tempted to pick up a pair of the walnut mcallisters - they look great in these pics.    
If it's going to be one of your only suits, you will probably get more use out of a darker, not sharkskin charcoal than the HF you posted.  
Yeah I have park ave and fifth ave in 10D and they fit perfectly, I tried Kenilworth in both 10 and 9.5 D and the 10 was too long, the 9.5 too snug.  Maybe i should try more pairs in the future and see if there's some variation from shoe to shoe since I do like it.  
I like the Kennilworths alot but they just don't fit me right.  A little odd bc all the other shoes I've tried in the 5-65 last fit like a glove.   Anyway, hope they fit ya great!  It's an excellent looking sleek shoe.
they arent showing the fall/winter '11 line up of suits anymore, which contained the other cuts.  There will probably be other cuts available when they release their fall/winter '12 lineup.    
2 questions: Is $35 to let the sleeves out on a suit a lot? Am I supposed to tip a tailor for this? 
They're great.  I just got the pair of walnut fifths which i also really like, and i'm waiting a few days to see if strand or mcallister are on sale for the 90th to decide what to do about the walnut fifths - whether to exchange for brown or not basically.   I'm also really pleased with the florsheims - they're imperial canfield, i think they're called, and i got them for a serious discount and they're surprisingly nice.  I pretty much only wear them when i need to...
Thanks Phi.  I'll hold on to them.  Maybe i'll keep them in my florsheim imperial cap toe bad weather beaters just to be on the safe side.
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