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Anyone know off hand if ss makes any blazers or sport coats in same or similar cut as London or Napoli? Thx
Thanks phi, sorry I didn't see the post I was on vacation for the weekend.I'm honestly not sure what my measurement's are, but I wear 10d in both park and fifth aves. The Kenilworth, even tho its the same last, is just too long for me. Do you think it makes sense to try a 9.5 e?
  Thanks alot - i'm gonna take my time and see if I can find a pair in 9.5 that are close enough to break in.   As for the fifth aves - they really are gorgeous in walnut, so maybe i'll leave them as is.  Thanks again.
So I just ordered a pair of walnut strands, because i've been lusting for them for about a year now.  The thing is, i have fifth aves in walnut, and while they're beautiful, I've been thinking about polishing them with brown wax to darken them up and make my shoe collection a little more versatile once i get these strands.    Does this sound like a decent plan?  Anyone tried this before?       Oh and one other question - I really like the kenilworth shoes, but...
I've found that kennilworth runs slightly large.  My other shoes in the 5-65 last (pa and fifth ave) fit like a glove in ten D, while the kenilworth is too long.  I like the shoe, but the 9.5 is too small.  Haven't yet tried a ten narrow or any other combinations like that.     You might want to try an insert or something to take up a little bit of the space tho if you plan to keep them.
^i was thinking a similar thing.  I can get strands for 255 on amazon w/ prime, otherwise i'll wait for the nordstrom sale.   i dont want the hassle of ordering seconds, having them be all messed up, and returning them to get less messed up pairs.
    I prefer the spacing of the brogueing on the jefferson bc it's less busy, as well.
    Nice tie.
    This looks sharp.  Maybe just slightly tight in the waist (jacket).  Otherwise looks great.  
  I've been considering a pair of slacks from SS.  The pants appear to be nicely made for what i can spend.  I have two suits in the london cut btw and the suit pants seem well constructed.  Look forward to the pics and your feedback when they arrive.   [quote name="dieselman89" url="/t/250682/suitsupply-nyc/135#post_5373274"]We are getting way off-track. I'd greatly appreciate some more feedback from SS's suits. I have been exploring several Napoli fit suits. I believe...
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