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Not me, but I will see if I can find my Junior and senior prom pics. All in a white dinner jacket, of course.
Prom- Don't match you date. Why not rent a white dinner jacket? Classic. Goes with anything she wears. You won't have to hide your photos from your kids out of embarrassment when you get older.
Is this their cool little guy for something like $200 at GC? Supposed to give 100watt sound at low volume?
Le Corbusier certainly had good personal style that was very uniform. It seems that most great designers and architects find a look and stay with it.
If the width of the pant leg is correctly proportioned then a cuffed pant on a shorter guy can look very good.
If your personal style is trim and more modern, then why need a cuff? If your own look is more classic in materials and cuts then a cuff looks right because it too is classic.
My guess is that the resonance of a butcher block piece of wood isn't the same as a solid piece or two piece. One of the great guitarists from that late 60's and early 70's who still performs is Bill Kirchen. He plays a Tele (like this one http://www.retrofret.com/Products.asp?ProductID=6225) made from old pine from a building in lower Manhattan. Here he is talking about it. Cool guitar, cool guy, tasty chops. He gets into the specific pine guitar details at 4:00.
Don't forget to vote in the poll
I think 2 and 5 are the best followed by 3.
I read a complaint by a blogger about a pocket square brand that had a "rather garish machine sewn edge". How picky are you about the sewn edge of your pocket squares? As an example, below are several pocket squares. Based solely on how the edges are sewn, which do you like the best? Which is your least favorite? The top is number 1 and the bottom number 5. Add your replies below and any other comments. I will respond with the brands on Tuesday.
New Posts  All Forums: