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Was in San Francisco yesterday and made the rounds to various stores to check out Fall RTW. Long sleeve polos are everywhere. Isaia has some in a cotton linen blend in muted complex heathered Fall colors. They also offer a 100% cotton in a very fine Pique with a silky feel in a few darker colors. Luciano Barbera seems to be back in-force at WIlkes and Barney's with some attractive pieces after going through reorganization, new investor management (the family that brought...
Always nice to see a quality collection with a story behind each item.
Wow! Impressive. Go SF!
Is it MTM or true bespoke? Did you order anything?
I'm going to head over to Wingtip today to check out their trunk show.
Too often in the various threads the discussion about what jackets and trousers go together (or shirts, ties, shoes) aren't about the intuitive, best possible combinations but rather trying to get subpar combinations to work and then spending a lot of time justifying it. Lets face it, when someone puts a great combination together, the colors, the patterns, are in harmony and the overall look works like a charm. This is where a lot of examples of true classic dressing...
Hard to beat a wool / cashmere blend for warmth and comfortable feel. I'm just not sure I would like the texture of a hopsack unless it was a lightweight linen S/S blend.
Because all great guitar players play a Start but they don't even on a Jag? Jag controls alone are reason enough to go with a Start.
Makes me want to go back to Rome. One of my favorite #menswear movies...that and The Talented Mr. Ripley.
Great comment.Having an out-of-shape physique will never make the finest bespoke suit or clothing look it's best. Great tailors are true craftsmen and magicians in covering up some of natures faults. But, the rest is up to us, eating right, staying in shape, exercising. But we don't do this just for appearance, it is for feeling our best and good health though our lives.For guys with an eye for fashion and style an ill fitting suit is pretty lame. Yet, it is surprising...
New Posts  All Forums: