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There is much more to it than that. 1) it has been the default look by decorators 2) young homeowners see it as contemporary and updated (perhaps remembering their mom's all white or all black appliances of the early 90's. 3) it has been the default editorial look in almost every mid to high-end home magazine for a decade or more. 4) from a practical side it provides a neutral background for contemporary or funky eclectic to MCM furniture and decorating. 5) it gave...
Just a reminder.... if you will be joining Bay Area Styleforum members for the Meetup this Thursday please RSVP in this thread so that we can get an accurate head count. Thanks!
Not last week. We had up to 25 mile and hour winds and some rain from a front that was passing through. Temps varied in the 70's but didn't drop much at night which was nice. If no fronts it should be in the low to mid 80's. Bring light weight clothing and your most bad ass sunglasses, watch and sneakers. I was very comfortable with a couple of long sleeved linen shirts and would roll the sleeves when it got warmer. Everyone else is wearing a T shirt or Tommy Bahama type...
Lots of nice refrigerators out there. The new LED light strips inside most of them really light up the corners with an attractive blueish light. No more yellowish overhead bulbs.
Wow, what a difference 13 years makes (my last trip to South Beach.) and especially compared to the mid 90's when I first stayed in the area. Remarkable were the number of building and remodel projects going on on virtually every corner along Ocean or Collins. Of course, there are no shortage of extremely expensive cars. I miss the mix of ancient retired folks slowly walking along the sidewalk next to several hot Latin babes in thongs. We seemed to run into mostly over...
Here is a photo of the Post Office ceiling. This was build in 1937.
We just returned from South Beach where we toured Art Deco buildings. One of the more interesting public buildings was the local post office. When it was built there was no mail delivery in the area and most inhabitants were seasonal so PO boxes made a lot of sense, This photo is just a portion of a large round room that has a fountain in the center. Certainly different than my local post office.
The story of so many bands struggling, broke, 5 guys to a shitty apartment, burrito diets and then making it, I could see how it would be easy to pursue excess and be considered a prick if you become a hit. It isn't exactly a balanced lifestyle at any phase.
That navy tie is nice....
Plus he was having fun with Valerie
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