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I've attended the last few years. Lots of great denim people from around the world make this event pretty special. Everyone is friendly and it is your chance to speak directly to the designers, retailers, manufacturing, sourcing and brand specialists that make some of the best denim.
Starts tonight.
This made me laugh because, too @dieworkwear 's point, when I met Carole at a book publishing trade show when she was launching this book in 1987 I asked her, "What is my season?" (she divides everyone into Fall, WInter, Spring, Summer colors) and she began to stumble back and forth between "Well you could be a Summer or maybe you are a Spring?". So much for an expert opinion!The problem, once again, is that it isn't just colors that are right for you, it is knowing how to...
One of the key points is that it isn't just the color, it is knowing the the right shade of any color that makes all the difference for your complexion. I can't wear pale pink shirts, but a more medium to watermelon pink gives me a nice healthy glow. Soft gray shirts make me look like the walking dead, but charcoal offers nice, rich contrast In the multiple corduroy suit pics (above) I wouldn't choose any of them because they all have acidic yellow or golden undertones....
If any of you are on the fence about the higher waist with side tabs...get them! I ordered two pairs last Spring at the trunk show and they are fantastic. Even my tailor was raving about the fit of the top block. I got the dark cotton khaki twill and twill wool in dark grey, the same as these. I'm now set for F/W. But man those seersucker sure look great.
I would not choose the color fabrics of Jamison's or Vox's cord suits for my own.These gold-cast tans, browns, khaki's washout fair skinned folks. I'm in this group. I'd look like I hadn't slept if I wore one of these in January. Greenish cast tans and green cast khaki's are much better. There are many shades of green and the richer, mossy ones are best where brighter bottle greens (more yellow, less blue in the mix) don't work either. It isn't quite so apparent in the...
As a color suggestion, (And this is my own opinion) stay away from gold or gold shades of tan or brown unless you have a naturally dark or olive complexion. It washes the color out of most peoples faces in Fall/WInter. It looks good on a hanger but even with a nice blue shirt it can make you look rather pale.
There is. My suggestion would be the wider the wale, the more full cut the pants and suit. Trim tapered looks "off" with wide wale IMO
Something that can be fun, if you are having a corduroy jacket made, is to experiment with features that you might not consider on a more expensive tweed or fine wool jacket. For example, I had various corduroy jackets with bi-swing shoulders, pleated pockets, throat latch, patch elbows, leather buttons, sewn belted back etc... The bi-swing shoulder and pleated pockets are comfortable and perfect for corduroys more casual style.
Being quite a bit older than you I saw a lot of ultra wide wale (Hippie) growing up that I'm afraid scarred me for life
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