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Greg, sorry if this has been asked before but will you be getting any more polos in this season? This is sold out in my size. http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/clothing/shirts/light-blue-cotton-pique-long-sleeve-polo-shirts.html
Just let them air dry. It might take 24-48 hours. Keep them away from forced air heat (heat vents, hair dryers, etc.) as rapid drying can crack leather. But air dry and they should be fine. I've never had water hurt a pair of shoes. Give them a cream polish with a neutral or slightly lighter color and they will be as good as new..
I don't want to miss the opportunity to pre-order the new shirts. @NewYorkIslander when do you think you will post measurements and start taking orders?
The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Mark Twain Wingtip SF is still alive and well. The private club is in full swing on the top two floors while the retail side expanded recently to include a second floor for tailored clothing and shoes (St Crispin's, Alden, etc.). Michael and Ian at WIngtip have always given me excellent service. They also recently hired a few new folks who seem like a good addition to the staff. The club staff is also fantastic. I...
Following up on @FrankCowperwood 's post, yeah, these are some killer jeans. I especially appreciate how they nailed all of the vintage details but without over doing things (too skinny, too heavy, exotic weave). True classics. Glad I got my pair!
Size 33 Rogue Territory Strider. This is the 14on Japanese denim model using fabric from the Nihon Menpu mill. Worn a few times and washed twice in coid water and air dried. Tapered fit mid-high rise. Lost weight and need a smaller waist. Details, measurements are here on their website http://www.rogueterritory.com/shop/strider-14oz/ Price includes shipping in the USA. For overseas and Canada must include actual shipping charges, insurance and tracking.
A couple of months ago they had a prototype pair in size 34 that had one wash that was a bit tight so going to a 35W was an easy conclusion.It is also cool because, back in the day, I would get Levis in a 35 x 38 501XX STF. Even the guys that work at Levis (and LVC) today wish they could still get unsanforized 35W's and 38L's.
Yes you can have a partial lining. I get that on just about all of my jackets. You have listed many good features. The price of your MTM will be determined by the fabric you choose. At $800 you will be limited to certain basic fabrics. So much of a MTM success or failure is a result of the sales associate who does the measuring and who recommends and suggests the various options. I would visit the various retailers and tailors and have them show you something with the...
I picked up a pair of these beauties. The denim and subtle details are well thought out and perfectly sewn. I think I finally found a jean with all of the classic vintage features from the 60's with a trim tapered fit and with a longer inseam. Yippie! Picks of Jeremy Smith stamping my pockets with the S&S artwork.
Most companies have varied their fit from year to year so you can't really compare models from previous years to the current season. My experience on recent try-ons is that the K - Jacket is a tad longer and roomier in the shoulder. It is still a trim cut but not as skinny as the Coat. I think it fits more in line with most makers fashionable "regular" tailored cut. But that is just my opinion.
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