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I bought this LP Cashmere jacket at Wilkes Bashford in San Francisco. I wore it for two months around Europe on a trip. It has been worn but is in very good condition and will offer years of wear and enjoyment. Of course the cashmere, being LP is very nice. The color is classic navy blue. These are a full cut jacket ideal for wearing over a sport coat or sweater. The weight is medium cashmere (with LP Storm System finish) so it is ideal to wear well into spring. Two...
I bought these from No Man Walks Alone. The price regular retail price is $215. Now is your chance to get them for only $100 shipped to you. Never worn. Only tried on. I removed the tags. Never washed. Here is the link to their photos and details: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/clothing/jeans/regular-straight-cut-jeans-12-oz-raw-denim-1607.html This pair is marked a 32"W and 34 Inseam THE ACTUAL MEASUREMENTS ARE: Waist 35" Rise 11" Inseam 35.5" Thigh 12" Knee...
Bought the Rega RP1 and the basic Cambridge phono preamp. I went through Needledoctor.com so I saved tax and no shipping charges. I considered others but the review in Stereophile was convincing as well as knowing that when I want to upgrade I can sell it for a pretty high price on Craig's List here in the SF Bay Area. Good used turntables sell fast. Looking forward to Friday when it arrives to fire it up and enjoy the vintage jazz LP's I've been picking up the last...
Great magazine. I would skip the iPad and go for print. I pick each issue up several times. After that I give them to select friends who all appreciate them.
After thinking about it, the Filson look and style is perfect for him but decided to purchase the computer bag. I think he will really enjoy this. it is cool, masculine and seems right for a guy in an office and in the field. Plus he can buy the matching duffle or other gear if he wants. Thanks for the ideas.
One of the very best sax players of all time Sonny Rollins....real jazz
I just bought a pair of Levis LVC 1962 pre shrunk (sanforized) denim 551 Zx. Nice, neat tapered look but not a skinny slim. This was the first real tapered levis style. I'd say this is very CM.
Hmm, the field bag could be handy since he is in the field. I like that idea.
Thanks guys for the lighting input
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