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My kind of place
Thanks for the warning. We do a pretty good job being careful. Planing on keeping my wallet in my front pocket, never letting my credit card out of sight, paying with cash, keeping off the metro. Other than that, I will enjoy myself.
I wonder why Will waited as long as he did to blend the blog and store. I've enjoyed both and look forward to seeing what unfolds.
We leave in a few days for Barecelona. Looking for any more suggestions stores - menswear or home decor, interesting crafts, antiques. We will be seeing several museums and taking a food tour. Always open to wine and tapas suggestions. Staying here http://www.hotelneri.com/es/
There are some beautiful pocket squares for sale on A Suitable Wardrobe. https://asuitablewardrobe.com/sale?p=3&q=sale
I had a rare tweed 3x10 tweed Bandmaster. They didn't make many of them. (It is Keith Richards number one or number 2 favorite amp.) The thing sounded so cool but at the time I had an opportunity to buy some cool geetars so I sold it to a harp player. He made that thing sound like a Hammond organ driven through a Leslie on full volume. What tone.
There must be a handful of guys making quality copies of Dumbles these days. I've never looked into it. Me, I like old tweed Fenders, vintage Ampex Portaflex's, a few Fender blackface amps and White Fender Bassmen. I don't believe in Marshall Law.
What?? No One Collarâ„¢ ??
pBooth I like your collars. They are a good height and size. Too many guys collars aren't long enough to touch under the lapels or they are too short and look squatty. To me the perfect spread gently tucks under the lapel when the top button is buttoned or unbuttoned. These very narrow collars guys wear with skinny ties can't do it , so they won't ever have as elegant look IMO.
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