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The Italian company Zanella use to offer those same pockets on several of their trouser along with pleats. It's a neat, clean look.
Thanks @sacafotos for confirming Burritt Room. I haven't been there in a while but I recall it also has an excellent bar menu in case anyone wants to stick around for dinner.
I have a 5pm appointment with Kirk to have some pants that he made for me altered and to pick up some jeans. I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you wanted to come up and see what he has to show. Otherwise, call or email him about an appointment. I don't know everything that he is bringing. He did say that he had a number of brand new things to show that were a little less structured including a shirt/jacket, trousers and jeans. I would expect that he would have some jackets but...
The Ring Jackets for Spring look great. Any other fabrics and colors coming in for Spring?
Please note that the San Francisco Meetup has been moved from Wednesday to Thursday the 25th. No Host Cocktails at 6PM Mystic Hotel (across from the Sutter Stockton Garage) Burritt Room + Tavern (Second Floor) New members and guest are always welcome
UPDATE - Appointments Kirk will be arriving on Thursday afternoon and will be available for appointments to show his new collections including a soft constructed shirt jacket, trousers, jeans and other apparel. If you wish to schedule an appointment with Kirk you can call their NYC store at 212-219-9965 or email him at kirk@millersoath.com
Nice color selection.
I just ordered a pair of their jeans with a unique combination of features - Sanforized, higher waist, trim cut, 7.5" cuff opening, super long inseam, made in New York City!, with custom Miller's Oath hardware. They also offer a 35 waist.
I like the look of the suede jacket
Photo of Kirk(from the Wall Street Journal) in front of his NYC store. Come on out and join us on the 24th for a meetup.
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