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It looks too long. A jacket usually looks best when it cuts you in half visually. It should probably hang down to your thumb knuckle or higher. The sleeves are too long. The shoulder looks good. The arms look rather full. Maybe just the angle but it isn't flattering.
These look a lot like the 1947 LVC 501XX. SOme '47's seem to run just a bit slimmer than others. these look to be the slimmer ones, perhaps early 47.1947's are my all around favorite Levis.
Damn, too bad these are short, I'd buy them in a second if they were 34" inseam. Very nice.
My wife and I have enjoyed exploring the ever evolving and growing food, art, retail scene in Oakland. The Temescal neighborhood where S&S is located is different than any in San Francisco. Oakland offers a unique spin on the Bay Area. If you are looking for an enjoyable evening try visiting on a First Friday. http://www.proartsgallery.org/firstfridays/
Nice to see the other side of the bay get a little attention on the forum....
Tell him you want to sell or buy a cool place. He'll show.
I'm going to be out of town for this but be sure to get Bill Charman to come. His office, Gimme Shelter, is right around the corner on 51st and Telegraph.
Yep. They have a very comfortable roomy leg. Ideal for real work, camping, hiking. Broke them in on a camping trip to Joshua Tree.
Last time I was at S&S they had a nice selection of Rising Sun. Although rarely discussed on Styleforum RS is one of the most highly respected heritage workwear brands, made in Pasadena, CA. Thier Blacksmith model is epic.
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