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After an enjoyable time discussing #menswear it was off to have hearty German food and a few brews
I'm unable to make it today so I met up with Mike and Fok last night. I had a preview of the trunk show (get their early, lots to see and try on). A very nice selection of pant fit options from skinny to muscular thighs, great shirt fabrics with lots of collar, pocket and cuff options for MTM. But the leather jackets are heavenly. Here is the M-1, and they are taking preorders. This is made in a black horsehide that feels fantastic!
Well, in most US cities these days this is formal
Coordinating dinner plans. Please RSVP or update your RSVP if there is any change in this thread. It should be a fun afternoon and dinner Meetup!
P Johnson is a highly experienced MTM operation. Everything I've seen (all online) has been excellent. My personal experience with Ring Jacket MTM and having an expert like Mr Sasamoto measure and fit me resulted in a suit that was on par with any full bespoke that I own, in a fraction of the time and with no hassle. I can see myself only using high quality MTM in the future over bespoke. But, I'll let you know after this upcoming experience.
@spectre thanks for the info on them. You are confirming what I have heard from others. I'm impressed by them fitting a persons lifestyle and their overall stylish fit yet comfortable look. (I'm so tired of seeing guys in too-tight suits - yeah, I'm talking about you Suit Supply, Indochino, D&G ) I've already had a chance to review their website and have selected fabric for a jacket and trousers. After having tailors commissions that have taken 1-2+ years, I appreciate...
Check out the P Johnson lookbook. Nice! https://pjt.com/about
P. Johnson Tailors from Australia do a nice casual look. I saw this in their recent lookbook with ...yep, desert boots. I don't care for the banded shirt collar but everything else looks casual and ready for business.
Beautiful tie!
Why do they exist? Currently as a sartorial wink or nod to others in-the-know. Do some roll them back?...yes. I've see a few guys do it and pull it off with style. Joseph Abboud mentioned in his bio that he would "go into work, unbutton his cuffs, roll back the sleeves and begin designing clothing"
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