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If you aren't already, follow Styleforum on Instagram at @Styleforum This week I'm the guest editor and posting from all over the Bay Area. Feel free to post comments. It's always more fun when there is a conversation.
Styleforum is active on Instagram. I will be the guest editor this week posting photos from around the Bay Area including San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Carmel and Napa. So go to Instagram and follow @Styleforum and feel free to like and comment.
Here is a W. Kleinberg from Khakis Carmel: Hornback Alligator:
Another shot:
Visited Khakis this week to get my corduroy Ring Jacket suit tailored and to beat the heat of triple digits here in the East Bay. (Carmel was a oh-so-comfortable 68 degrees. Much better than 104 in my town). While there I picked up my custom W Kleinberg Hornback Alligator belt. Kleinberg makes the best and Khakis has tons of leather samples including exotic skins from which you can order your dream belt. Here is mine in what they call Chocolate with a matt finish.
See you tonight at Reliquary
I will be the guest editor next week. Working in titillating subjects and pics of debauchery around the Bay Area will be my goal. Oh, and some #menswear and denim as well.
One other suggestion, add an Instagram follow to the landing page next to Twitter, RSS, etc. After all, next week will be a very special week on Styleforum's Instagram and we wouldn't want anyone to miss it.
Thanks Fok. I've updated my account profile to include the newsletter. I would suggest making the newsletter sign up an easy one stop location on your landing page to maximize subscribers.
Just a reminder, BART will have the tunnel closed this weekend to the East Bay, so plan to drive or Uber if you are attending cross Bay events on Sat or Sun
New Posts  All Forums: