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Having had numerous 50's and early 60's jazz guitars come and go over the years, it would never cease to blow me away when coming across a vintage Super 400, L5 or Johnny Smith where the builder used wood with remarkable flame or figuring. Whether blond or with a golden-into-brown sunburst some of these guitars looked like they were lit from within. I can't say any of them sounded better than similar year models because of the flame however it was a reflection of the...
Fok and I spent a great deal of time and effort trying to find a location in San Francisco for a similar event last Spring. No one wanted to rent a space for 1-3 days, except a few event spaces that weren't suitable for our needs. If you don't have the right venue, it just doesn't work. NYC has more suitable short term options.
But, Zuck was being so bad-ass by not buttoning his shirt collar button. What a rebel!
^^ Thanks for posting. I love that video. Also, the bass lines are very impressive. John Paul Jones is so good. From what I've read, Plant and Page treated him like dirt.
Stumbled across this old Fender PR photo. How about that shirt?
Ok, side by side....who wore it best? Zuckerberg or Bezos?
Bezos' suit looks almost Pitti approved. And, he is rock'n the top button. What sprez!
What do you think of Zuckerberg's suit from yesterdays meeting with Xi?
@Piobaire - I bought a brand new Tele 40th anniversary edition back around '89, with gold plating, abalone dot markers and a fancy finish. A real beauty. I never played it. It was just too fancy. I kept going back to my workhorse guitars. There is something about fancy Strats and Teles that just doesn't seem right to allow them to get any wear. Plus their resale value drops significantly once there is any sign of wear. Of course if you love the looks of them go for them...
There is a polite and a rude way to ask for 40% off (or any other discount). Just practice good manners.
New Posts  All Forums: