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Interesting that you mention the cut being "more English". Luciano Barbera attended school in the UK where he developed an affinity for English cuts and materials. This combination of Italian and British styles is what helped to make the Barbera brand so popular in it's early days. At the time most Italian suits were, by American tastes, too extreme and rakish for any serious business setting. Barbera also incorporated a more English country look in colors and fabrics into...
Great photos. Thanks for focusing more on the small and new brands. I find that exciting!
Hey, David, how was the Luciano Barbera booth? I understand there is new money and a new CEO who wants to bring back the original quality of the brand. What did you hear? What did you think?
I didn't ask, but they indicated they were much less than their standard EG loafer. I would suggest giving them a ring or emailing them to find out.
I was in Khaki's of Carmel today and came across these new EG "Portland" unlined, buttery soft suede loafers with tassels. They come in the three colors, bright blue, neutral and brown. The sole is thin and they come with shoe trees. I never expected to see EG offer such a lightweight shoe. These are real beauties!
I was in Khaki's today looking over the store and came across these beauties. Brand new from Edward Green, the "Portland" is buttery soft, unlined suede with a thin sole. More like a Belgium shoe than a classic EG, these are fantastic. They come in three colors.
It has really come full circle, hasn't it?Polo Sport was launched and had it's own store on Madison right across from the Mansion (around 1990?). The story I heard was that RL was caught off guard and really shaken up when Tommy Hilfiger was suddenly adopted by the emerging cool, young, hip-hop audience and even outsiders were beginning to question if RL could keep Polo relevant to the next generation and capture any of the urban audience (as TH had done so well). So, they...
So, what to all of the regulars on this thread think of the lack of socks at the recent Pitti?
Interesting how the pendulum has swung from crazy colored and patterned socks to no socks? I've enjoyed both. However, I have found that there has never been a better time to buy socks for comfort even in hot weather. The quality of the better, premium brands and their combination of materials - linen, fine silk, super fine wool and cotton, and the fact that you can buy them sized- keeps your feet dry and comfortable on even the warmest, muggiest day. Try some of the super...
New Posts  All Forums: