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Another seasonal favorite when Spring arrives is this bubble gum pink and white silk knit from Borrelli. Of course I don't wear it often, but for the right party or dinner with friends it livens up a plain navy blazer or khaki suit, solid white or blue shirt and white pocket square.
I especially enjoy seasonal ties. One of my all-time favorite Fall/WInter knit ties is this charcoal pure cashmere knit from Luciano Barbera. You would never think of wearing it unless there was a chill in the air. Charcoal blends nicely with just about any F/W colored jackets. It has a subtle, elegant style.
I agree. I think it is a preference. If I were to order a suit/jacket and wanted a more structured look and didn't mind if it ran a bit warmer, then I would order a lining.
Here is one of my favorite knit ties in a heather brown and blue color that is very versatile. It has a nice, silky feel. I think the subtle heather makes the tie more visually interesting and since I'm often wearing some navy or tan/brown it coordinates nicely. Another one of my favorite ties which also happens to be a silky knit is this purple with white. It really coordinates nicely with a white shirt and navy jacket. When in doubt be safe and wear a solid but when...
I guess @andy57 and I are at polar opposites when it comes to linings. I began getting quarter linings 10+ years ago and have never looked back for S/S or F/W jackets. I like a jacket to breath and the fabric seems to stretch just a bit more giving a slightly more relaxed feel when moving.
@jcmeyer My donegal is from the Ariston book. Its a dark navy with various shades of blue flecks. It doesn't have multi-colored rusts and browns like those shown above. Although the photo appears to have some white in the mix those spots are actually a very light blue. I think a mix of shades of blue is less seasonal looking than the rusts and brown. To my eye, it is a nice alternative to a blue blazer. I think it would be too heavy for a Bay Area suit.
Beautiful collar on those Finamore shirts.
Next Thursday.... SF Meetup at the Burritt Room, with special guest Kirk Miller of Miller's Oath. Meet us in the second floor bar area at 6pm for no-host drinks at one of San Francisco's great cocktail bars. I'm looking forward to seeing Kirk's new deconstructed jacket. I was considering a Spanish Teba for an upcoming trip to Europe, but the sleeve lengths on most ready to wear models have been coming up short. So a MTM from Kirk might do the job. Seems like a nice...
Greg or Kyle, Two questions: 1) The single pleat Rota trouser works perfectly for my size requirements. I also like the new higher waist, side tab model features. At a trunk show am I able to order a MTM Rota combining these features? I would very much like to have a higher waist single pleat pant. 2) Any plans for a San Francisco trunk show for Spring?
I'm on a post-Holiday diet and keep thinking about food. Here are the bar bites at Burritt Room bar. Of course, they also have a full dinner menu in the dining room right off the bar area. BAR BITES BURRITT BURGER LTO, Bacon + Onion Jam, Aged White Cheddar, House Sesame Bun 15 KALE + LITTLE GEM CAESAR Soft Poached Egg, Parmesan Cheese Its, Black Truffle, Caesar Dressing 14 COUNTY LINE HARVEST CHICORIES Smoked Salmon, Crisp Shallots, Meyer Lemon + Chive + Feta...
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