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Visit this thread and answer this question about these pocket squares. http://www.styleforum.net/t/470868/pocket-square-stitching-how-picky-are-you-a-poll/0_30#post_7799338
Placed another order and also received some nice samples. Thanks!
Some guys are really into this as one of several ways to differentiate quality in a pocket square. Granted, it can be subtle, but if the points of your PS show, so does the edge. Look how many geek out over pick stitching on pants or a jacket while others, not so much. If you were to look at this as a determination of quality, which would you select?
Nah, you're cool. I'm heading in from Walnut Creek.
I used to take the train into Manhattan and head to the Village in the 60's for trumpet lessons from a beatnik with a goatee and a beret. Music, art and the most visually interesting people I had ever seen seemed to be everywhere. Although those days are long gone, the side streets of the Village are still quite charming. But, no doubt your proximity to CP will be missed. CP is very special. I still enjoy running into the quirky long-time residents of the Village in...
Good looking crowd!
Mr Sasamoto rock'n SF with bright plaids
I've had drivers and they are a cool looking shoe for lounging, pool side at a resort, a party or driving. But, when I travel or go somewhere I like to walk, and the ones with the little rubber tip bottoms aren't very good for exploring a city. Crap sticks to the bottoms, they wear out fast and they aren't that comfortable if you are really going to go all over town. The exception are the drivers made by Harry's of London where they have a one piece rubber sole that is...
White sneakers are my second favorite summer casual shoe. You just can't beat Stan Smiths for classic looks, quality, performance and value. I wear them with jeans and a white OCBD or polo.
My favorite for all-around Spring Summer casual shoes are suede bucks. They get better the more well worn they become. I wear mine with cotton suits or a navy blazer and linen pants. Their neutral color goes with almost anything. I always get compliments on them and best of all they are comfortable. I've even taken them as my one-shoe® on semi-casual business trips, walking trade shows in the summer. I will be wearing a pair to my sisters wedding on the beach in Maine this...
New Posts  All Forums: