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Any thoughts about a casual meetup on Friday evening?
This is going to be a special event. Like the Styleforum 10X in San Francisco where I had the chance to meet great people from around the world who all shared an appreciation for quality menswear and style. I'm really looking forward to this. Hope you can swing it and join us.
Just booked my flight and hotel. Looking forward to meeting the vendors and NYC area Styleforum members. I love NYC in November.
Beautiful jacket!
Zinella trousers start at $275. You can often find them on sale at Nordstrom. They are comfortable, well made and use nice fabrics. They do offer a variety of fits, so look around until you find one the suits your build.
My wife and I go to Carmel every other month or so and she knows that when I stop in Khaki's I will be there for quite a while . Fortunately, she loves walking along the beach and stopping in at some of the interesting shops while I have fun going through all of the new things at Khakis with Jim and the entire staff. It is always enjoyable and so much to see.
That hatch grain really adds a nice texture to a chukka. Nice colors too. You have excellent taste!
I saw your jacket at the trunk show. Great looking fabric. Is it a wool linen blend? A DB navy jacket is subtle but more interesting than a typical blue blazer. I traveled almost exclusively with one for about a decade. A DB jacket projects a little more style.
For the upcoming trunk show. What is the typical price range for a Formosa MTM jacket and for a suit verses the RTW? What about Rota MTM trousers?
There really isn't one. Guys all over the country wear black shoes and never give it a second thought. The only place where wearing black shoes is an issue, that I know of, is Styleforum.
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