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Does anyone own both 202 and 88 lasts. If so, how would you describe the difference in the fit around the instep. I own a 202E derby. When laced the eyelet leather above the tongue touches. I use a tongue pad for a good fit. They feel great now. On my next pair I'm wondering if I need to go for the 88 which is described as slightly slimmer or go for a 202 in a D width (slightly narrower).
But for Americans we can buy Euro or UK imports in Canadian stores at a 20% discount compared to this time last year based upon the strength of the US dollar.The US Dollar took a dive after 2009 QE. The rest of the world has been shopping for discounts in the US. Now, with Euro QE, USA QE easing and other international factors, it is reversed and we should see a strong USD for the next year or two, maybe more.
The Euro touched $1.10 briefly today before recovering to $1.11. The feeling is if it breaks through $1.10 it won't be long before it is on parity with the US dollar. That sure makes Italian suits a whole lot more affordable. With the cost of fuel dropping, we might see some airfares reduced. This could be a boom for European travel from the US. The only problem is that your favorite places will be over run with Americans.
Levis online has liberal returns. SO does Mr Porter. AS far as roomy thighs the 1954 is a good cut without the baggy legs of some models.
The raw and washed versions measure very differently in LVC. You really need to try them on or have actual measurements rather than go by the pre-washed tag measurements.
St Cripies are beautiful shoes but unless you plan to wear a fairly formal suit, to me they don't dress down very well. I saw some surprisingly casual Edward Green options if you want quality, have plenty of $$$ to spend and want a more flexible look.
If it doesn't look like a sport coat to you then don't buy it. It wont matter what any forum experts think. Get something that looks and feels right for you. Personally, they look like very nice material and colors. But, I wouldn't wear them as a sport coat.
Anyone interested in these? The Andy Warhol program launches Feb 7th
A bit more red/brown. The light may have shifted it to read a bit more red by my camera. The leathers Bill Amberg uses are easily recognized as being especially deluxe, rich and so nice to touch.
Lino's store, Al Bazar is actually stocked with a lot of RTW menswear staples. You don't need to buy a "7" tie since there are many other classics to choose from. He has excellent Guy Rover shirts and a nice assortment of jackets, suits, and sportswear. Lino and his associate Gianpaolo are very friendly and charming to any and all visitors to their store. You couldn't ask for a more helpful, patient Owner/Sales Associate to show you around. They take a great deal of pride...
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