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I have a couple of Neapolitan jackets that are soft shoulders and have a bit of an extension without any padding. Mariano Rubinacci, the father on the left, has a bit of an extension and to his soft shoulder which is fairly common in Naples depending upon the tailor. While his son, who has a more broad shoulder build, has more of a defined shoulder on his jacket. The construction could be identical and just reflect their physical build.
If you have never been to a Styleforum event this would be ideal for anyone interested in menswear. This will be fun and informal so come on out and join us.
Light gray is the other half and far more versatile year round.
Both, narrow spaced with narrow width stripes.
@sebastian mcfox Why not consider a year-round weight navy in a lighter weight fine twill? It is nice to have a rotation of classic navy but in different fabrics. Maybe with a very slight color shift from what you have? I've always enjoyed having more than two blue blazers or navy suits in slightly different weights and with slightly different details.
I'm not a fan of narrow spaced narrow pinstripes in any color. If Anderson & Shepard offered me one for free I wouldn't take it. Seriously. I think I saw far too many cheap ones and Vegas mob types wearing them with Versace ties to ever consider one.
I'm not sure I ever used the phrase "too contrived" regarding their use of color but what I was probably referring too was someone piecing together a lot of color and pattern statements simply to get attention (which come across as looking like a broken color wheel or a shredded patchwork quilt) rather than them being aesthetically pleasing. I'm not against the use of colors, including bold colors, but color for the sake of color isn't enough. A truly stylish or...
You can live an enjoyable and social life in any major city in most professions or careers wearing casual clothing. Since the late 90's, whenever I've traveled I've rarely needed anything more than jeans, flannels, a blazer, a few dress shirts, a smart and a casual pair of shoes. Most of the time I'm in jeans and a dress shirt. But I still enjoy wearing a well coordinated suit or jacket/trousers/tie and shirt. Although I don't wear them daily, it is very enjoyable when I...
Second only to "clueless pattern-lovers" Hey, most of the top designers wear two solid colors every day. Its easy, it works and they look great.Part of this problem evolves from buying things online and the tie that looks good on a computer screen isn't really the ideal shade or scale of pattern to go with a jacket but after getting it they wear it anyway "because (color) goes with (color)".
An olive cotton suit was for many years a Trad staple. To make it look Summery it was the combination of brown shoes, pink or light blue shirt and purple or other "berry" colored ties that gave it a classic seasonal look. It also matters what shade of olive, but a light cotton twill in a dusty olive (and not a shiny bright bottle green or forest green) looks best for warm weather months when combined with other seasonally appropriate colors. That creates seasonal harmony...
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