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Don't do it. Buy pants with side adjusters or suspender buttons. You will very likely ruin the look of the pants by removing the belt loops.
Can't believe after all this time I'm just stumbling on this thread. The Norvegese stitching has always appealed to me. It is an interesting visual detail and a somewhat casual detail which looks especially good when mixing casual trousers and jeans with a beautifully constructed shoe.
The top one seems to be a better length and a better shoulder fit. The bottom one seems just a tad small.
Yeah but your breath😕
Just received my Inglese long sleeve polo. Very nice! Perfect under a jacket for a bit more relaxed vibe. At some point will you be doing another pre-order where I can order a navy and or a white?
You can probably thank this dude for that inspiration...
@Claghorn 's wedding dress dilemma isn't new. There was similar interest in this look in the late 70's when Urban Cowboy came out. Lots of weddings took place with the groomsmen in the exact same outfit except quite a few chose to take it a bit further with cowboy boots. Of course, the bride and groom's kids loved laughing at those photos years later
Check out 1ST PAT-RN made in Italy. Cool look. Only downside is the inseam length is around a 30-31" for us taller guys. But I heard that will change in the Spring.
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