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This Thursday September 1st 6-8pm Suitsupply x Styleforum Meetup RSVP to events@suitsupply.com
Is there a way to keep video messages from playing? There are Sears and Samsung commercials playing over and over. They play even after changing to different threads. They continue to play while I am typing this.
The 38 looks a bit tight around the middle. Go with the 40.
Try wearing one size larger or look for a brand with a more boxy cut.
Ashton and Mike at Suitsupply San Francisco yesterday. Just a reminder to be sure and RSVP for the Suitsupply x Styleforum Meetup Thursday September 1st at events@suitsupply.com
Picked this up recently from Khaki's, by Boglioli, a linen blend in "raspberry" . Actually I think it looks more like brick red which is one of the few shades of red I can wear with my complexion. It's a perfect color and fabric for warm weather and I will take it with me on an upcoming trip to a resort in Mexico.
Boglioli linen blend jacket in "raspberry"
One week from tonight, the Styleforum X Suitsupply meetup I stopped in the store today and they are looking forward to meeting Styleforum members and their guests for an enjoyable evening from 6-8pm If you have never been to a Bay Area Styelforum Meetup, please come out and join us. New people are always welcome. And feel free to bring a guest or two. It's a friendly crowd and there will be lots to see with the new Fall SS collection along with great food and...
Glad you won't be joining us. Quite a few folks have gone to a lot of effort to organize this, to arrange for music, food and beverages for the enjoyment of Styleforum members and their guests.
Thanks @LA Guy for considering this. Aside from clothing, I found travel related topics to be the most helpful and inspiring. I took many side trips and enjoyed a lot of restaurants and retailers due to recommendations from Styleforum members. It would be great to see travel, once again, more of an active topic on the forum.
New Posts  All Forums: