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Warpath Leathers. Perfect if you are looking for a retro or "Born in the USA "Album cover look with your Levis.
Ran into retailers and denim brands including Howard from AB Fits and Roy of Roy Jeans. Styleforum was well represented with several members from around the Bay Area. I'm always impressed by the number of enthusiasts who make the effort to attend from all over the country. Thanks Jeremy and Neal at Standard & Strange for doing such a great job hosting.
T shirts by Ooe Yofukuten and Lady White. Leatherwork by Warpath.
Some photos from Standard & Strange today hosting the final afternoon of Denimbruin 2016 Chainstitch patches and embroidery by Vines of the West
Denimbruin was a 3-day event celebrating quality denim. Today it was in Oakland at Standard & Strange that many are discovering to be one of the best sources for quality denim in the US. Vines of the West was on hand selling these embroidered patches and doing chainstitch designwork: Indegofera, Ooe Yofukuten, Warpath Leather and Lady white T shirts were all on hand.
I'm heading over to the Oakland event held at Standard and Strange today (Sunday) from 12-4pm. Will post pics later this evening.
I picked up a bunch of great deals due to the sale. The socks are some of the best made anywhere and I especially like the D.R. Harris fragrances.
Looking forward to it. Also looking forward to dropping by Dona Tomas for brunch and a Margarita or two.
TONIGHT! Sat and Sunday.
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