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Maybe she was on her way to the tailors to get them hemmed?
That first navy dot pattern robe has the most timeless look about it.
Stiva brings up an interesting and important size. As of March, United, Delta and American airlines now have revised carry on limits and will sometimes have a guy at the gate asking you to drop your carryon into the box. If it doesn't fit, they check it. A bummer if you have a brand new Rimowa that is 15.5" wide (the new specs have a 14" limit) or if you have something fragile or maybe the bag is beautiful leather? Even worse, if they force you to go back and check it at...
EFV provided some of the best photos or at least the most enjoyable photos of Pitti as far as my tastes are concerned. (Far better than the NY Times feed for sure). But many good thread discussions are a result of topics taking different directions. And, there is also a big difference between offering a critique and bitching. One can be constructive.
I missed this comment from LA Guy before I commented above. Thanks to SB for quoting it. It would be a good direction for sure.
Journeyman is on to something. IMO, the gonzo style from 2013 was a refreshing change from a lot of the brand or personality worship that most bloggers covered. But now the gonzo approach seems to have become tired and evolved into what anyone attending any trade show anywhere might say. (sore feet, food, odd people, familiar people, etc..). The coverage seemed more about the SF gangs attendance. Maybe Styleforum could be on a search for the best examples of real style...
I'm heading to MAGIC again in Feb. A lot of interesting Streetwear and some Classic Menswear brands attend. Anyone else from Styleforum attending?
I don't travel to tropical resorts with anything but one pair of white sneakers and one pair of flip flops. For a recent Fall trip to Europe I took 2 pairs of shoes...a pair of suede Perrelli sneakers and a pair of light tan Edward Green wingtips. I could go anywhere with one or the other. Traveling to hot humid climates where I might need to be a bit dressy I usually take one pair of dusty suede bucks (red rubber soles) and one pair of tan loafers. I also have a pair...
Does anyone own both 202 and 88 lasts. If so, how would you describe the difference in the fit around the instep. I own a 202E derby. When laced the eyelet leather above the tongue touches. I use a tongue pad for a good fit. They feel great now. On my next pair I'm wondering if I need to go for the 88 which is described as slightly slimmer or go for a 202 in a D width (slightly narrower).
But for Americans we can buy Euro or UK imports in Canadian stores at a 20% discount compared to this time last year based upon the strength of the US dollar.The US Dollar took a dive after 2009 QE. The rest of the world has been shopping for discounts in the US. Now, with Euro QE, USA QE easing and other international factors, it is reversed and we should see a strong USD for the next year or two, maybe more.
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