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Another forum member has an appointment to get a wedding tux. Looking forward to seeing it.
I liked how Peggy had a vision for what her future goals while Don doesn't seem to have a clue. The creative and realtor seeing right through Don seems to be building up to the conclusion that Don is an empty shell of a man. But, when Don is in meetings, it isn't just his charm or being handsome. When he comes up with ad themes he has always had amazing insight into consumers inner most needs and feelings.
Nice! Looking forward to more.
When I called Mums two weeks ago they said,"No problem for a walk in on a Saturday night." But on TV this morning I saw that the Orchard Blossom Festival was going on at Japantown and they expected 50,000 people so, yeah, I now know why they couldn't fit you in. The small groups can be good for dinner because everyone takes part. Glad it was a good evening. I was impressed by what Mike and Adel had to offer and how quickly Mike could tweak the measurements for my MTM...
How was dinner? Where did you end up?
That is why I like MTM. I'm not hard to fit but I can get my favorite combinations of fabrics and construction details.
I'm going to be looking for a loose weave, textured blend in linen/cotton/silk/wool in a sand/tan/olive color. I like the idea of texture and to wear with light grey, white, off white trousers or jeans. NOBO had a jacket made up using this cloth. Something like this could work well for a casual jacket.
Rocket, to me, the suit fabric and cut are quite formal and clash style-wise with the more casual chukas. Now if the suit was a tan cotton, corduroy or even a simple wool flannel, they would work.
Drank all the beer and then one Didn't quite finish my plate. I have to fit into my new pants.
To gangsta for Stylefo
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