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I heard that men buns are on the decline. I sure hope so. Unless you are a Samurai or Sumo wrestler, then it's cool bro.
The price has been reduced to only $125.00 a remarkable value. Price also reduced on the Isaia shirt size 16/41 for sale.
I owned a pair of these ^^^^ Herschung loafers that I purchased 7 or 8 years ago. They are one of the classic styles in their shoe line. I found them to be especially comfortable and the Dianite rubber sole is a softer, more cushioned rubber than the much harder, stiffer rubber on traditional English field or country shoes. Super comfortable and good looking.
Just lowered the price on this shirt and the Kiton shirt to only $125. Beautiful quality, an outstanding value.
I did enjoy @voxsartoria 's live Twitter feed leading up to the Meetup last night.
It was an enjoyable get together. Glad you could visit SF and hang out with us @unbelragazzo And, man that big burger and plate of French Fries at Louise's really hit the spot. I'll be at the gym in a couple of hours working it off. (along with all of the other Holiday treats I so enjoyed).
Last I saw of @unbelragazzo he was kinda busy:
See you guys at 6pm
Ring Offers RTW and MTM. The MTM is a variation of the RTW allowing basic adjustments and fabric selection. At trunk shows at The Armoury and Khakis Carmel, they offer MTM and Mr Sasamoto is on hand to measure and can offer another level of extra detail called Custom. This is where you can get additional features such as side tabs, button fly, a bit more detail on the interior, etc. That is an additional cost. I'm not sure if retailers are set up for MTM without a trunk...
Glad to hear all of this. I'm interested!
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