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(Pssst, Foo, take the label off the pickguard before taking her out......)
If you want to pimp your ride consider a white (w-b-w laminated) one like this '59 Esquire Custom or a white MOTS (pearl mother of toilet seat) as seen on this CS Tele Thinline. Both look nice against sunburst.
^^^^ Sweet! I really like the look of a three tone sunburst Tele. It makes a refreshing change from all the blonds. FYI, Semour Duncan's go-to axe is a sunburst Tele/Esquire with a solid black pickguard. He uses it to drop in various pickups. He is always tweaking it.
^^^Jimi's favorite.
I purchased two wonderful pairs of shoes this year in popular sizes at a great price. I also just sold a nice jacket and raw jeans within 48 hours of posting. So B&S worked for me recently very well.
As far as hanging guitars, I'm all for it. I have always had at least one guitar hanging in my office and one in my home. (I also had two vintage tweed Fender amps as bookends in my office but that is another story). Right now I have two big blond jazz boxes hanging near me. What a wonderful sight! I think guitars are beautiful works of art to be appreciated. You also reach out and play them more often if in view. I have a soft long bristle brush and a can of...
I'm with gomestar on straps- simple, black, no metal to scratch your guitar when you toss it in the case. I also have a simple brown leather Cornhusker in a 50's electric retro style that looks right with my Esquire. Unlike the original 50's Fender straps that it is styled after it uses very high quality leather and has fleece hidden under the shoulder pad that is oh so comfy. I had a beautiful, Western tooled Eldorado. They make very high quality straps but they have a...
Vintage Guitar has a free copy of their new digital issue. Go to their website and you can get one for free. Nice article on Mike Bloomfield. USER: freevg514 PASS: digitalvg
Great show. Watched it the last few days. Very impressed by the cast and the acting. Nice, spicy sex scenes too. Alexandra Daddario certainly has an awesome rack. The sets design and execution was remarkable. Especially the last episode. For another look at Alexandra's assets here is a link NSFW http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/01/21/alexandra-daddario-true-detective-naked-scene-video/
New Posts  All Forums: