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For a navy work-horse suit I prefer a lightweight, solid, fine twill for year-round. Loro Piana makes a very nice one. The fine twill, to me, is more of a modern, all purpose look. I would go with the birdsye for a 2nd or third navy suit.
My favorite is the rust plaid jacket. That would look fantastic with a denim shirt and knit cashmere tie. I don't think the sleeves look too short but it would help to see them buttoned.
Nice ^ Looking forward to fit pics as well as getting mine
After hearing Steven Van Zandt on Howard Stern I watched Lilyhammer. It is fun and easy. Like "Goodfellas" goes to Norway but with a light comedic twist. A third of it is in Norwegian with subtitles.
I miss the good-old-days when there were bargains on eBay. Now it is mostly retail+++++.At the same time, I did sell a 1930's National steel Ukulele for a record amount on EBay last year and I was very happy. So was the buyer. But, unlike a couple hundred thousand Jazzmasters that have probably been made, this uke was one of perhaps a couple of dozen of this model in good condition that exist.
My wife bought herself a beautiful Fair Isle knit scarf. The colors are wonderful. Their main store in Mayfair is very nice and certainly worth a visit. It has a beautifully edited selection of unique colored ties, knitwear, jackets and shirts. The staff at both their main and factory store were very helpful and friendly. If you are looking for a deal go to the factory sale. But, if you are looking for something special be sure and visit the main shop.
Happened to arrive in London the afternoon of the first day of the Factory sale. I only purchased 2 scarves, a knit hat, pocket square and shirt. Even though boxes of ties were available I didn't get any. If they would have had any knit ties I'm sure I would have purchased some.
Nice tie! ^^^
I got an email from Ami at WIngtip notifying me of the fitting. I was out of the country so will have my fitting in February when Ambrosi returns to WIngtip. I'm looking forward to the fitting. I changed the specs from prior pants adding a single pleat and a bit more taper in the leg.
You would think there would be an opportunity in San Francisco for a retail store along the lines of The Armoury, Drakes London Store and or No Man Walks Alone and their mix of RTW and visiting tailors. I'd like to see Khaki's of Carmel open a store in SF that is smaller than their Carmel location with an edited business casual, accessories, shoes, travel and outerwear/sweater selection.
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