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The one that I played was a Fender Custom Shop La Cabronita Especial that has one volume nob and a PU switch with some added tone circuitry. Apparently this is one of the more popular models requested by high profile artists (Mayer, Gibbons and assorted Nashville area dudes). For the dark sound, think low down funky distorted ZZ Top. It's cool but it's own sound.
TV Jones became known for making the very best Gretsch Filtertron hot rodded vintage style pickup anywhere. Brian Setzer made them his go-to PU and no one else is even close. The best custom makers and the Fender, Gretsch Custom Shop use his pickups. Billy Gibbons is a big fan too.They have a great sound and especially to replace a Tele neck PU which has always lacked character IMO. I can't say that I love the Esquire one PU TV Jones. It's just OK. I also find that 2 of...
I'm in the market for some guitars, both acoustic and electric, and have been intrigued by some of the Fender Custom Shop Tele/Esquire versions I've seen online with TV Jones pickups. The Fender CS has been doing different versions in small runs of 20 or so, usually for the NAMM Show, for the last couple of years. They did a single PU Esquire TV Jones one year called La Cabronita Especial. Then a 2 TV Jones PU version and then a 3PU version and then a classic Tele style...
Glad that everyone had such a good time and that we had such a good turnout (over 90 people attended). Thanks again to our wonderful hosts at Suitsupply for organizing and taking good care of us. Great food, cocktails and overall friendly hospitality. I was too busy to take many photos so if anyone has more please post them.
If any of you well dressed gents are in the San Francisco Bay Area this evening, please join us at the first of our Fall Meetups hosted by Suitsupply. Beverages and light food will be provided by our host, Suitsupply. Feel free to drop in even without an RSVP. We are looking forward to a good turnout.
TONIGHT! If you are in the Bay Area, come on out and meet your fellow Styleforum members for our first Fall San Francisco Meet up 6-8PM, Food and beverages are provided Hosted by Suitsupply
TONIGHT! Come and join us.
TONIGHT! 6-8PM Suitsupply X Styleforum Meetup 175 Maiden Lan, San Francisco Come and join us. All are welcome.
Yes, the joint should be in full swing by 7pm. Come on by. @drift3r We have had several meetups over the last year. We try and organize them around something seasonal, new or interesting such as a new retailer, a visiting Styleforum member or just a casual drinks meet and greet. If you or anyone else has suggestions for Bay Area Meetups, let me know. Fall has typically been the most popular time of year for getting together so we are kicking things off with this...
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