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Very cool, the George Harrison Rosewood TeleI think the reissues are better than the originals.
A favorite scene from last night [[SPOILER]]
Anyone else get Black Fleece over the weekend at 30% off. I was able to get white oxford cloth classics. The San Francisco SA was great about following through, calling me and shipping to my home so I could take advantage of the sale price. Excellent customer service.
I'm so used to multiple stories in any episode that focusing on the battle for a hour left me feeling I was missing something. Loved that swinging anchor-like device to wipe attackers off the wall.
I would go back, explain the fit issue and hope for the best. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.
Khaki's of Carmel has 25% off online and includes Ring Jackets and suits.
I got my order in for two classic white OCBD's. I love them and am wearing one today with jeans and white sneakers.
There is a 25% discount currently on their on-line store http://www.khakisofcarmel.com/ Some pretty cool brands right now including Ring jackets and suits.
Khaki's of Carmel has a 25% off sale at their on-line retail store http://www.khakisofcarmel.com/ Ring jackets, much more. Worth checking out. Sale doesn't include shoes but plenty of apparel.
Just a few select pieces now. All ones I play. I sold off a Custom Shop strat, a boutique copy of a 4x10 Bassman and a vintage style 2.5 National steel body uke in the last year because they just weren't getting any attention. I'm thinking about flipping one of my blond jazz boxes for a nice 50's Martin. I haven't had a flat top in a long time. Prior to this I let a lot of my collection go in the mid 90's during a major change in my life. It was cool having a closet with...
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