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Thank you to the team at the Indochino San Francisco store last night for hosting the Styleforum Meetup.
Aren't all mornings early???
cyc, the hotel gift shop, brilliant suggestion!
Oh come on out and play....
Serious question.....Anyone know where I can pick up a SF snowglobe today near Union Square on my way to the Meetup? My friends little girl wants one and I don't want to have to go down to Fisherman's Wharf.
Time to break out a nice Fall tweed jacket and head over to SF. See you guys at 6pm at 61 Post.
Speaking of keeping champagne cold...the best thing we added to our kitchen last year during our remodel was the built in wine fridge.
I always found 2 filing cabinets and a solid wood door to be a cheap, functional and very stable solution as a desk/table. And, easy to move.
It's funny how many kitchen decorators/designers will mention a client who never cooks but must have the oversized restaurant spec'd stove, jumbo refrigerator, massive sink, etc.,
Color blind???????
New Posts  All Forums: