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Marinating a beautiful line caught filet of salmon (tequila, fresh lime juice, olive oil, pinch of garlic salt.) and will grill it in an hour or so. Served with it will be a steamed artichoke with aioli mixed with a bit of smoked paprika for a little kick. I steam the artichoke in water and some vinegar and garlic. Of course a nice sweet baguette. No shortage of good bread here in the Bay Area. But first, I will make a nice simple margarita.
About ready to shake up a classic Margarita. I part tequila, 1 part fresh squeezed lime juice, 1 part Cointreau. I really like blanca for a fresh, clean agave taste. I'll be using this, one of my favorites.
Does anyone know who makes his White bucks. They say "Made in England" so would that be AS?
Disagree. Considering that for the majority of men across the country whose go-to business casual shirt is a polo in the warm weather months and that most of these are a typical outlet or department store cut and details, I think it is good to discuss the details and to appreciate the cut and fit of a better tailored polo style shirt.
It was for practical reasons. They are moving to Nashville to be near their customers. Nashville is easily the center of American music these days so the move makes sense. Never quite understood why they were in Carmel of all places.
If you have a few minutes, here is a great story and lots of pics about an original '59 burst. http://www.richbeckguitars.com/articles/whatthehellisvintagepart1.html
Went into Rumble Seat Music last week in Carmel. (They are closing down the Carmel store and moving to Nashville. ) They have had some pretty major league vintage guitars and amps in there over the last few years.But when I asked them about their '59 burst and they said "One Million dollars" it suddenly became kind of silly.
A BD collar is a great idea, however something to consider is when looking at classic pics showing BD polo collars, every one I've seen has a full length button placket front and all of the buttons are smaller as in standard shirt button size. I like both of these features. But not sure if it would look right with the current buttons on the current size collar and making the collar larger wouldn't seem to be right either. Just my 2¢
Great, put me down for the light blue polo in a size 42. I'm kicking myself for hesitating and then missing it at the SF trunk show.When will be the next opportunity to select fabric for MTO shirts? I'm enjoying the three that I received. The fabric, collar shape and construction details are all very well done.
Here is something to consider. I'm beginning to see most fashion brands offering versions of wide leg trousers for men and women. Its still an early trend but all fashion runs in cycles and the skinny/very trim pant has had a long run. So, having a pant with just a bit more room might have a longer lifespan moving forward.
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