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I know they are crazy expensive, but if you want a small amp with loads of warm tone that goes from fairly clean to rock'n roll, save your pennies and buy a tweed Fender Champ late 50's. Plus, they look cool as hell. Then never sell it.
Wear those slippers if your initials are LV
You would typically size up in Ring so a US 44 would be a EU56. My understanding is that Ring only goes up to a Euro 54.So, you may not be a sumo wrestler but you need to go to another brand at your size or beyond.
I just picked these up from the Levi's tailoring shop in their San Francisco store. All of these are LVC from the late 90's and early 2000's and were made on Valencia Street in SF. I've had the tailoring shop patch them over several years now and these are the latest.
I think #5, the double ball in sterling silver, are classic and go with everything. Another option would be a simple disk cuff link and then have them engraved with his initials.
Jay Kos is one of my all-time favorite guys to follow on Instagram. He is certainly unique. Comrade did you pick up a pair of his python skin jeans? Perhaps his Jay Kos gold monkey head ring? I haven't been to his shop since he moved downtown. I want to go there and hang out for an afternoon just to enjoy seeing his customers.
Andy, I assumed that the issue was that your little toe was pushing out to the side causing the crease. If not, then it may simply be how that piece of leather naturally creases. But if you feel preasure on the little toe then, yes, get the shoe stretched and then consider a wider last shape in the toe box to give more room for the little guy. My best fitting shoes all feel comfortably snug in the heal, across the instep and have enough room for my toes to play the piano....
I would recommend taking them in to a shoe repair and having them stretched. But plan to wear them several times before making a final verdict. I find shoes, even the very best made ones, don't really mold to your feet until they have had a chance to get warm and humid inside from wearing and walking quite a ways (or damp from wet weather). Just wearing around the house never does it for me.From the pics, it looks like you need a wider last. But I will keep fingers crossed...
I think this is an option for those considering similar lightweight shoes like Belgium loafers. Not for serious walking but nice for lounging and social occassions.
Interesting that you mention the cut being "more English". Luciano Barbera attended school in the UK where he developed an affinity for English cuts and materials. This combination of Italian and British styles is what helped to make the Barbera brand so popular in it's early days. At the time most Italian suits were, by American tastes, too extreme and rakish for any serious business setting. Barbera also incorporated a more English country look in colors and fabrics into...
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