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Played around again on the early 60's Dano doubleneck guitar and base. Considering the low cost masonite, vinyl, etc., materials, it is remarkable what good sound these put out. Not really sure why anyone needs a bass/guitar combo, but its a cool rig.
Great thread. I'm enjoying your pics on Instagram too.
This is perhaps my favorite looking "dress" loafer. Very nice!
Since everyone here is a "shoe guy" I thought you would like to know about this 30% off sale on Saphir products as well as a lot of other high quality shoe care. I just loaded up this morning. https://asuitablewardrobe.com/shoes/shoe-care
I'm seeing fewer SA's in downtown San Francisco stores wearing ties or jackets/suits. In Neiman Marcus most are still in a jacket and tie, but places like WIlkes and Barney's there is a mix of no tie/no suit and SA's with ties and jackets. Do you think this makes them more approachable? Some SA's have indicated that they need to dress more relaxed to not intimidate certain customers. If you were an SA dealing with a wide range of people and styles would you wear a tie...
Mark your calendar...Thursday, House of Shields. 5:30pm
I've been listening to vintage rockabilly for the last two months. Something about my trip to Joshua Tree got me in the mood for roots music. Must thank the mid-80's LA music scene for keeping it (and similar genres) alive.
The shoulders and chest are excellent.
I was in the EG store a week before Christmas and at least a dozen shoes were on sale.
Thanks to the SF Chronicle for retweeting "Hey Bay Area #menswear and #styleforum come on by House of Shields Thurs 5:30-7:30 for no host cocktails". See you Thursday.
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