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I just picked up a pair of cotton twill J Lawrence khaki's from Khaki's last weekend. I like the new slightly trimmer fit for a classic tailored look but not skinny. I actually prefer the taper and fit of the J Lawrence pants over a Incotex Contemporary fit. I took the new khakis to my local tailor and he commented very favorably on the fabric, interior and construction details. These are great pants. I'll post a fit pic when they are ready.
The new phones sound fantastic. The camera specs are amazing. Why buy a camera anymore? Love the battery life and the larger screen. Doubt I would go for the 6 plus, probably too big for my needs and jacket pocket. I could see where gamers or video people would love it. But I dont watch video on my phone. However, I will go to the store, see and play with one first before making up my mind. Maybe I will go with the 6 plus.
Having to charge a phone is enough. Having to also charge a watch? I don"t know about that.
What weight cloth is that navy suit Greg? Is it flannel?
The design looks like it came from the 1970's digital age. It doesn't say "new".
The watch functions are excellent. The look is sort of predictable. Not really sweeping me away. They really need a rugged version, the submariner or G Force or even Ironman look for athletic and sporting pursuits.
Although we still have several weeks of warm weather ahead in this area I just ordered wool dots in charcoal, grey, navy, coffee and some cashmere solids including a deep purple. I wore these Saturday on a road trip to Carmel. Levis, Edward Green and Paul Smith.
The details on this jacket are very nice. Little touches like the color of the button holes, the quality of the zipper, the subtle paisley interior lining. A lot of thought went into this for sure.
I drove down to Carmel on Saturday with Bay Area blogger Ian http://fromsqualortoballer.com/ We were checking out the new fall Ring Jackets. They have 6 or seven jackets and several suits. One of my favorites was this blue/grey plaid as shown on Ian. The fabric is soft and "oh-so-comfortable' This may be my next Fall jacket I especially like the soft shoulder and fit. To me Ring is a better fit and a better value than Brunello Cucinalli (which I also own). Here is a...
New Posts  All Forums: