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With the significant drop in the value of the British Pound and Euro (stronger US dollar) , will we see lower prices at retail here in the US in the Spring?
Thanks but I'm looking for true rimless eyewear.
For bespoke pants, I recommend getting something a bit different than your RTW "go to" style. That is half the fun of something custom. For tweed pants you don't want them snug. A little extra room is nice and comfortable so a single pleat would be ideal. I'm all for cuffs on tweed and corduroy trousers. The trouser you describe would be ideal with a nice heavier sole shoe like this:
We visited the store in December. It is comfortable, relaxing and attractive. More like entering someones home than a typical menswear retailer. The staff is wonderful. I highly recommend a visit if you are in London. It is quite a different experience and selection than what you would find at Jermyn Street retailers. I especially enjoyed seeing the range of colors and fabrics offered on knits, trousers and accessories. Their online store is now open.
The dove gray jacket with pattern matching is stunning!
Nice write up. Isn't a wall of large pieces of fabric an excellent reference rather than just small books? I find it really helps to zero in on the best shade of color and texture.
I've been wear clear SALT frames for a year+ now. I want to move into a pair of rimless eyewear that isn't rectangle. Something with very simple sides and hinges. Any suggestions?
PB, your shirt sleeves are looking rather long....
Unless you have your heart set on black loafers I would urge you to go with medium Tan or medium Brown for year round casual wear. I find that I just don't wear really dark brown or black loafers any more.
A white shirt with good quality fabric and construction will usually far outlast any other colors or patterned shirts in a wardrobe so why not invest in good ones? To me they have the added advantage of minimal hassle. If it stains you can bleach it. Heavy ironing doesn't show up on collars. White won't show minor cuff or collar wear as soon as say a blue end-on-end. I find good fabrics like a heavy royal oxford are just about bullet proof. I can send them out at hotel...
New Posts  All Forums: