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Nice assortment of Drakes's squares!
Classic Edward Green Ullswater, 202 last Size 10 /10.5 Worn maybe 10 times and polished once these are in like-new condition. Beautiful pebble grain Walnut Country Calf Burnished toe and heal $1,300 original price, now only $650 including shipping in the USA. Dianite Soles Comes with lasted Edward Green shoe trees and shoe bags. I placed felt tongue pads in them. Rather than remove them I decided to allow the new owner to decide if he wants to keep them. They would...
Beautifully made boots from Heschung (one of my favorite brands). Worn only once. I purchased these for $800+ at Wilkes Bashford in San Francisco this past November. They are made from soft leather in a deep plum color. The soles have a leather and rubber tread combination. The interior is lined in smooth, soft leather as well as the inner sole. Unfortunately, my Podiatrist says I need a wider shoe. So, someone will be getting a great deal on wonderful shoes! Perfect...
I haven't had Besom pockets on a navy blazer since the mid 90's. And, I use my pockets especially for phone and business cards. I started getting many of my jackets made with a double patch pockets in the early 200o's when they called them Blackberry pockets. (I guess now they are iPhone). Use the inner pocket for your phone, keys, business cards and it doesn't distort the shape of the outer pocket.I also have an inside lower pocket put in all of my jackets for suits and...
I think any of these from NMWA website would work to compliment or pop against a blue shirt and your brownish suit.
Nice. Thanks for that.Any lasts with a narrow heal and wider toe used on loafers or derbys? From what I see the 64 last is only offered on boots.
My podiatrist tells me I need a wider toe box, but I have a narrow heal. Which EG last should I look at?
I'm looking for suggestions. My podiatrist tells me that I need to wear a wider shoe, but I have a fairly narrow heal. I'd like to get one of the more casual grain C&J shoes or loafers (maybe with Dianite soles). Any recommendations on which lasts/models have a narrower heal and wider toe box? Thanks!
Anyone looking for audiophile gear should check out Great reviews of equipment and recordings. A nice IG account as well.
Check out Formosa at No Man Walks Alone. The owner Greg is your height.
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