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Those Chup socks have great colors and patterns. Very nice!
Great, I look forward to seeing the new stuff and to catch up with Pete and Tony. I've meet them before at some Bay Area denim events...good guys!
Peet and Tony from Tellason will be in Oakland at Standard and Strange on Saturday. Drinks will be poured, so I'm told. Anything else @StrangeJeremy ?
Hey @StrangeJeremy what is the Tellason event on Saturday? Anything new?
This is "Swell"!
Looking forward to it! The Leica store is a great location too.
Great! Looking forward to it Greg.
Can you move this thread under the new Menswear Advice? If CM category is to survive it is going to need less advice and more examples of great tailored menswear.
Those Centurys look great and I like how you are wearing them. Hats off to Kapital for being so imaginative with the color and texture.
For a group that size it is hard to beat the R&G Lounge in Chinatown. Everyone gets the deep fried salt and pepper crab at least once. Had a few large group gatherings there and always good, lively and fun. Then go down the street to Li Po Cocktail lounge for their Mai Tai and to hang out. Fun, diverse crowd. If you hit these two places in one night you will have a good time, good food, good drinks and see a fun side of SF missed by many.
New Posts  All Forums: