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That is a very nice shade of green. That color looks great paired with blue or pink shirts and ties or pocket squares with a some purple in them.
I did a search on Weston loafers and came across this article from 2007 on the construction of a Weston vs the construction of a Weejun. http://nymag.com/guides/everything/shoes/27345/
Glad you like it. I've been enjoying Instagram very much and post much of it over on A Bit of Color at the same time.
I think with any style of apparel, if you get an opportunity to see it worn were it looks good, then you can like it. I grew up in a very ivy league / prep school setting were all males were essentially required to wear cordovan colored Bass Weejun penny loafers ( you would have been laughed out of school for showing up in black loafers in any style. Black was for oxfords and those were the rules , I recall how much more elegant a low vamp black full strap looked in the...
Of all the styles of loafers available the very last style I would consider in black would be a classic American penny loafer.The one exception that I rather like and wore frequently (ages ago) was a low vamp, full strap style. It is far more sleek and elegant to my eyes than a classic American penny loafer.
I know we all like a great deal. I like it as much as the next guy. But be aware that Sprout is making it very clear in his terms that if you buy it, it's yours. The follow from Sprout's post: Remarks Sales are final. Confirm your size and measurements before buying. I cannot guarantee that anything will fit you or be the item you always dreamed of. I can only courier items for you and provide as much information up front as possible. We may be able to list items that...
If you normally spend a lot on shoes, then why not consider a pair that you know are made with finer leather and better construction? I find that Tan and light brown shoes really reflect the quality of leather in a short period of wear and care.The cheaper tan leathers will just look cheap in due course. I'd rather have fewer shoes and have better ones. This is coming from a guy who went through most of his career wearing one pair of punched captoes in light brown, one...
Just looking at the pics, the Boss shoe looks better to my eye. The other looks like a cheaper shoe to me. Just my 2 cents.
I see the measurements on the Armoury NYC site says the shirts match the semi-fitted measurements. Too bad. A 16 neck with a 44" chest is too snug for an actual 42" chest. Damn my muscular pecs! They look like beautiful shirts. And at 95 pounds, less the 20% VAT a very good price.
The Drakes Cleeve of London shirts, are they the "trim fit" or the "regular fit" according to the web sites size chart? The copy describing the shirt only says "semi-fitted" and I'm not sure how to interpret it.
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