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Another easy option for dinner tomorrow following the event at Indochino would be to head to the Irish Bank for a few beers, burgers, etc. I recall the place being rather lively on Thursday evenings. Any other suggestions?
A B-3 and a Leslie for the win:slayer:
How 1971 retro
Thanks Seth, we look forward to meeting you and your associates tomorrow evening.
Powder coated metal appliances have been available for some time especially in Europe and the UK. It is a fun way to add a bit of color to a kitchen. At trade shows in the UK and Germany you see blue, red and pink refrigerators, torquoise coffee makers and green dish washers. But, most of the US public likes a single color in a kitchen for major appliances or cabinets. I keep hearing from furniture trend reports that white kitchen appliances are trending up, but I rarely...
I will see you guys tomorrow at the Indochino Showroom on Post around 6pm. I may stop by and harass SA's at Nordstrom in the late afternoon before the event. Anyone have any old socks I can return and demand a refund?
If you think you will resell your home in the next 2-3 years I would stick with SS. If you are in it for the long term then you might consider other options.
There is much more to it than that. 1) it has been the default look by decorators 2) young homeowners see it as contemporary and updated (perhaps remembering their mom's all white or all black appliances of the early 90's. 3) it has been the default editorial look in almost every mid to high-end home magazine for a decade or more. 4) from a practical side it provides a neutral background for contemporary or funky eclectic to MCM furniture and decorating. 5) it gave...
New Posts  All Forums: