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Or a pathetic attempt at sympathy.
I think Prince gave one of the very best performances at any Superbowl. His singing, dancing and guitar were all on fire. He is a far more interesting and imaginative player than Clapton IMO.
Claghorn, Noodles asked you in the Noodles Good Natured thread to remove his name from the name of the thread. Is that going to happen? After all it was his request.
My favorite is usually a mix of silk, linen and wool in a herringbone. The mix of fabrics doesn't wrinkle as much as 100% linen and the look of the herringbone contrasts nicely with the typical weave of linen.I've also had silk jackets but their look varies greatly by the weave. To go with 100% linen pants it would usually mean a looser weave 100% silk in a pattern like a large POW pattern or a solid high contrast color such as a navy jacket and cream trousers.
I really enjoyed the eclectic nature of this challenge. Great idea. After seeing Rals pic, I wish I could have found pics of me in my early 90's Italian version of Anglo-American traditional. That was a fun period of menswear. Talk about pleats...
I like the second tie very much. Burnt orange is an excellent, and under-used accent color for Fall/Winter in any gentleman's wardrobe. (In fact consider a pocket square with burnt orange accents, you will wear it a lot) . The tie's mossy green color also looks very seasonal, which is a plus. You probably already have the basic year round colors so yes go with this one and its very seasonal look. Now, there is one limitation. You said you have a green donegal jacket. I...
I think I will wait for the @voxsartoria Twitter summary
Visited a local used luxury watch dealer today, OC Watch Company, to shoot some pics for the week of Aug 3 when I will be the guest Instagram editor for Styleforum. Here is an out take. More details are on my Instagram. https://instagram.com/p/5a0yLlsjG8/?taken-by=guswalbolt
LW uses an authenticA 2 pattern, which unless you are rather skinny and below average height IMO isn't very flattering (they make you look paunchy) on anyone who is tall, has a long torso or an average or larger waist line. These were designed during WWI when the average pilot was only a size 36 jacket (with a 33" chest), 31 waist and was only 5'8 and 140 lbs. I know some companies used to make versions in Longs, but they never quite seemed right in larger proportions....
Go talk with these guys. They will make you a custom A 2 http://www.lostworldsinc.com
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