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And a few pics of Dirty Habits where we will head (on the hotel's fifth floor) for a no host dinner following the Khaki's Meetup and trunk show. We don't have reservations (groups of 8 require a $$$ guarantee) so we will be walk-ins, and grab whatever seats are available at the bar or tables. Please bring cash (something besides $20's are appreciated) for when your table needs to cover the check.
So you all know that the Meetup, Trunk Show and following no host dinner will be here at the Hotel Palomar. It is a great location, right around the corner from Market Street on Fourth.
@emptym isn't quite the party animal he once was. Being a father sometimes does that. We are looking forward to "The Moderators" attending
Just a reminder.... Tuesday March 24th, San Francisco Bay Area Meetup. Hosted by Khaki's of Carmel. All members of Styleforum and their guests are invited. Come on out and join us. If you haven't already, please RSVP in this thread. An accurate headcount helps us to better manage these events. Here are a few photos from previous San Francisco Meetups:
Samuelson is making suits in a more trim, contemporary style. I saw a stunning 3 piece made for one of the younger SA's at Khaki's of Carmel. The owner there, Jim Ockert, also has a lot of Samuelson made for himself. Samuelson is like most of the American companies, in the last year or so they have all been offering a more contemporary cut. But not every retailer is experienced with that cut.
Full disclosure. I get a free membership to Styleforum in exchange for my posts.
I ♥️ Styleforum
Wow, that linen looks ♥️
No need to rsvp again if you already indicated that you will be attending. Looks like an enthusiastic group. This should an enjoyable evening. As always, new members and guests are always welcome.
One week until the meetup. Please rsvp in this thread if you will be joining us. Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: