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Not sure why the hate for Hugo Boss. My son and SIL both have suits and jackets from HB and they look very nice. They certainly look better than the typical MWH, Macy's or BR suit.
I'd have to see a pic of them to offer a good suggestion. They are a more casual shoe so mix them with more casual elements - knit tie rather than a fancy silk, khakis, white or natural jeans, maybe a sweater or cardigan, a more casual sport coat like tweed would be very nice. etc... They might look great with a tan suit and rep or knit tie.
The hatch grain texture on the chukka is very nice!
I own several Monsieur Fox pocket squares, ties and a scarf. The designs and colors are very enjoyable. Looking forward to the show on the 7th to see their new designs and colors in person. No doubt my collection will grow!
That Grey knit jacket was "oh so cozy". I tried on the natural/tan version. Perfect with any t shirt
This soft Herringbone tweed overcoat got a lot of attention on Friday and Saturday at the SF Trunk show.
The Frank Clegg leather bags are beautiful. The photos are good, but seeing them in person at the trunk show really allows you to appreciate the quality and feel of the leather, the stitching and style. Loved the numerous colors available for MTO bags.
I'll be in NYC for the next NMWA trunk show as part of The Proper Kit on Sat November 7th so I have the luxury of being able to digest everything I saw yesterday and add a few more things in two weeks. I did order several custom shirts and a pair of the Rota trousers with the single pleat and it's" rakish extended waistband". Very impressed by the construction and handwork on the G. Inglese shirts. At these prices they are an exceptional value.
This suit is so 60's Rock N Roll. You can just imagine Charlie Watts wearing this with a turtle neck. Very cool suit.
Here is a that green hopsack Formosa. And, it was still there at 5pm yesterday as the show was wrapping up but I doubt it will last long. The heathered mossy green color is very attractive. I think it looks especially nice with this muted pumpkin colored scarf.
New Posts  All Forums: