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No, It isn't a Salsa. The decision is really more about how you like to pack. if you would like the option of taking more than less, get the 29". Sometimes it is nice, especially in winter, to be able to take a few more things even if you don't wear them. Personally I like a smaller suitcase, but I also have an efficient edited wardrobe for travel. One Styleforum member I know used to go to multiple cities in Europe for a couple of weeks with only an in cabin bag.
Sorry DELD I don't have size 12 feet
My wife and I have traveled extensively for 15 years with 26" cases for longer trips (1 week- 1 month). I don't think you want anything larger otherwise it becomes a real hassle when getting on and off trains, in and out of taxis, etc. We have never said "I wish we had a larger bag". When we go for a long trip (multiple weeks) we will also each take a large carry-on. I find I take almost the same amount of stuff for a week or a month.
I agree that the William is the best for jeans. The slightly heavier look and rounded toe works so well for more casual tailored trousers as well. Less for a suit and more for a blazer or tweed jacket look.
Nice NMWA product shots and background story about Valstar in A Continuous Lean today. They say about the A-1: ... the Valstarino makes a serious case for being the perfect transitional jacket – it’s warm, but not bulky, and really it can be worn over just about everything. http://www.acontinuouslean.com/2014/10/08/transitioning-fall-valstarino/
The watch sold in about 10 minutes....
I love the Grenadier. I have fond memories of visiting it on a cold, Decembers night a couple days before Christmas on my very first trip to London thirty years ago. They actually had coal burning in the fireplace which was ideal for taking off the chill. Its really a pub but fun and a quaint location. This trip, I'm seeking the "white starched napkin" type of hotel bar for the perfect martini or Manhattan.
I wear white shirts, oxfords with spread and BD collars, all the time without a tie and with tan jackets. My wife loves that look on me. It works for me.
Vox just tweeted me this suggestion, the American Bar at the Stafford.
No wonder there are so many dudes walking around in way-to-tight suits
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