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That might be fun, especially after they get a little rough and funky.
I wonder if anyone has given their Epaulet sport trainers a Margiela-esk paint treatment?
Cool. I'll go with the classic grey/white combo.
Beautiful finish!
The soft cut jacket that @sacafotos showed (above) is Kirk's latest prototype. The shoulder and interior finishing work are very impressive. You get a MTM soft jacket using one of the premier mills (Barbera, Fox, etc.) for $900-$1000 depending upon fabric selection. I'm having him make up one for me in a summer weight linen, 3 patch, 3-2 button for a trip to Europe this Spring. The linen is a blue on blue check in two shades of indigo. Kirk also had a prototype of a polo...
Jumped on the white Superga sneakers 👍
We also have a few new folks joining us who aren't on Styleforum. Should be an interesting group
Heading into SF later today. See you all this evening - 6PM, Mystic Hotel, Second floor Burritt Room. Cheers! Gus
My wife and I are headed to Paris in April as well and I've been doing some research. Bernardin in St Germain appears to have a lot of good tailored clothing and accessory options. http://bernardin.paris/ I'm also planning on stopping in at both the Heschung and Paraboot stores to see their shoes. On past trips to Paris I have enjoyed picking up shoes as well as tailored clothing and accessories. In Paris the range of Paraboot and Heschung is much more varied and...
New Posts  All Forums: