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Just a few select pieces now. All ones I play. I sold off a Custom Shop strat, a boutique copy of a 4x10 Bassman and a vintage style 2.5 National steel body uke in the last year because they just weren't getting any attention. I'm thinking about flipping one of my blond jazz boxes for a nice 50's Martin. I haven't had a flat top in a long time. Prior to this I let a lot of my collection go in the mid 90's during a major change in my life. It was cool having a closet with...
Yep, still have it. It is resting against a vintage tweed Vibrolux about 8 feet from me.
Call them FRiday morning and they can ship to you.
I just bought my first Black Fleece OCBD. Great shirt. I'm impressed by the feel of the fabric and the fit. It is a trim but not skinny.I like the details - loop in back, club collar, placket, gussets, etc. My size is BB3 which is 16 x 35. Also note that this Black Fleece fit is a bit different than the Thom Browne branded shirts which tend to be a bit slimmer and slightly shorter sleeve. I prefer the Black Fleece fit.The retail was $195 but they happened to be having a...
There were no current season Black Fleece items scheduled for Sale at the BB Sale but when I called the Black Fleece store in San Francisco, they said they are having a pop-up sale just this Friday and Saturday. 30% off. I had my SA put aside a couple of shirts.
Good interview.
The remarkable Phil X taking a p90 LP gold top through its paces......he shows it's tonal range. And he's funny.
I love p90's. They have a full, warm sound perfect on a jazz box like an ES-175 or they become the sound of Rock n roll on a Les Paul Jr. when driven through a tweed Fender. I think the balziest blues sound alive is achieved with a mid-50's Les Paul goldtop through just about any amp. Its full and fat. I know a lot of guys who get plenty of detail out of P90's. A lot depends upon the guitar and how you play. T Bone Walker makes his 3 P90 PU ES5 sound almost thin on most...
The SF Levis store had two pairs of '54 501ZXX distressed for sale in the back Sale room, $159 each down from $325 33w x 34L
I've switched from Cholula to Tapatio. It seems that most of the good taco trucks in the Bay area agree with me.
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