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How much should a pocket square capture your attention? My experience is, that it should have just enough presence to be noticed but not so much to dominate the look of an outfit.
That navy DB in the upper right looks very nice.
When I bought my iPhone 6 a woman was getting a replacement phone. Hers had been lost, she was from another state and because she had everything backed up to the cloud, a new one worked right away and had all of her data and contact information . It was a rather remarkable demonstration of why you would want to put things on the cloud. Well, except for those nude pics perhaps
I've had the iPhone 6 for about a month. I so enjoy its sleek lean shape and feel. The display is remarkable. I've been leaving my Fuji camera at home on trips. I've also migrated everything over to the new Apple operating system Yosemite and integrated my phone, iPad and iMac as well as backed up to the cloud. Can't say I'm a big fan of Apple Mail but everything else seems to work well together. Its a very nice system.
Couldn't agree more about the Norstrom salesperson vibe.But, I've got a vested interest in maintaining the myth of old white guys in ties as being stylish.
That new Lobb looks rather handsome. As a long-time fan of of Lobbs I have several pairs that are 15+ years old that still look fantastic. But I'm a fan of their more solid looking, classic styles such as the Russell or the original WIlliam. In the last ten years many of their shoe details began to look a bit more dainty to my eye and less appealling. (one of the reasons I began buying Edward Green) Good to see that this new designer seems to be starting out with the...
It depends upon the weight of the fabric. I wouldn't buy a large heavy linen pocket square. It would be too bulky. Yes linen is a bit stiff but that is part of the appeal. It keeps a neat, crisp look. If you want a softer look get silk or wool.
The store has a beautiful collection of Edward Green and G&G shoes. I especially enjoy the ones he has made up in suede and pebble grain by both makers.
Visited Khaki's yesterday and the store was jammed with shoppers. The owners Jim and Connie delight in decorating for the Holidays and it shows.
New Posts  All Forums: