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That is a blasphemous statement where I come from 501's are the original workwear, cowboy, motorcycle rider, college student, radical hippie, lawn mowing suburban dad, millionaire, migrant farm worker and dude ranch wear. Sure, Levi's had a few rather peculiar " mom cuts" and finishes in the 70's and early 80's (as did every denim brand) but the classic 501XX has pretty much retained it's original DNA of cool, masculine and practical style. If that wasn't the case, why...
Looks good!My only suggestion is that I would not cuff my jeans with a tailored jacket as it makes the jeans look look a bit more workwear and less sportswear. But, hey, if you like it then cuff away!
^ Your safari style jacket is a nice alternative to a tailored jacket. Great casual with style.
A nice pebble grain derby with a rubber sole is a great all-around travel shoe. They have been a favorite for me since the early 90's. My suggestion is to select one that is somewhat light weight. A few makers use a heavy/dense Dianite or Vibram type sole that adds considerable weight to the overall shoe. That is great for some needs but for maximum comfort and versatility I go for a lighter weight Dianite or Vibram style especially for a Spring trip.Don't rule out suede....
Nice looking jacket.
I love to walk around cities when I travel and more and more I take a rubber soled brown suede shoe as my main shoe. The rubber sole gives good traction on cobblestones or cement and seems a bit more comfortable. I've had loafers by Heschung with a Dianite sole that were quite comfortable. I've also traveled the last two years with a pair of Paraboot rubber sole suede Derbys. I find that I prefer a Derby since you can tighten or loosen it when flying or depending upon...
Sure, just have a significant difference between the shades.
You two look great. I like that the photos capture a bit more of your personality than a typical WAYWT pic. Very nice!
This is an attractive color alternative to solid checks. Very nice!
This^^^^^^Or, at least MTM orders in Long sizing at trunk shows for the brand. They sure have tasteful and cool looking apparel. I'd love to be able to wear their more casual Spring/Summer suits and shirts. That white seersucker banded collar shirt this last year was so perfect, but too small for me. (I'm sure too short in the arms for you too, Greg?)In general, I'm looking for more casual options to typical tailored sport coats and suits. For Fall/WInter I'm wearing a...
New Posts  All Forums: