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I ordered my first MTM from the LP book and the second from Zegna. Jim has tons of books so lots of options. The lowest prices will probably be with the Ring book.
You just size up. I'm a 42/52Euro in most jackets and a Ring in a 54 is a perfect fit. I have to do the same with Belvest. It isn't just Ring.Khaki's has a number of great Ring suits and sport coats on sale. Give them a call. They are happy to help you out over the phone and give sizing tips.
Cocktails anyone?
The shirt I ordered at the SF trunk show just arrived. Perfect shade of pink and it fits like a dream. I'll wash it a few times to confirm fit and then place a reorder. Thanks Mike for your help in ordering at the trunk show and meetup.
Mark your calendars....Thursday 5:30
Have an enjoyable show. Looking forward to your updates.
I never felt a desire to try any Black Label clothing. It was all sort of like something else, plain, but with a stylish trim cut. But so what? Give me a reason to WANT it. PL on the other hand has, as others have pointed out, always pushed the envelope a bit. It is either a big hit or a big miss IMO. But when they hit it, I love it. RRL, is the odd member of the family. All of the other looks and brands mix and match. You can grow up wearing one and then blend into the...
And for patatas bravas, pizza, a good charcuterie platter, steak medium rare and an affagato.
Come on by Thursday at 5:30 and meet your fellow Styleforum members. First timers and guests are always welcome. MC, streetwear, over-the-top-Pitti, business casual, denim, avante garde, polos and hoodies...all are invited.
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