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I was referring to pre- TitC blogging (which is no longer online) I believe it was called the mfanblog, where he posted and wrote about following Iammatt and Manton's recommendations and visiting Ambrosi, Anna M, Rubinacci for the first time. Great stuff and prior to controversy.
You know, back in the day before Foo became he wrote some very nice pieces. He was enthusiastically and sincerely sharing the details of his original commissions in Italy. I enjoyed them. It certainly inspired me to try some Ambrosi pents.
What are you looking forward to seeing, doing in Dubai?
Aside from coming up with a good name for a blog I admire anyone who can keep a blog going for more than a year. It is a tremendous amount of work. I had lunch and a photo shoot with Will (A Suitable Wardrobe) in 2007 and even then he was saying how hard it was to come up with good, original content. Or, as he put it, "How many times can you write about how to wear grey trousers?" Will was certainly a pioneer in menswear blogging and at one time had the #1 visited...
Shaken and then poured with the ice into a glass. No salt. I find that good blanca has enough of a salty after taste. Extra salt covers of the good flavor.
Thanks, that's what I had heard a few years ago. I will give them a try.
Levis white 501 CT
Marinating a beautiful line caught filet of salmon (tequila, fresh lime juice, olive oil, pinch of garlic salt.) and will grill it in an hour or so. Served with it will be a steamed artichoke with aioli mixed with a bit of smoked paprika for a little kick. I steam the artichoke in water and some vinegar and garlic. Of course a nice sweet baguette. No shortage of good bread here in the Bay Area. But first, I will make a nice simple margarita.
About ready to shake up a classic Margarita. I part tequila, 1 part fresh squeezed lime juice, 1 part Cointreau. I really like blanca for a fresh, clean agave taste. I'll be using this, one of my favorites.
Does anyone know who makes his White bucks. They say "Made in England" so would that be AS?
New Posts  All Forums: