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Levis LVC 1962 511ZXX will have a bit more room in the thigh and top block that the 1947 501XX in my experience.
Bourbon, try a pair of Levis LVC 1962 511 Zxx They are sanforized so no STF like the 1954ZXX.
Another very cool and great sounding bass amp, is a mid 60's Ampeg portaflex. This is a B-15 which has a nice full, warm sound. Heavy as a block of cement. Lots of electric rock and acoustic jazz bass players have used these through the late 80's (when more modern, compact bass amp alternatives came along.) In it's time, this was quite the amp. And, it had the exposed tubes and plexiglass "Ampeg" logo that would glow. It looked super cool at a dance or a club. I owned a...
Bass amp? Why this of course. I've owned a couple of these. Never knew why I ever sold them. It's also one of the all time great guitar amps and ideal for your bass in a small setting. Of course there are much better modern bass amps (and much cheaper) if you want a deep bass punch sound. But for retro rock, this is the one.
Sweet! Good luck.
I meant on the crease not the seam
Great playing! Looks like the Strandberg has an excellent ergonomic balance and design. Reminds me of the thinking behind Klein guitars. Klein came to the conclusion that guitar construction had not evolved properly past the days of animal gut strings. He felt that their construction was stuck in the Dark Ages and steel strings and electrics required a whole different approach to maximize sound. Too bad the guy building his electrics went out of...
I really like the look of the higher rise, and (as No Man Walks Alone describes it) a "rakish extended waistband closure" with a single pleat with a somewhat tapered led. Unless it is a jean, I'm not keen on trousers that pull along the seam and especially with a pleat. I'm waiting for a pair of Ambrosi trousers spec'd like this.
Yes, it should be an interesting week. Now that the Greek majority has spoken, the next move will be the IMF. And what will that be? Knowing that there will be future economic events with Euro countries, there is no doubt a feeling by most of the IMF members to set a precedent. So far, I've been impressed by how calm and orderly the markets have handled all of this.
Restaurants have been doing this (photograph and sell the pic to you) since at least the 1940's. They used to do this in the Tonga room in SF. They would offer you s photo and two match books with your photo. But why complain? You don't have to buy it.
New Posts  All Forums: