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I've owned and currently own a number of different models of C&J. Although good right out of the box, I can't say any of them were completely broken in until worn 15+ times, including soft suede models.
The balance I'm trying to achieve, being an older guy, is to wear a cardigan and not look like Mr Rogers (even though he was a heck of a guy). So any tips on how to best wear a cardigan for CM but not old-dude style?
A Dianite sole on any shoe can take weeks to break-in. There are very heavy, dense rubber Dianite soles and lighter more pliable Dianite versions. Both have their advantages. The heavier ones are found on most classic British shoes or copies of them.
When the sales person says "they will stretch" they won't. Decent shoes inner soles will mold more to the shape of your feel and the sole will bend easier over time but if there is rubbing causing a blister you don't have the right shape shoe for your foot.
The SF Bay Area is a casual place, especially the outer lying areas including the East Bay (where I live), Silicon Valley and the wine country. As much as I enjoy dressing up in a nice suit or tailored jacket, there are getting to be more occasions where a fully tailored outfit can look a bit stuffy and a bit out of sync with the setting. Last Fall I began revising my wardrobe for these more casual outings to include a wool overshirt in leu of a tailored jacket. I also...
Thanks Lucido. I agree and in addition to this knit blazer and a couple of more traditional cardigans I'm also starting to wear shirt jackets or over shirts on top of a collared dress shirt as an alternative to a tailored jacket.The shoes are a suede sneaker from 3 years ago by Perrelli. They were so comfortable and versatile that I took them and one pair of dress shoes for a three week trip to Europe and wore them 95% of the time.
Thanks for the mention razl. Much appreciated! These Heschung boots are still available as well as the Edward Green Ullswaters.
As I've mentioned here last Fall, I've been exploring options to tailored jackets. (after all, the world isn't changing from more casual any time soon). I recently picked up this knit wool navy three button and patch pocket "blazer". It almost looks tailored yet also looks like a cardigan depending upon how you wear it. Worn with flannels and a knit tie it comes across as a blazer but with a casual, comfortable vibe. I think I will take this on trips in leu of a navy...
Nice assortment of Drakes's squares!
Classic Edward Green Ullswater, 202 last Size 10 /10.5 Worn maybe 10 times and polished once these are in like-new condition. Beautiful pebble grain Walnut Country Calf Burnished toe and heal $1,300 original price, now only $650 including shipping in the USA. Dianite Soles Comes with lasted Edward Green shoe trees and shoe bags. I placed felt tongue pads in them. Rather than remove them I decided to allow the new owner to decide if he wants to keep them. They would...
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