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I posted two pics of ab-fits with the adorable ms. sam
Got it a couple weeks ago from Khakis of Carmel made by Ring Jacket with Zegna cloth.
Just seeing the 34 now it doesn't look loose in the chest and waist. In fact it appears to be pulling a bit on the button. Be careful not to buy into the GQ skinny fit suit look. You want a fit that flatters your build but you also want enough room to be comfortable and to move and live in your suit.
Yes Sarah would be a good merger AKA wife material. Get your M&A team on that asap.
This isn't 2008 when the world didn't know if US banks would run out of money. But when you have the second largest economy, and the world's major growth machine for the last 7 years begin a significant slowdown, it has a wide range of effects throughout the world with anyone who uses any commodities or sells goods and services to China. So, there will be a lot of adjusting to do. Some has already happened. The US is fairly strong and not going into a recession anytime...
I think anything you do to enhance curb appeal is a good long term strategy. I'm sure you will enjoy it too.
Love the look of the 3 part wooden trees inside of the bespoke Loob boots.
Some stats of performance following a week of 5% drops.
The new 19 Andrea's 47 scarves are very nice!
Rather than give you measurements of a jacket I own (all of which have been tailored) , I suggest that you call them and ask one of their SA's to measure the exact jacket that you are interested in. Jacket fit can vary with any company to some degree due to the fabric. Khakis SA's are very helpful on the phone.
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