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I have been getting junk mail recently address to my father. He died 35 years ago. Very weird.
Here is another great graphic label...
Hey, good idea troika! With the brand loyalty tattoos that I see from time to time (i.e. Apple, Harley, Tabasco, etc.) It wouldn't surprise me if there are a few Ring Jacket tat's out there
Can't you just go into Apple, buy a phone and they will pay you for your old one? If you are on AT&T the Apple Store will set you up.
I love Ring Jackets labels ^^^^ They are so imaginative.
Come on out and join us for the SF Meetup hosted by Khaki's of Carmel at the Parc 55 Hotel, followed by no-host dinner and beer at Mikkeller.
I wish they would do a Style 2 jacket but with a slightly longer arm and torso.
The site was loading very slowly for me (+/- 15 seconds per page) and some pages not loading at all (such as What's New). I switched from using Safari to Chrome and now everything loads. However, shifting back and forth between pages is much slower than other sites I visit.
OK LA Guy, I'm going with your input and ordering a size 10 now. The pair I tried in SF was marked a 9.5 inside the tongue.
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