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Try wearing one size larger or look for a brand with a more boxy cut.
Ashton and Mike at Suitsupply San Francisco yesterday. Just a reminder to be sure and RSVP for the Suitsupply x Styleforum Meetup Thursday September 1st at events@suitsupply.com
Picked this up recently from Khaki's, by Boglioli, a linen blend in "raspberry" . Actually I think it looks more like brick red which is one of the few shades of red I can wear with my complexion. It's a perfect color and fabric for warm weather and I will take it with me on an upcoming trip to a resort in Mexico.
Boglioli linen blend jacket in "raspberry"
One week from tonight, the Styleforum X Suitsupply meetup I stopped in the store today and they are looking forward to meeting Styleforum members and their guests for an enjoyable evening from 6-8pm If you have never been to a Bay Area Styelforum Meetup, please come out and join us. New people are always welcome. And feel free to bring a guest or two. It's a friendly crowd and there will be lots to see with the new Fall SS collection along with great food and...
Glad you won't be joining us. Quite a few folks have gone to a lot of effort to organize this, to arrange for music, food and beverages for the enjoyment of Styleforum members and their guests.
Thanks @LA Guy for considering this. Aside from clothing, I found travel related topics to be the most helpful and inspiring. I took many side trips and enjoyed a lot of restaurants and retailers due to recommendations from Styleforum members. It would be great to see travel, once again, more of an active topic on the forum.
@LA Guy any chance we can get Culture changed to Travel & Leisure as a more active heading?
@sebastian mcfox you might want to also try that gray suit and tie with a light pink shirt. Turquoise sometime comes alive next to a bit of pink. Pink looks great next to gray.
Turquoise looks best IMO with tan. The gold and yellow in the medallions would also look good with a tan color. Because the tie is wool it wouldn't look right with a Spring/Summer tan suit, so try pairing it with a light brown-tan corduroy coat. It might give the jacket a nice pop of color.
New Posts  All Forums: