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I've seen a few of the Gestalt samples and the work is remarkable. Looking forward to seeing the final production samples because the fabric swatches and preliminary samples were amazing. I saw a few luxury polos in Europe in December that were $300+ and they don't have anything on Gestalt. This could be one of the great Styleforum member launches on Kickstarter.
It was a good time.....
Great evening. Nothing like a friendly SF meetup. We must do it again soon
7pm and we are still here 😊
Heading to HOS in. Few minutes. See you there
Anyone and everyone is free to join in tonight. First timers especially. I'm leaving for SF now and will see you around 5. Cheers!
Vox tweeted me, he regrets that he is unable to make it
Erica will try and join us as well so it won't be a total sausage fest
Hmmmm....I have an opposite opinion on caucasian complexions and natural linen. I think it can look quite nice. But it also depends on how you mix materials and colors in the entire outfit. Too many guys want to add bright shiny ties or deep rich or dark colors with natural linen and that rarely looks good to my eyes. I think the best combo is with muted earth tones, worn denim, etc.
Just got an Instagram messages from Ian and Edwin, looks like they will be there. Bill Charmin will try and make it. I sent some PM's earlier so we may have a few more. Although it starts at 5pm if you are around even as late as 7 swing on by.... A few guys wont be able to show up until after 6
New Posts  All Forums: