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Hmmmmm....Mr Porter doesn't seem to carry any EG loafers in half sizes.
I looked at these online. I really like the finish but there is something about them that isn't grabbing me. As you say close to Alden. The more I see the more a slightly sleeker look appeals to me than the Alden.I'm surprised how hard it is to find good loafers in tan leather. Never imagined it would be so limited. Lots of dark brown and even black but tan...not so much.
Very nice!Not sure if available RTW here in the US from a retailer. Will do some digging.
^ I'm not keen on the band with the twist across the top. Reminds me of cheap, lounge lizard loafers. Not ready to add that to my look. The rest of the shoe has a nice look though.
That Bontoni is very nice. I need a custom fit for Bontoni and that takes several months. Was hoping to get something off the shelf. But the finish on this one is
I'm looking for suggestions for something a bit more updated than a traditional preppy style. The Aldens and Crockett & Jones are nice but this look I've worn before. After looking around I came across these at Paul Stuart: Higher vamp, a bit more sleek, nice color. Any additional suggestions on a tan leather loafer will be appreciated.
My guess is that your wife is just used to a lower waist look. She will come around. Like hemlines, the rise goes through cycles. Soon a higher rise will look normal.
Received my Rota trunk show custom orders with higher rise, side tabs in the dark cotton khaki and fine charcoal twill. Perfect almost year-round in the Bay Area.
Great documentry on Jaco just hit Netflix. Anyone with an appreciation for music will enjoy his remarkable story of talent, mental illness and redefining the electric bass.
A true bespoke shirt is very expensive. (bespoke meaning a unique pattern for you, trial shirt, etc.). Also, shirts suffer more wear and tear from laundry than most other tailored clothing. I'd rather spend money on bespoke jackets/trousers and get a quality MTM shirt. With MTM I get a good fit and most of all my choice of fabrics, collar style and other details. Currently I'm getting my shirts made by Joe at mytailor.com where a good Thomas Mason fabric MTM is around...
New Posts  All Forums: