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What do you think of Zuckerberg's suit from yesterdays meeting with Xi?
@Piobaire - I bought a brand new Tele 40th anniversary edition back around '89, with gold plating, abalone dot markers and a fancy finish. A real beauty. I never played it. It was just too fancy. I kept going back to my workhorse guitars. There is something about fancy Strats and Teles that just doesn't seem right to allow them to get any wear. Plus their resale value drops significantly once there is any sign of wear. Of course if you love the looks of them go for them...
There is a polite and a rude way to ask for 40% off (or any other discount). Just practice good manners.
I'm not a fan of contrasting collars. To me they scream 80's Wall Street or televangelist. IMO, They make older gentlemen look older and out of style. Younger guys look out of style. But, every now and then I see a woman in a tailored jacket wearing a contrasting collar shirt and it looks great in a classic sort of preppy way. Not sure why it works for the female and not the male.
Yes, B&S has changed for a lot of reasons. But those reasons aren't limited to Styleforum. Those same market effects have occurred on EBay, Etsy, etc. As far as pricing on B&S, I see a lot more pricing at regular retail store sale prices. That is much higher than "the good old days of B&S" where things were priced to move quickly at true closeout (blowout) prices. (often half or two thirds less than retail.) If you didn't move quickly you lost it. Consumers today aren't...
I really like the complexity of colors in that cloth. Very nice.
60 sounds so unreal. We were wine tasting in Napa Sunday and Monday at 102+ degrees. Ice cold champagne helped.
No Styleforum Meetup planned following the Ring Trunk Show. They want to be able to focus on client appointments and any last minute walk ins. I will be there around 11AM for my appt. Even thought temps have been in triple digits in my area, the Holland & Sherry tweeds have me ready for Fall.
I know they had problems sending garments from Italy (customs, security, etc.). Maybe write one more time insisting that they send you the pants on their next trip to NYC. They have sent things to me before when then they are in NY. They feel confident about domestic shipping. Or, at least they did at one time.
I agree that the second looks best and has a 'fashionable" flattering cut without being "GQ skinny".
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