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Having owned a company with a very specific culture and then selling it to a much bigger company, last night's episode was chillingly accurate about so many of the uncomfortable realities of an acquisition and integration. It really brought on a flow of emotions from 12 years ago. That part blew me away. Wow! I like how they are winding down Joan's roll. The sexual overtones aside, when a company is sold, influence and practices simply change. I loved how Peggy, after...
Wow. Looks fantastic.One of the best I've seen. I'm going to have to make my way over to the MIssion again very soon.
Beautiful watch!
A friend of mine is having his grand opening today. If you happen to be in the area or need a killer amp check them out. http://brokenguitarsoakland.com/
One of the Bay Area MTO companies says that aside from a few conservative lawyers who go to court, most of his customers want something with an expressive detail to show people that their suit or jacket is custom. They want it to become a conversation point. It isn't about classic menswear as much as a personal statement.
Ha ha...yes, his hair is awful!
Is it just me or does anyone else think that Peter has actually transformed into a more thoughtful even caring person in the last year?
I recall that the prototype had a very narrow banded collar. I'm hoping it will be a bit taller in production. Not a fan of the thin collar look.
That SLP L17 is a beauty!
This sounds about right. I saw the Honourmark prototype very briefly on Shawn at a recent Styleforum Meetup. Very nice.
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