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My wife gave me a Prada wallet in 2005. Later that summer we went riding in dune buggies through water and it got drenched. As it dried, it conformed comfortably to the shape of my butt. I just got ride of it in December when she replaced it with a new leather wallet from Bill Amberg. I'm not keen on heavy leather wallets. I prefer a lighter, thinner style. Previous, quality leather wallets have lasted 3-8 years. I don't think any wallet has lasted me as long as I...
Styleforum Meetup Tuesday March 24th Hosted by Khaki's of Carmel 6:30- 8PM : Beverages and Appetizers Hotel Palomar Market & Fourth Street http://www.hotelpalomar-sf.com/ No Host Dinner to follow. Dinner location "Dirty Habit" at the Hotel's 5th floor Khaki's of Carmel will be in San Francisco for a Ring Jacket Trunk Show on Tuesday March 24th. Mr Sasamoto will be attending from Ring Jacket along with Jim and Connie Ockert owners of Khaki's as well as their staff....
Considering joining a local spin cycle club. I have a regular gym where I do elliptical machine and weight training. But thinking this brand new facility with young, new (and cute) trainers will add a fresh new twist to my workouts. I ride bikes on trails. Not sure how I will adjust to spin classes but will give it a go.I will probably be the oldest guy in the class. Anyone here do spin classes? Any advice for a novice?
So far, I'm not seeing any US online retailers reflecting lower prices for Euro branded goods are you? (verses last Fall or Summer) If so, which retailers?
Thanks Journyman, I appreciate your comment. I have a few new interviews lined up with some people outside the Styleforum mainstream that I have run into at trade shows and through travel. I hope you will find them interesting.
Just a reminder, if you are planning on attending the Meetup to please rsvp in this thread. It helps us organize the details.
I decided that I would get back to doing stories and interviews on my Tumblr once again. As part of it I selected a new theme or format that is interactive with other social media. I can interface with Twitter, Instagram, etc. Here is my first story using the new theme. http://abitofcolor.tumblr.com/
I just completed an interview with the owners of Troubadour leather goods that you might enjoy. http://abitofcolor.tumblr.com/
All we know is that Mike "owed" him one. But, to start off a relationship by having Mike take $1.6 m from the house and then return it to the DA was unreal, even farfetched. But otherwise it was entertaining.
If you live anywhere near the San Francisco Bay Area be sure and join us for the Styleforum Meetup on Tuesday hosted by Khaki's of Carmel along with their Ring Jacket trunk show. Mr Sasamoto will be on hand to measure and to make recommendations for fabrics and fits. They will be bringing RTW jackets and suits from their Carmel store as well to try on. Lots of great new things are available for...
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