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I'll be there on Thursday to see the Crispy trunk show along with Mr Ambrosi for pants. Will be shooting pics for my blog.
You guys should go to one of the major guitar shows. They are a blast. But bring a suit case of $100's....
^^Yep. The only surviving bike from the movie Easy Rider. The auction house thinks it will sell for $1.5 Mill. Paul got to photograph it and hang out with the current owner.
I think the chunky S&C cardigan style is a good look with rolled back cuffs. Try that.
This iconic bike is up for auction. My friend Paul had a chance to shoot it in LA a few weeks ago.
That is not an acceptable reply when someone is purchasing an expensive, luxury item.You did the right thing returning them. I think they will simply sell them as "R" at the factory and make you a new pair.
St Crispins will be in San Francisco next Thurs and Fri at WIngtip for a trunk show.
These tri-cones have 3 small resonator cones in them. They have more of a typical Spanish style guitar sound. They are also a hell of a lot more expensive because even in the Depression when they were made they were expensive so demand was limited. Finding round neck versions of these is always hard. My hard core National contacts say that the Style 1, like this one that is plain (no engraving) seem to sound the best for some strange reason.
These old Duolians are very cool and have a full, heavy tone perfect for blues. I think they are still a good value as far as collectable geetars go. I've played some that were set up and as easy to play as the best Martin. I've also played some that were a bit of a struggle.
New Posts  All Forums: