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I'm looking for suggestions. My podiatrist tells me that I need to wear a wider shoe, but I have a fairly narrow heal. I'd like to get one of the more casual grain C&J shoes or loafers (maybe with Dianite soles). Any recommendations on which lasts/models have a narrower heal and wider toe box? Thanks!
Anyone looking for audiophile gear should check out http://www.audiophilia.com/ Great reviews of equipment and recordings. A nice IG account as well.
Check out Formosa at No Man Walks Alone. The owner Greg is your height.
I could use a new ironing board. Looking forward to recommendations of something solid, good padding but fairly easy to fold up.
Unlined, to my eyes, gives a bit more of a casual look. Without lining, the sleeves, chest and shoulder can catch, bunch up a bit more and don't hang quite as easy and straight. It looks and projects a somewhat more casual style. I like it for mixing with jeans, a collared shirt and loafers. But, I agree with your tailor, to avoid anything less than quarter lining if you are having a more traditional formal style suit or jacket being made. The unlined look is ideal for a...
Not sure if this has been posted yet.....
I like quirky movies and The Lobster, to me, was a total failure.
I was just over at Standard & Strange today and they have both a washed black and washed khaki ring jacket in a soft heavy cotton.There is something about that coat. It looks like crap on the hanger and looks so cool once anyone puts it on. It has visual bulk (heavy on top) but doesn't feel bulky when you wear it. That washed cotton is soft and comfortable the moment you slip it on. The black ring coat gives almost any guy the same instant cool vibe as you would get with a...
Thanks @gdl203 for those suggestions. I'm also following linoieluzziofficial because, well, he is Lino. Any one else I should follow?
I enjoy the coverage of Pitti each season, especially the winter show. I like to have a variety of perspectives to capture more than just the "peacocks" . Who do you suggest following on Instagram for the upcoming Pitti I currently follow among others: nomanwalksalone erikmannby magarisf (new kids on the scene from San Francisco to offer MTM from Italy) michaeljondral (German retailer, classic style) armoury 1stpatrn (Italian version of trad meets workwear) Any...
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