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^^^This is an excellent suggestion. It is just so easy to eat the high carb high calorie hash browns and toast that come with your eggs for breakfast when almost any restaurant or hotel will be glad to sub with mixed fruit or sliced tomatoes. Lunch or dinner the same thing with subbing French Fries for a salad or other veg.
Played a pile of late 50's and 60's Les Paul Jr's (sunburst, red and TV including double cut banana yellow) yesterday. That was fun! They are part of a performers "stash" that he is thinning out (He is known for playing jr's) It was really interesting how each one had a noticeably different feel to the neck and how they played. I've always known that, but never had so many side-by-side at one time to compare and to feel the difference. Then they pulled out Joe Satriani's...
Hey @LA Guy I'd like to suggest that you ban immediately anyone who posts retailers and websites that knowingly sell knock-off designer clothing and accessories.
You think changing a double neck is annoying? Imagine being the guitar tech for Rick?
Here is my current "place holder" flat top. It's a nice little old Martin 0-18 from 1965. So a classic folk-era small body. These small body Martins are very comfortable sitting back on the couch yet have surprising volume with medium lite strings. This will be prefect for me to get back my acoustic chops and decide what would be ideal. But I think I will begin looking around for 00-18 from the 50's. A friend (who is one of the guitar guys for Keef and Mick) always has a...
12 strings are so much fun for certain songs and that wonderful chime sound. But once I get one I never end up keeping it for very long. I have a hard enough time keeping 6 strings in tune
Turned out to be a 60's Martin 0-18 and I brought it home. Compared it to a lot of boutique and newer Martin acoustics, Great tone, super light, easy to play. Great price too. This will tide me over until I find my grail acoustic.
I owned a couple of these. Great amps. You just can't beat the tweed tone. Some guys hear a big difference between the two, others not so much. I don't think there is so much of a difference between the amps as there is as with your overall rig and volume. But it all comes down to the tone you most enjoy.Both of these amps went through several changes so it isn't an easy question to answer. It really depends upon the year. The simple answer is the Princeton was the notch...
I'm off to look at several 50's Les Paul Jr's this afternoon and a 50's Martin 00-18. My wife said, "You seem so happy"
I'm not sad at all about it. I feel privileged to have been able to own so many amazing vintage guitars. I'm actually enthused about finding some new pieces, so time to move on. Change is good and new geetars always inspire me. As far as the new owner, he fronts a trio from Oakland. He texted me this pic from pre-production rehearsals last night.
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