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It is off white....I would call it bone. No yellow cast like some linens and not a stark white like bleached cotton. I find that a lot of people use the color name Cream for everything from off white to a yellow white. Mine is made from a blend of 50% wool, 3% silk, 47% linen which means almost no wrinkles 100% Linen is wonderful in hot, humid areas but unless you go to a heavy Irish linen it wrinkles like a wet tissue. But, maybe you want that look? I do like 100% linen...
Thanks!I seem to get a lot more comments from people when walking around to various stores when wearing this DB. (even without the matching dog). Its fun to wear. I think the DB makes it just a bit more dapper even when worn with jeans and no socks.
Jim, any chance you can post some close-up pics of the new Fall Ring jackets to get a better look at the fabric colors and patterns.
Although I'm a bit hurt that I wasn't asked to be an official Khaki's Ring Model. Damn your goods look and style Justin.
^^^The new Fall fabrics on the Ring jackets you are holding look great Jim.
Picked this up earlier this year. Ring Jacket.
Happy Ten Years to gdl203 for his excellent participation and contribution to Styleforum
I had thought when I reached 3,000, 5,000 or 10,000 posts that some GIF would pop up, throw digital confetti, lights would flash and a congratulatory message would come my way.....(It didn't)
I'm impressed how he can look at me wearing a RTW jacket, make a few tweaks and deliver a perfect fit MTM suit in an entirely different cloth. He has a great eye and experience. I've had two suits now that were "spot on".
Sunday mornings are fun at the historic Buena Vista Cafe to sit at the bar, have breakfast and an Irish Coffee. (they make up to 2,000 of them a day) This is the place that invented the drink and is that world's largest single user of Irish whiskey. Get there on the early side because it gets pretty full by 10am. It is a fun crowd and a partial view overlooking the Bay and the Cable Car turnaround by Fisherman's Wharf. http://www.thebuenavista.com/home/menu.html For...
New Posts  All Forums: