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Picked up some remarkable corduroy pants Saturday at Khaki's. Made by Incotex, these are 100% cotton but much softer and with more sheen than the typical narrow wale Incotex cords sold a Neimans. I thought these were a cashmere blend, but no, 100% cotton. Sweet!
I have one neckerchief. It's purple with very subtle silver/grey dots. The fabric is silk/wool/cashmere blend. I knot it and tuck it into my shirt. I feel rakish when I wear it and get better service in restaurants.
Many men in the 60's, 70's and 80's had their shirts and khakis laundered and starched. Often with very heavy starch. (I believe that was a military tradition) Heavy or loose weave fabrics like twills or oxford cloth often came back crisp and stiff like fresh folded cardboard. No need for collar stays. Armani probably had the greatest influence on promoting the softer look to a mass audience that we continue to enjoy.
Yes to the white ocbd.
I've worn jeans and tweed or corduroy sport coats or blue blazers with OCBD's since 1967, with and without a tie. It was a very common preppy/Ivy thing to do in that era. So, it was fun for me to meet Ralph Lauren and Andy Warhol in NYC in the 70's wearing the same look (especially when most other were wearing polyester leisure suits). Ralph with tweed and Andy with BB blue blazers and 501's. If you don't care for it, that's fine. But the look has quite a legacy.
I like the first two best.
We had a reception at the house and a women apparently had a cracked pad on the bottom of her high heal exposing a nail. Our oak floors looked like they had been shot with a BB gun about a thousand times.
Perhaps 'She pulled on my pocket square" will become an iGent metaphor for something besides tugging on fabric.
I think all guys enjoy this.
I think what dieworkwear was referring to was the common practice of tailors sending out the pants to another tailor who specializes in trousers to complete them. Ambrosi was known in Naples for doing the pants for many well know suit tailors, as an example.But yes, wearing corduroy jackets and pants as separates must be one of the most common separately worn suit fabric options. I'm guilty.
New Posts  All Forums: