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Paul Smith is a favorite designer because he finds inspiration in such a broad range of things and reflects them in his products and stores - music, art, design, architecture, photography, etc.... I love how each store around the world has a unique blend of clothing, home decor, vintage, books, jewelry and surprises. No two stores are ever alike. They all have their own personality. I find that very refreshing compared to the majority of international fashion brands...
“The secret of my success isn’t hard to fathom. I’m an OK designer and I’m an OK businessman. A lot of people in this profession forget the second half of the equation.” Illustrating this point, he tells me,“I see a lot of students here and a lot of young designers come for help. I am so shocked how naïve they often are about how it all works. I recently had a girl here. She had just finished fashion college—three years of fashion college—and she said she wanted to start...
One of my all-time favorite designers who enjoys a balance between new and cool and classic styles. Great interview from The Rake of Sir Paul Smith: http://therake.com/ps-a-very-nice-knight/
Welcome to Styleforum. I've enjoyed shopping at your stores on just about every trip I've made to Atlanta since the 70's. I always appreciate your hospitality.
I will head to Oakland today and stop by. Looking forward to hearing Tony's jokes.
Heading over to S&S later today to meet Pete and Tony from Tellason. I'll take some pics.
Those Chup socks have great colors and patterns. Very nice!
Great, I look forward to seeing the new stuff and to catch up with Pete and Tony. I've meet them before at some Bay Area denim events...good guys!
Peet and Tony from Tellason will be in Oakland at Standard and Strange on Saturday. Drinks will be poured, so I'm told. Anything else @StrangeJeremy ?
Hey @StrangeJeremy what is the Tellason event on Saturday? Anything new?
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