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Ivory or off white buttons add a nice casual sporty look to a blazer. My more dressy blazer has brown horn buttons. I haven't had a brass or gold buttoned blazer since early 1990's when I said goodbye to my last BDBB.
Hey, does anyone know what brand of white suit the guy on the right is wearing?
I'm hungry
Having just returned from a Las Vegas trade show it is very enjoyable and entertaining to read about another type of trade show in another land.... Great job @Synthese
Nice photos!
in case anyone missed it the Black Fleece is still available at less 30%. http://www.brooksbrothers.com/black-fleece/mens/shirts/0714,default,sc.html
That is one wild Edgar Winter video with Ronnie Montrose on guitar.
I have recently run across one of the more interesting guitar makers in the US. Inspired by Paul Bigsby and his love of Rockabilly, Jazz and Western Swing TK Smith is making some remarkable sounding pickups and guitars. Even if you are into rockabilly there is no denying the wonderful warm tone. Check out his Charlie Christian style PU and his Bigsby style PU's. http://tksmith.net/
A business owner that I know, is in the top tier tailored goods factories in China every few months. He says he sees many of the top Italian brand names in menswear being cut and sewn and the work is supervised by very talented Italian old-school tailors. They use senior production management from around the world especially the USA and Europe. It is just a matter of going where labor is affordable.
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