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As someone who works with a variety of retailers and manufacturers in fashion, home decor and lifestyle products I think NMWA has been one of the most impressive retail brand launches in the last year. Congratulations Greg, you've done a remarkable job! I expect that we will see and hear a lot more about Greg and company in the near future.
What's the issue? Do tell.....
I've been wearing ties for over 50 years and have never owned or needed a grenadine. The only solid ties I've ever owned have been silk knits. I find grenadines dull. I'm not promoting ties with large patterns but I much prefer a subtle small pattern or woven small dot to a plain grenadine. the rest of my ties tend to be various reps stripes or a few heather knits and weaves.
Ralph Lauren by Crocket & Jones Prestbury US Size 10.5 Made in England Pre-owned, gently worn. Worn less than ten times. Excellent condition. FREE shipping for Styleforum. US only. I have these on an EBay auction starting at $125 + shipping. As soon as there is a bid I will close this listing. If you are interested I would urge you to purchase these now.
Ending in 8 hours Berlutti Shoe Trees UK 10 US 10.5-11 (261616283408) Ralph Lauren, Crocket & Jones Suede Captoe 10.5 (261616275898) Shipton and Heneage Paris UK Chukka Brown Suede US 11 Vintage Alan McAfee Black Captoe Shoe UK 10C US 10.5 N Plus Shoe Trees
When in doubt the black silk knit tie is often an ideal solution. Especially if you are wearing black shoes. It travels well and is very versatile. I'm heading to Europe in a while and that may be one of 2-3 ties I take. I am a big fan of Charvet silk knits. Nothing like them. I own them in several colors. Saks Fifth Ave sells them at the best price BTW. But for a wardrobe you also want a couple of rep ties, a POW black and silver plaid for weddings , etc, and a few...
Is Joe's Stone Crabs still good?
I'm heading there early November. Staying at a newly refurbished hotel the Gales. I think it is right next to the Delano? Any 2014 update on what to do in and around South Beach. It has been 13 years since I've been there
Paul talks about the Easy Rider bike on NPR http://www.npr.org/2014/10/11/354875096/behind-the-motorcycles-in-easy-rider-a-long-obscured-story
Maybe to you from todays perspective...... but when most of us saw it for the very first time in 1969, it was like magic.
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