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I'm thinking about heading to the "parade of Champions" (as they are calling it) tomorrow. I don't usually go to this sort of thing. But as a former season ticket holder who went through way too many loosing seasons, this is very special.
Did someone say "cheap trick"?
From everything that I've read, Polo makes its profits from very regular stuff - polo shirts, T shirts, underwear, and by selling these into very ordinary large department stores and outlet malls. The Purple Label and RRL brands as well as showcases like the Mansion on Madison Avenue in NYC, loose money and are there to add appeal and enhance the perception of the RL lifestyle. I think it is remarkable how PRL has been able to continue its mainstream popularity. What an...
The key is the DB fabric. I wore a tropical weight wool DB blazer as my main jacket for about three years in sunny, warm California and traveled with it extensively to hot and humid locations. Never a problem. Always looked sharp.
Today, Thursday June 18 Come on out and meet your fellow members of Styleforum and enjoy a cocktail 5:30 - 7:30 PM All are welcome
Tragic only if you pin small cards to it with the various makers names.
David, great job. Enjoyed the style insights.
Only if you post pics of you in a pub totally mottled, pissed, goosed, paggered, ruined, trashed, loo la and blottoed.
Tomorrow, 5:30-7:30, House of Shields
About half of the Pitti feed of pics shows guys with a narrow cut white trouser. In the last year, I can't seem to have found any RTW. Any suggestions?
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