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I contacted Khaki's of Carmel to ask about their San Francisco Ring Jacket Trunk Show. It will be at the Parc 55 Hotel, 55 Cyril Magnin Street, SF Monday and Tuesday September 29th and 30th. For appointments call jim Ockert the owner at 831-277-4975 or email jimocket@yahoo.com See you there!
Good story. Damn these fakes are getting good!
Going to Barcelona and then London.
Or restaurant suggestions?
Wow, that is an incredibly good fake. Stitch, what was it that told you it was a fake?
A friend and client has the worlds largest blog website for a particular expensive hobby. He has had an amazing following. It was nice when he expanded on to Facebook and selected more general subjects to post. But then that expanded to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I don't like getting three messages a day and the stuff on FB, Tweets and Instagram is beginning to seem watered down.
So, we decided to move our dates around and head to Barcelona and London before Christmas. I understand Barcelona is especially enjoyable during the pre-Christmas season. Thanks for the hotel suggestion from Cary Grant we are staying at the Neri. Any specific menswear stores that I must visit?
There are obviously many wealthy people around who like the service, the brand name, the style and overall experience that comes from buying Brioni RTW or MTM at a place like WIlkes Bashford or any one of the other top menswear stores that offer it. Bespoke can be a real hassle (fit, delays, limited selection, delays, egos, delays...did I say delays??) . It can be a real luxury to pay a retailer to handle all the details and any problems. Many people prefer to try on or...
Fake Name Brand Watches I visited a professional watch repairman and wholesaler today. He has been in the business for 25 years. He showed me the most amazing fake Rolex. The weight was right and the gold had been plated with real gold to pass a metal test. He had a customer last week pay him $100 to verify a Panerai that he said turned out to be fake. His customer had bought it off Ebay. He said the fakes are getting so good that even experienced pawn shops and jewelers...
I've bought rinsed or "hard rinsed" 1947's that haven't shrunk much when washed in cold and air dried. They tightened up perhaps a half inch in the waist and half an inch in length. The waist tends to stretch after a few wearings. If you buy distressed LVC, dont expect much if any shrinkage at all.
New Posts  All Forums: