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If you like good beer and live in the Bay Area, come on out and meet us at this event. http://www.styleforum.net/t/422290/san-francisco-sf-bay-area-styleforum-meetup-host-khaki-s-of-carmel-monday-september-29th/30_30#post_7381860
As of this morning we already have 16 RSVP's. Space is limited so please RSVP in this thread if you would like to attend. If you have never attended a Meetup, come on out and join us.
I always thought DM's were cool. I recall seeing a beautiful pair of British Tan leather DM's on the top floor of Hermes in Paris where they had a bespoke shop in the mid 80's. I purchased my first pair of black Lobb Williams in 1999. I still have them and they look and feel fantastic (I think Lobb used the very finest leather of any shoemaker). I could care less if GQ or anyone else says they are in or out of fashion. To me they will always be classic. I still wear them...
I tried the boots and chukkas (shown above) on yesterday in San Francisco. They are both available in half sizes. I found both of them to be an easy, comfortable fit. I usually need a roomy 10.5 or an 11US and both of these in their EU size 9.5 were an ideal fit.
Hurry, you won't want to miss this very limited release
If you are bringing dates , let me know so I can add to our head count . Thanks!
Anyone who is working late, please feel free to go directly to dinner at Mikkeller. We will see you there around 8pm.
Khaki's of Carmel
Thanks to everyone who has RSVP'd. We still have room for more but space will be limited. If you will be joining us for the Meetup hosted by Khaki's of Carmel on the 29th please RSVP in this thread. It helps us better manage the details of these events when we have an accurate head count. Looking forward to an enjoyable evening. Gus
Pink socks or ties are somewhat hard to pull off. But when done well they look great. It shows next-level talent.
New Posts  All Forums: