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I was down at the Farmers Market and a middle aged woman was playing an electric jazz guitar through a beat up original Fender Tweed Harvard. Amazing amp tone. I miss my tweed Harvard In fact I miss all of my vintage Fender tweed amps. Glad I at least kept the tweed Vibrolux.
Glad to read you went for the darker shade of blue. Skip any accessory that is "in fashion" and stick with more classic combinations and your wedding photos will still look great 10+ years later.
How about a black shoe post?
For sale almost new pair of Heschung suede chukka Genet boots with a rubber sole. I wore these four times but they are too large for my more narrow foot and heel. These are sized on the box as a EU 9.5 and a US 10 but they are in fact more like a US 11. They come with the original box. The original selling price at No Man Walks Alone was $465. These are only $275 or Best offer. These are very comfortable suede with a soft innersole.In the right size these will be...
I wear unfused spread collared shirts almost everyday made with a soft interlining. I don't need starch or collar stays to keep them from curling without a tie.
I have many friends and acquaintances who are artists or home decor / fashion designers who like to come home to all white or neutral rooms. They work with color and patterns all day and find it relaxing and refreshing.
I've seen some stunning places done up in natural colored woods and neutral fabrics. Any artwork or collections have an enhanced presence while the feel is calm and light.
I would enjoy owning a covey of 6+ different Tele/Esquires.
I'm surprised how hard it is to find good shades of brown cords. I only seem to see yellow/golds and dark brown, both which are too extreme. This mushroom brown is a perfect Fall/Winter color IMO. Now, if they can just find a similar muted mossy green for me
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