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Received my Rota trunk show custom orders with higher rise, side tabs in the dark cotton khaki and fine charcoal twill. Perfect almost year-round in the Bay Area.
Great documentry on Jaco just hit Netflix. Anyone with an appreciation for music will enjoy his remarkable story of talent, mental illness and redefining the electric bass.
A true bespoke shirt is very expensive. (bespoke meaning a unique pattern for you, trial shirt, etc.). Also, shirts suffer more wear and tear from laundry than most other tailored clothing. I'd rather spend money on bespoke jackets/trousers and get a quality MTM shirt. With MTM I get a good fit and most of all my choice of fabrics, collar style and other details. Currently I'm getting my shirts made by Joe at mytailor.com where a good Thomas Mason fabric MTM is around...
I was referring to pre- TitC blogging (which is no longer online) I believe it was called the mfanblog, where he posted and wrote about following Iammatt and Manton's recommendations and visiting Ambrosi, Anna M, Rubinacci for the first time. Great stuff and prior to controversy.
You know, back in the day before Foo became he wrote some very nice pieces. He was enthusiastically and sincerely sharing the details of his original commissions in Italy. I enjoyed them. It certainly inspired me to try some Ambrosi pents.
What are you looking forward to seeing, doing in Dubai?
Aside from coming up with a good name for a blog I admire anyone who can keep a blog going for more than a year. It is a tremendous amount of work. I had lunch and a photo shoot with Will (A Suitable Wardrobe) in 2007 and even then he was saying how hard it was to come up with good, original content. Or, as he put it, "How many times can you write about how to wear grey trousers?" Will was certainly a pioneer in menswear blogging and at one time had the #1 visited...
Shaken and then poured with the ice into a glass. No salt. I find that good blanca has enough of a salty after taste. Extra salt covers of the good flavor.
Thanks, that's what I had heard a few years ago. I will give them a try.
Levis white 501 CT
New Posts  All Forums: