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Anyone who followed the classic menswear days of Phat Guido knows that a P Johnson Suit can look pretty damn good. What I like is that the construction and fabrics are done with warmer weather climates in mind, so ideal for California. In addition, just looking at his Lookbook, shows a touch of a relaxed Aussie style which, to me is ideal in California and most other casual business locations.
Looking forward to seeing and trying on your clothing. Especially interested in the jackets.
P Johnson Tailors will be visiting San Francisco May 3-5 and Los Angeles May 1-2. The following is information they send about their visit: We will be conducting fittings in cities around the US every 6-8 weeks. Fitting's and consultations take about an hour and the turnaround time is 6-8 weeks for when we return to your city. So I would say around the first weekend of July. We offer a different finishes/makes at a few price points. Below is a run down. We have two...
The fashion trend has been for a DB peak lapels to be a bit wider and higher. I've seen some lately that have gone way too far (although the bloggers seem to like to photograph them). The lapels in your pic are more subtle and understated which is fine, if that is the look you want. But to be more fashionable in an expressive Italian way, yes they are a bit low and narrow. Do you want more expressive lapels? That is the real question.
Or if you just want an early morning breakfast with an Irish coffee and a bit of a Bay view surrounded by colorful San Francisco characters http://thebuenavista.com/index1.html
Ha ha....interesting description Well, each to his own. You can live a very happy and stylish life without ever owning a silk knit tie. (although it is the perfect travel tie...never wrinkles). On the flip-side, I have never owned a Grenadine.
Why not? I like the look.
Completely agree here. A loafer adds a slightly more relaxed look that is an ideal compliment to a navy blazer/grey trouser outfit. I think black oxfords with a navy blazer look a bit stuffy personally. You are wearing a jacket, not a suit. No reason not to appear a bit more sporty.Black looks right with certain color combinations. Black is chic. It is also an ideal travel shoe since you can have it polished anywhere without concern for the patina.
Those pair perfectly with that POW pattern.
Epaulet Trunk Show and Styleforum Meetup Saturday April 18 Hayes Valley, San Francisco No-Host dinner to follow at Mums (Japantown) Epaulet, the highly regarded New York based men’s clothing brand and boutique, is coming to the San Francisco Bay Area for a Trunk Show and Styleforum Meetup. Hosted by co-owners Mike Kuhle and Adele Berne, Epaulet will be bringing all MTO categories (Southwick, Individualized, Trousers) with full size runs to try on and place orders....
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