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^^ I love knit ties with the contrasting dots
I have two new cardigans that are getting a lot of wear recently. I purposely selected them because they didn't have 100% classic details. One has a stand up collar with a herringbone weave while the the other has a button up collar, in cable knit but with suede accents in the same color as the cashmere. These are subtle. At first glance they are a navy and a grey button front sweater. But I was looking for knitwear with updated styling. I like classic pieces, but I also...
Great quote! I prefer to wear a fairly simple mix of things (jeans, solid shirts, solid jackets) but add the one item to give it a little bit of punch and express my own style. But even that one item doesn't have to be loud, just well thought out. I think a turtleneck, now, is an excellent style accent. I'm currently wearing more patterned scarves with everything else being simple or solid. I rarely wear expressive socks anymore, but I do have a few.End-on-end weave shirt...
Speaking of Patigonia, Kapital and hippie, world traveler, camper dude style... did you see the new fleece vest from Kapital. They took the DNA of 70's Patagonia and made it their own. KInd of cool if you are walking around Oakland on a cool day in jeans and boots on the way to your cannabis club.
Classic CM style....NOT!
I'm assuming that they peg the price like this so that someone can "lowball" it down to $125MM and feel like they got a steal yet brag that it is a $250MM home.
Oh Boy, just bought me a new 4 ton HE heating unit. Guess those new John Lobbs will wait another month or two.....
Those prices quoted by Camiseria Burgos are very nice. I think for me to make it work here in the US, I would want three patch pockets and casual buttons, either leather or Tagua. I'd probably stay away from any fabric that looked like Trad tweed. I wouldn't wear it with a tie and would probably go for a polo shirt underneath in warm weather months.
Actually it is pretty easy to avoid looking like this
One of the wealthiest persons I know irons his own shirts. He told me he saves money and does a better job than any laundry.The dude has so much money he buys important, historical paintings to donate to top museums. So, maybe you will do more than save on laundry in the long run.
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