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Roger being Roger. His company evaporates after being acquired and he sees things for what they are and his life goes on. (as he has another drink, plays the organ and has a relationship with Don's ex-MIL.).
If there is going to be good buying and selling, buyers must provide accurate measurements. I had a seller provide measurements for some pants. The cuff opening was off by a full inch, the waist 1.5 inches. When I PM'd they replied, "Those are the measurements off the brands website". WTF??? At least the seller will take them back, because they are not as advertised. But it is a huge waste of time for everyone and the added expense to both parties for lost...
Can we wear cashmere hoodies?
Well, we can check off Betty, Joan, Pete and probably Roger.....now we need to resolve Don and Peggy. See you Sunday.
Looks like fun
I suggest getting s tan cotton suit with patch pockets. You can wear the jacket and pants as separates. You can also give it a sportswear look by wearing a solid white polo shirt underneath. Other options are a pink ocbd, white sneakers or white or tan bucks, madras or white pocket square.
Drakes knits have a far more dry and crunchy feel. Many prefer "dry and crunchy" for how they knot. Paul Stuart knits have a more silky feel and many like this soft texture and lower price.
I really like how you have paired them with that color and stripe in the sock. That is real next level #menswear style.
The Belgin Shop in NYC a decade + ago used to sell them to you and ask if you planned to wear them as house shoes or outside. If outside they, tell you to wear them for at least a week or so and then return to have rubber topies put on the sole. They refused to put topies on when brand new. They said they had to be broken in first for it to be done correctly. Do they still offer this and have their dogmatic policy?
If you see it in real life it looks and gives off far more casual vibe. It is linen so there is a lot of texture, it has ivory colored buttons so not a "suit" detail. I wear it with jeans, a white shirt and white pocket square and suede bucks to go wine tasting or cruse around SF on a sunny day.
New Posts  All Forums: