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I stopped by last week and tried on some of the new 1st PAT-RN collection. I think this is a sleeper brand ready to bust out at any moment. They have really nailed a comfortable casual style. I especially like the fabric, cut and rise of the trousers (except I need a longer inseam). It wouldn't surprise me if this became a top selling brand around the Bay Area. The fabric weights are perfect for the area's weather and the style is ideal for casual Oakland/SF tech workers...
I'm wearing my OAO2XX as well. And yes mine stretched out perfectly in the waist to the tag size even after two cold washed and air drying. I found that after washing and then wearing a bit that the fit is perfect the way the cut hugs the waist while leaving just enough room in the top block to not be tight. Brandon's fit pic (above) shows it well.
In the past, I've found that better NYC hotel deals usually start popping up after Oct 1st. Last year I was able to get a great last minute deal on Jet Blue (non-stop) and Expedia just one block from the event.
I need something new to watch...any suggestions?
If you live in Nashville aren't you required to own a Tele?
No experience with Armadillo bronze bridges but brass bridges and nuts were a big fad in the mid 70's (e.g. Stars Guitars, Alembic modifications, etc.) and when installed the change in metal made a change to the tone. Some liked it. Some felt it gave more sustain. But eventually it was considered a tonal mistake and dropped by most.Of course, the original bridge saddles on early Teles/Esquires are brass and the bridge tray is plated copper.So, any change to the metal parts...
Black bakelite "barrel" swith tips were the originals on the earliest Teles and EsquiresIn the mid-50's Fender changed to the "top hat" plastic switchGlendale makes a replacement switch tip in several different metals called a "Hot Rod" that looks pretty cool on just about any Tele/Esquire IMO
Narcos Season 2 And, I see that a Season 2 and 3 has been but into production. No doubt about the continuing Cali cartel, CIA and DEA
I've known many musicians who can differentiate the most subtle differences in tone. (But certainly not all and certainly not me. It's like having a super sensitive palette for wine or food. It's a talent that goes beyond being a good musician.) I think the tone is much more obvious in the different types of metal used for bridge saddles and their mass. There is a reason the guys at Glendale sell different metal and styled bridges. I can imagine that if you like the tone...
Here is the story of the Beck Tele written by the guy who built it, Seymour Duncan. Note that there are two versions. The first with a cut-off ashtray and a second which Seymour kept with a Tunamatic bridge and stop tail. http://www.seymourduncan.com/blog/seymour-duncan-company/my-new-cherry-red-tele-gib If you want to have the original cut-off ashtray and saddles as used on the original that Seymour Duncan built (used to record Blow By Blow) try one of these vintage...
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