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No. The style/brand becomes associated with the older demographic and the younger audience coming along wants and needs something "fresh" to call their own. If you don't offer that to them then they will pursue other options. A brand must continue to innovate, successfully appealing to an emerging audience or the clock is ticking when it will expire.The brand's both you and Nick mention have done this very well.
@dieworkwear's post by Nick Hilton about Bill's reflects how important it is to adopt change or risk being left behind. Lots of small specialty retailers across the country didn't want Bill's Khakis to change and look where it left them. I disagree with Nick that it was the introduction of many new accessories (brand extension) that lead to Bill's downfall. It was that anything they introduced continued to appeal to the same older demographic. That demographic "aged out"...
IMHO, Argyle looks best when one of the colors is the same as the pant, such as this.
Reminds me of the crazy, expressive tux's that very conservative guys would have made to wear to country club parties in the late 60's around NY. The FU look was to boldly show that they didn't have to follow the rules.
I wouldn't call the NYT piece "making fun" of SF, but it sure offers sobering facts about the realities of city life.
Now that you mention it, the newer, mainline leather does look good but a bit generic. It is missing something. Perhaps something in the weight and texture or the tanning process found in the older skins?I took a look at the "new" collections. Their combination of newer fabrics with certain older characteristics come across like a so-so Jack Spade bag. Looks like they need an all new design team stat!
Not surprised to hear that the SF Ghurka store is closing. That is very expensive real estate and the store was nicely done, but it didn't interest me enough to return after my initial visits a couple of years ago. I was impressed when John Reuter bought the company and salvaged it from the investment group that purchased it around 2004 and essentially destroyed it in their attempt to make it into a women's fashion handbag brand as well as moving all production to China....
See you this afternoon.
Tomorrow I will wear purple socks.
Those split toe derbies are especially nice.
New Posts  All Forums: