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Here is the pic of @justinkapur yesterday in his Panta jacket.
So, what you're saying is:Tongue in cheek : phrase of tongue1. without really meaning what one is saying or writing.Whats the point of your posts in this thread when you don't mean what your saying?
Just received a confirmation email that my BDOC is on the way. Looking forward to it. Love white classic shirts and jeans.
Seeing one guy wearing pink argyles in a business setting does not a trend make.
Long before bright, expressive socks became a #menswear cliche you could find always some brightly colored and patterned socks including argyles in better menswear stores in the South, North, Midwest. I would find the best selection in NYC , far more than in Dallas, Atlanta or Washington DC where I would also shop. Keep in mind that many, if not most of these were and are made in the UK or Italy. So, far from being a homegrown "southern thing" but the look is certainly...
I like each item here but IMO together they are a bit much. White bucks are ideal with seersucker. Nice to see that yours are well worn. Pristine white bucks are like brand new jeans just begging to get broken in. Why not wear them with a solid color sock or no socks for more classic style?
I wear 3.25. Anything much larger starts to look like the tie equivalent of Dad Jeans. Anything narrower looks like I'm trying too hard to be fashionable (with the exception of a silk knit tie at 2.5") . And at 3.25 it is equal or close to the width of my lapels. My shirt collars are also just large enough to reach the lapels. That makes them large enough to be in harmony with the tie and lapel width. The three look their best when working together.
It is true. The white soles are the original Sperry Topsider color that every sailor and Prep school guy wore through the mid 70's until better designed brands of boat shoes came along and turned everything upside down in boating shoes. Until that time there was only one color sole (white) and one color of leather (brown), tan leather wasn't even an option until the later 70's early 80's followed by navy. Brown and gold soles weren't around until early 1980's.
I think that larger scale gives it a distinctive look. Very nice!
That Drakes tie would work very well with a white shirt especially because it has some white in the pattern, but without seeing your exact tie I can't say for sure. Slight shifts in color do matter. All that being said, don't wear a yellow tie without a good tan. Yellow ties tend to make people look washed out without a bit of a bronze glow.
New Posts  All Forums: