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I think I will wait for the @voxsartoria Twitter summary
Visited a local used luxury watch dealer today, OC Watch Company, to shoot some pics for the week of Aug 3 when I will be the guest Instagram editor for Styleforum. Here is an out take. More details are on my Instagram. https://instagram.com/p/5a0yLlsjG8/?taken-by=guswalbolt
LW uses an authenticA 2 pattern, which unless you are rather skinny and below average height IMO isn't very flattering (they make you look paunchy) on anyone who is tall, has a long torso or an average or larger waist line. These were designed during WWI when the average pilot was only a size 36 jacket (with a 33" chest), 31 waist and was only 5'8 and 140 lbs. I know some companies used to make versions in Longs, but they never quite seemed right in larger proportions....
Go talk with these guys. They will make you a custom A 2 http://www.lostworldsinc.com
They take your measurements and then make a test shirt. My two shirts fit perfectly when new but shrank a bit too much after two washes for my tastes. They do like to make things lean so if you like more room, be sure and ask for it. The fabrics were beautiful! I believe everything was machine sewn on mine except the button holes. I think NSM will give you extra handwork if you make a specific request.
Since you are taking older pics, how about this one...December 23,1984. My first trip to the UK.
Ten years ago, pretty much Luciano Barbera tailored clothing, Borrelli MTO shirts, Lobb shoes, LVC Levi's 1947 jeans, LP cashmere sweaters. And a couple of MTO Isaia suits and jackets.
Just sold our 2008 VW R32 today. With only 35K miles and in mint conditions dealers were dying to get it. The new R is just staring to arrive in VW dealers at $42K plus $3K markups, so about $50 grand OTD.
What are some of the more memorable things you have enjoyed and disliked about trunk shows and traveling tailors visits. I'm not asking this to trash anyone or their business. I think this could be good general feedback to retailers and tailors. Plus, we all want an enjoyable experience. What have been some of your peaks and pits? I'll contribute later when I'm at my computer.
My new custom ordered Ring Jacket corduroy suit arrived yesterday at Khakis Carmel. Jim helped me select a mossy green Italian cotton from the Zegna book. I had it made up with a 3-2 roll, patch pockets, 3/4 lining. The fabric is very nice and soft. I especially like it's earthy, mossy color rather than the typical brighter, cleaner bottle greens you usually see. The corduroy also has 3% Elastan which gives it a softer feel and just a bit of stretch for easy comfort. It...
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