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The only solid medium grey blazer I've ever seen that worked for me had a textured, twill fabric with a slight heathered fabric, patch pockets and other subtle casual features. Otherwise, grey ends up looking like an orphaned suit jacket. I really like the grey with blue over plaid that you posted. That is ideal with jeans and more interested than a Blue Blazer and jeans. It would also look good with white or an off-white neutral cotton jean.
I started using Eagle Creek compression bags for this. They came in a multiple size three pack. They are super lightweight and they really work at compressing socks, underwear, etc., and make finding things that much easier in your case. It is one of those little things that make living out of a suitcase that much easier. I'm a huge fan.
I've been a long-time Chase United card holder that earns one point for every dollar spent. We have redeemed many miles for Business and First Class travel overseas over a ten year+ period. However, things have changed so much in the last year with the United program devaluing points and making it harder than ever to secure desired routes on required dates. I began to research options to the United program and this led me to other airlines and other credit card travel...
I was going through some boxes and came across a photo of a National Islander resophonic guitar that I used to own. This was the very last one that Don and McGregor made (I think they did a total of 100-200 of these). The headstock was laminated with pearloid MOTS, and the body was painted in a pinkish- teal heathered finish with a screened hula dancer on the front playing a uke. The back had an image of a large palm tree. I kept it hanging in my office for ages. Every...
I've done that for years, especially for multiple night business trips. But then I dont wear my gym clothes anywhere except the gym. I suppose if it was a casual getaway that might be different.
Damn you for posting sneakers that are sold out.
TBH, aside from the buttons it looks 100% like a suit jacket. If it was a fuzzy flannel it might be another story. I wouldn't keep it.
@binge was very active on Styleforum a number of years ago and shared his travel stories of how he would visit multiple European cities over two weeks in winter with only a carry on. Everything about it was super efficient and coordinated. But it can be done. He was also well dressed.
@Spark great summery. Although I don't fly as much as you anymore, I have had my share of time up in the air and developed a similar strategy. I will look into those Alberto jeans. I bought my first pair of jeans with spandex recently and was very impressed for long distance travel. I couldn't agree more about the Bose noise canceling headphones. Bought my first pair in 2003. Cracked them a year or so later and Bose just handed me a free pair under warranty. Cracked them...
For me, once I start to tinker with a guitar it gets kind of hard to stop. It's fun and there are so many interesting options. I like to keep vintage instruments 100% stock. But for newer instruments tweaking and experimenting is a kick. I'm pretty sure I'm going to build an Esquire early next year. I'm looking forward to switching in and out a handful of different Tele lead pickup options. That would be a fun project. I would add a four-way switch to get the two regular...
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