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Thanks. I've used those on previous shoes. They work oK. I was wondering more about cleaning rather than cover up.Is there a better chalk bag? If so, where do you get one?
Kirby, any suggestions for the cleaning and care of white bucks? I have some nice C&J's for RL from a few seasons back that are getting a bit scuffed up and have some very slight blue marks from wearing with jeans. As you know, the more classic white bucks take on a slight ivory shade over time. I'm concerned about an overall suede shampoo changing the color of the white dye? I don't need these to look spanking brand new, or to look like brand new sneakers. in fact I...
I was looking for the live feed or the Styleforum-cam.
I went to the first one in 2012 where I met the makers of Blue Blanket Jeans from Italy, the Telleson guys, the owner of Rising Sun a bunch of creative guys from RRL and LVC, the factory rep from Cone Mills, Roy of Roys jeans and many others. I also love AB Fits and the cool North Beach neighborhood.
Denimbruin brings together amazing denim makers, fans, historians and retailers. If you enjoy the heritage look and high quality smaller brands (and a few bigger ones) you'll enjoy Denimbruin. There are many interesting and passionate guys talking denim over a long weekend, swapping stories, drinking very good beer and it gives you a chance to see some of the very best denim and workwear available.
Do you think you are entertaining? Perhaps funny? Maybe even clever? Well, you aren't.
That appears to be a very well made instrument. Gypsy guitars are a real niche in the US so I want to stay with something that has the classic Selmer style and construction in case I ever want to resell.
I'm interested in Django Selmer style guitar, the one with the smaller sound hole. I want to avoid the cheaper Asian imports but am interested in options around $1500-$3000. Used is probably preferred. ANyone have any suggestions for brands or sources?
Very nice.
Left my watch in a locker at the gym. Someone had turned it in to the main desk.
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