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I have a suggestion. How about setting up two Gustin threads? One can contain specific questions and feedback on Gustin products. The second thread can be for posting all of the expert suggestions on how Gustin should run their business.
So many people say they don't like Milan. I love it and since so many major carriers arrive in Milan it is an easy starting off point if only for a few days. I enjoy the energy and buzz as well as the feel that you are in the country's design and fashion center. But if you are looking for more rustic charm there are other places.
A city that very few people mention that was one of the most enjoyable of all of my trips to Italy was Bologna. It is an short ride from Florence or Milan. It has the oldest University in the world and a mix of ancient architecture as well as the energy of a University city. Many claim it has the best food in all of Italy and you can have fun exploring the wine region, cheese makers and Ferrari isn't too far away. We took a great food and wine private tour.
@bourbonbasted - my Italian honeymoon was in late Sept/early Oct. It was an ideal time of year as the weather is mild and the touristy crowds have died down. One of my Board members had been vacationing there for 20 years http://www.palacehotelvillacortine.com/. It turned out to be an ideal location, centrally located. Because we stayed at the hotel we would have the hotel drop us at the train station for day trips to Venice, Verona, Milan or arrange for a car and driver....
Go with a dark navy suit. In general paying more for a shirt at a department store like Nordstrom will get you a better looking collar. For a suit avoid a button down collar and go for a spread collar. Something like this shape: You want it to have a nice shape and the fabric to look smooth.
For the shirt a white spread collar or a light blue end-on-end spread collar will always look good. For the tie, start with a small sized print "neat" pattern like this. Then for a second tie, go with a simple rep stripe.
Thanks Salad. Thought something besides a robot pose would be fun
Photographed by the staff photographer at Liberty, one of the many menswear shows in Las Vegas this week along with MAGIC, Project and others. Wearing a Ring Jacket suit ordered from the Khaki's of Carmel trunk show in San Francisco and measured by Mr Sasamoto of Ring Jacket. The fabric is a navy wool twill by Loro Piana. Tie EG Cappelli and shoes John Lobb Wallace.
My new Ring Jacket suit made from a Loro Piana lightweight wool in a very fine twill. I was photographed in Las Vegas by the staff photographer at Liberty one of the many menswear shows at MAGIC LV. This was the suits very first outing and I was delighted by the fit. Got a ton of compliments on it. Hoping that Khaki's will do another Ring Jacket trunk show soon so I can place another order. Although, their OTR fits me so well the only reason for custom ordering is fabric...
A white one with a full frontal placket? My dreams have been answered! 😊 Where do I sign up?
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