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There are some beautiful pocket squares for sale on A Suitable Wardrobe. https://asuitablewardrobe.com/sale?p=3&q=sale
I had a rare tweed 3x10 tweed Bandmaster. They didn't make many of them. (It is Keith Richards number one or number 2 favorite amp.) The thing sounded so cool but at the time I had an opportunity to buy some cool geetars so I sold it to a harp player. He made that thing sound like a Hammond organ driven through a Leslie on full volume. What tone.
There must be a handful of guys making quality copies of Dumbles these days. I've never looked into it. Me, I like old tweed Fenders, vintage Ampex Portaflex's, a few Fender blackface amps and White Fender Bassmen. I don't believe in Marshall Law.
What?? No One Collarâ„¢ ??
pBooth I like your collars. They are a good height and size. Too many guys collars aren't long enough to touch under the lapels or they are too short and look squatty. To me the perfect spread gently tucks under the lapel when the top button is buttoned or unbuttoned. These very narrow collars guys wear with skinny ties can't do it , so they won't ever have as elegant look IMO.
Not in the NYC area. And you don't want to have to ship an amp anywhere, especially an older one. I would just start asking at your favorite independent music stores or vintage dealers in the area. Good luck.The former road mgr of a famous Bay Area based group repairs mine. He quite about 2 years ago and is making his own pexi style Marshall copies and has a long waiting list of rock royalty. He also has a stock on NOS Russian and vintage US tubes. He really knows how to...
Styleforum groupthink is currently anti black accessories.. Black shoes, ties and accessories can look quite chic. Just walk around Milan and you see many well dressed men wearing black shoes and or ties. Yes, black shoes look elegant with a navy or grey suit or a grey tweed jacket and grey trousers. Some make it look quite distinctive with other combinations as well (black shoes, tan suit, black tie) . I've seen enough color trends come and go (member of the Color...
Just a great sounding all around tweed amp.But I had already sold the Deluxe, Super and Pro after a guy offered me crazy money for them. I had also sold the Harvard, Princeton and my multiple Champs. Every now and then I decided to sell things when they didn't sound or play as good as something else in my collection. I think I already mentioned this but I used to have two near mint tweed Champs that I used as bookends in my office.
I was down at the Farmers Market and a middle aged woman was playing an electric jazz guitar through a beat up original Fender Tweed Harvard. Amazing amp tone. I miss my tweed Harvard In fact I miss all of my vintage Fender tweed amps. Glad I at least kept the tweed Vibrolux.
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