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The Ugly Renaissance....background on why this period wasn't all wine, art and roses. Makes the massive hedge fund and billionaire money and their lifestyles so tame by comparison.
After seeing Peggy walk into her new company, I would be OK if that was it for her and the last episode was all about Don.
A little something to watch while you wait for Sunday
I don't see anyone wearing them anymore. But, I haven't been hanging out lately in the plain-navy-suit areas of NYC or Paris where I used to see them, usually on finance guys. In the 80's the scarf print ties with very bold colors, gold and black were rather chic. The same scarf patterns were also made up as cumberbund and bow tie sets as well as the back of vests. The vests were killer when worn with a white shirt and black knit tie. Most were suede in the front.
Me three...
These look great! And, an excellent value. The front has a very cool look. The rear buckles I find to be distracting especially in the medium and smaller sizes from the pics. But, I suppose they could be removed.
Roger being Roger. His company evaporates after being acquired and he sees things for what they are and his life goes on. (as he has another drink, plays the organ and has a relationship with Don's ex-MIL.).
If there is going to be good buying and selling, buyers must provide accurate measurements. I had a seller provide measurements for some pants. The cuff opening was off by a full inch, the waist 1.5 inches. When I PM'd they replied, "Those are the measurements off the brands website". WTF??? At least the seller will take them back, because they are not as advertised. But it is a huge waste of time for everyone and the added expense to both parties for lost...
Can we wear cashmere hoodies?
Well, we can check off Betty, Joan, Pete and probably Roger.....now we need to resolve Don and Peggy. See you Sunday.
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