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I bought my son an acoustic at Guitar Center 2 or 3 years ago for $100 or so. I was amazed how many easy to play and decent sounding options they had around that price point. It wont be a vintage collectable but they certainly offer a comfortable to play and good sounding experience.
They used to have a retail store in Milan. It was very well done, modern and a great range of leather goods and accessories. Not sure if it is still there, last time in Milan was 2011. Surprised more of it din't make it to the USA. They offered a very impressive collection.
I've avoided Silhouette because of the obnoxious logo on the side of their glasses. Maybe that has changed? I will take a look.
Heard that Louis Boston will be closing mid-year. I haven't been to the newer location since they moved in 2010. In its heyday, it was an amazing place and it was the retailer who got Luciano Barbera to debut a menswear collection in their store. The very early Zegna products in Louis were incredible too. Talk about a menswear Mecca. But, those days are long gone. So long Louis.
I was a big fan of Tim's and cape Cod Sea Salt and vinegar and BBQ, but they are so salty that they ruin your tongue and tastebuds for a day or two. Mine anyway, and perhaps because once I start I eat a ton of them. I'm finding that I enjoy a small bowl of more average potato chips with a glass of wine before dinner. And it doesn't effect my palate.
Marcoliani makes a great looking and durable wool sock. You don't have to take any special care with these. For a more elegant fitted sock that also requires a bit more attention when washing (cold water, no dryer) you can't beat Bresciani. They offer delicious colors for summer in lightweight blends of wool, silk and linen. Very, very nice!
While in London recently I had a chance to visit their store and see some of the more casual shoes. All of these had Dainite soles, quite round toes and included leathers in grays, blues and greens in addition to brown and black. Very nice. Perfect for jeans and more casual wear.
I met these guys at MAGIC last summer and then had a chance to recently visit their London store. Beautiful, elegant contemporary bags and backpacks. They have their own look and style. Check out Troubadour : http://www.troubadourgoods.com/pages/our-story
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