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You guys sure had a lot of nice socks during my last visit. Here are just a few by Chup.
Nice to see a denim jacket cut for a longer torso. So many of the classic denim jackets, in an effort to maintain authenticity of their period, are far too short for an average male today who is several inches taller and has longer arms. I'd love a quality Japanese repo Type II jacket in a Long.
Three shades of brown. Incotex, Pantherella cashmere, EG Ullswater.
Great suit, beautiful fabric and fit. Except, I would suggest shortening the pants a bit so that there is less break to give a cleaner drape and a more modern fit.I used to wear my suit pants this long but have gone with a bit shorter length and it really make s a difference.
No, just a mistake. Thanks for pointing it out.
Don't you love it when someone goes off the rails with a rant?
Nice label design!
These NR coats really cover both modern and classic. Very impressive styling.
I love denim shirts, especially after many washings when they soften up and the edges show a bit of wear. They look especially nice with tailored khakis.
I just stumbled across a post from Styleforum member @j ingevaldsson from 2014 where he posts a link to his blog story and very nice photos about Maftei. It is in Swedish but the bottom right column has a translator button for English. Here is the link to his blog: http://www.shoegazing.se/2014/08/08/kopguide-maftei/ Here are just a few of his many beautiful photos from his blog.
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