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Really enjoying my Rega, Jolida, B&W system. Been scoring a lot of wonderful classic 50's and very early60's jazz albums - Les McCann, Wes Montgomery, Bill Evans, Sonny Rollins, Jimmy Smith, etc. as well as early blues and some rock.
Saw it tonight. Enjoyed it. I liked the first one more with the way the characters and story were developed. But, this is good, action hero fun. They showed a trailer for the next SJ movie LUCY. That looks to be enjoyable.
A vintage Tweed Champ, Harvard or Princeton cranked will take you to guitar heaven.
Congrats MrG
Perfect post for the "Things that make you happy" thread.
I love LP Jr's. I'm especially a sucker for a clean LP TV JR. I sold one to Keith Richards when he was in Sausalito recording an album with the X-pensive Winos.
Or maybe this.......
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New Posts  All Forums: