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Go with the lighter off-white ones for a more updated look rather than to more gold-cast which are very 90's. Oh, and please iron them before wearing.
I like the new neck sizes. That really makes a difference for me. I'm in for a YH3. Looking forward to it.
This is great news @NewYorkIslander will send DM about MTO options. Good luck with the new shirts!
The folks who sold me this hornback alligator belt said that virtually everyone who buys it is from the South or Texas. They said that professional guys from that part of the country are big on highly textured exotic skinned belts. This wouldn't be a big seller in the NE or West.
Sorry @Caustic Man but you aren't sporting enough color to be official Southern Trad. I have been researching a custom exotic skin belt recently and have spoken with the good folks at both W. Kleinberg and Martin Dingman. The West, North, all buy typical brown, tan and black calf or classic alligator belts. But according to them their Southern customers (including Texans) are the ones who love highly textured and/or colorful exotic skins. It is very common, according to...
Who makes these white bucks?
Looking forward to your posts! Have a great show.
I've visited the store many times since it opened in Atlanta in 2007. Various brands have come and gone but the over-all house style and influence have a distinctly younger Southern trad feel and vibe without getting too out-there.The store is going more and more private label with SId Mashburn branded suits, jackets, trousers, shirts and shoes. Although there are name brand accessories. I just bought some white bucks which were probably made by Alfred Sargent in the UK...
I was in one of San Francisco's older independent menswear stores The Hound, last week. An out-of-town, middle aged gentleman was selecting socks and said to the SA with a tone of pride, "I need the bright and colorful ones. Us Southern boys, we love to wear color."
Thanks @dieworkwear , very helpful.
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