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Best Mac & Cheez eva! Bummed I missed out on the Lobsta Mac.
Cool! I remember well true bleeding Madras in the 60's and early 70's. It not only bleeds but has a far more interesting irregular "slubby" texture which is especially nice in summer. My favorite colors where the ones with greens and pinks as well as blues and reds. Can you give more details about future color combos that will be offered?
I had a chance to look at their samples. The finish on the croc is especially nice. It has a modern elegant look with the color options and matt finish, unlike most croc accessories of the 80's and 90's that tended to be shiny and intense colors. Look at how the croc's scales are accented.Here are a few of the colors. The lighting makes the red a bit more intense than IRL but the other colors like the greys, etc., look pretty true to the samples I saw at the show.I wish I...
Cross post from The Proper Kit thread two ties from Yellow Hook that came home with me. Real beauties.
Res Ipsa USA Panta....beautiful shoes! Fine looking gents The upcoming Styleforum GMTO boot....wow!
That rust is a beauty. I picked up these two Yellow Hook ties: The grey has a blue over check that doesn't quite come through in my afternoon light, but it's there.
Great photos!
I think it looks a bit too small overall but especially in the shoulders. I would go up one size.
It was great meeting Rob and seeing his collection of Yellow Hook Neckties. I was very impressed by their soft feel, beautiful patterns and high quality fabrics. Photos just don't do them justice, they really are special. Buy several, you won't regret it. Here are some photos from the Proper Kit trunk show.
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