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I stopped by yesterday and a box of Pure Blue Japan denim had just arrived. These are their XX-003. Super slubby and hairy. They said they only make these once a year and the denim is woven on an exclusive slow shuttle loom which gives a very unique texture. And here is a pic of Jeremy's 7 year-old pair next to a brand new, right-out-of-the-box jeans.
I've found that when traveling I really need to be disciplined. It is impossible to not gain weight eating three meals of regular hotel and restaurant food especially while wining and dining clients but you can do it. What works for me is to avoid regular desserts, bread, rice and any potatoes. Start off in the morning with scrambled eggs and sliced tomatoes or fruit. Then lean protein for lunch and dinner. I look forward to and reward myself with some favorites every...
Personally, I like them for their zero branding, gum sole and classic, retro shape. You also have modern, influential designers like Margiela pushing copies of them out there at $600+ so the fashionista set wears them as a sign of being "in the know".
That might be fun, especially after they get a little rough and funky.
I wonder if anyone has given their Epaulet sport trainers a Margiela-esk paint treatment?
Cool. I'll go with the classic grey/white combo.
Beautiful finish!
The soft cut jacket that @sacafotos showed (above) is Kirk's latest prototype. The shoulder and interior finishing work are very impressive. You get a MTM soft jacket using one of the premier mills (Barbera, Fox, etc.) for $900-$1000 depending upon fabric selection. I'm having him make up one for me in a summer weight linen, 3 patch, 3-2 button for a trip to Europe this Spring. The linen is a blue on blue check in two shades of indigo. Kirk also had a prototype of a polo...
Jumped on the white Superga sneakers 👍
We also have a few new folks joining us who aren't on Styleforum. Should be an interesting group
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