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A white shirt with good quality fabric and construction will usually far outlast any other colors or patterned shirts in a wardrobe so why not invest in good ones? To me they have the added advantage of minimal hassle. If it stains you can bleach it. Heavy ironing doesn't show up on collars. White won't show minor cuff or collar wear as soon as say a blue end-on-end. I find good fabrics like a heavy royal oxford are just about bullet proof. I can send them out at hotel...
M, that option never even came up in the discussion. It was just,SA: "Pleats?"PSG: "Yes. How about single".SA: "Ok. Did you gain weight since your last pants? You look heavier"Maybe if I'm lucky he will give me the pimp reverse pleats.
Thanks, @nioh That is what I'm counting on.I've found the best fit for any clothing is never too extreme either way (tim/full, wide/narrow, long/short). I enjoyed pleats back in the 80's. Time to give them a go once again. But this time not quite so full.
Looking forward to your reports.
The Majestic is a wonderful hotel. They really know how to take care of you.
Ciudad Condal is a very nice, upscale tapas bar. Worth a visit if you are in that part of town. Belmonte is excellent if you are in the Gothic Qtr. L'Ascensor in the Gothic Qtr is a charming little cocktail bar. Oscar Grand is still doing his tailored clothing thing near the Picasso Museum. Go there for bespoke, affordable modern clothing.
For a navy work-horse suit I prefer a lightweight, solid, fine twill for year-round. Loro Piana makes a very nice one. The fine twill, to me, is more of a modern, all purpose look. I would go with the birdsye for a 2nd or third navy suit.
My favorite is the rust plaid jacket. That would look fantastic with a denim shirt and knit cashmere tie. I don't think the sleeves look too short but it would help to see them buttoned.
Nice ^ Looking forward to fit pics as well as getting mine
After hearing Steven Van Zandt on Howard Stern I watched Lilyhammer. It is fun and easy. Like "Goodfellas" goes to Norway but with a light comedic twist. A third of it is in Norwegian with subtitles.
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