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Bourbon...yeah I agree the higher waist for denim with a sport jacket as the way to go. In fact I'm moving towards a slightly higher waist on all trousers and suits as well as denim. I will try the 3Sixteens SL-100's. I'm going to be in SF on Thursday for the next Meetup so I will plan to drop by some stores for jean shopping. I want to be sure and go by AB Fits. I haven't been by in a while and Howard has a few new brands. Mr. Six ...The Flat heads that are long enough...
That is a beautiful color of suede. Nice loafer style too.
When you do visit Carmel James, just be sure to allow a LOT of time at Khakis. Every time we go, my wife takes the dog, goes for a long walk along the beach, gets something to eat, does some shopping, etc., because she knows I'll be looking at everything at Khakis for at least two hours. They have a real variety. Lots of options.
Both of those EG's are
I'm familiar with all of these brands except Canton.My problem with most of these Japanese brands is that the length of the inseam is too short after washing. The guys at Standard and Strange in Oakland are having some made up in an extra long length and I'm on the wait list.
Thanks UC. I wondered what happened to Nick. I should swing by and see him.I've never checked out Tailor Stitch.A RRL production person told me that their jeans are no longer made in SF, they have been made in LA for the last 1-2 years. The main sewing operation in SF that does everyones "Made in SF denim" has been having some QC issues for a while. Probably a victim of their own success.
Beautiful view👍
I think this is happening on other brand threads as well. I've never noticed it before. I think just speaking and asking the poster to go to another general topic thread is the solution.
The RRL straights are nice jeans. The denim feels especially good, but they have a somewhat wide leg opening for my tastes (8.75 verses 8 to 8.25 for most of mine). That is fine for a boot or chelsea but for a derby I want a more tapered leg. I suppose I could always have that done.
Speaking of green.... Here is a pic of Jim Ockert, owner of Khakis Carmel, putting the finishing touches on my most recent green corduroy suit by Ring Jacket using a Zegna blend cotton fabric. It is very soft. Much more so than most 100% cotton corduroys.
New Posts  All Forums: