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In researching a trip to Vienna, I came across a number of shoe enthusiast articles and posts where Maftei is regarded as one of the great classic shoe makers. Here is a link to the Maftei website. http://www.maftei.at/#!about/c1enr From what I've read, the family has historically been offering a bespoke shoe but is now branching into MTO and RTW. I was wondering of any members of Styleforum have had any recent experience with Maftei? If so, was it in Vienna or at a trunk...
Dieworkwear had a blog posting about the best value and recommends Formosa which is sold by No Man Walks Alone. If you visit their trunk shows you can get MTM.
I like a high armhole as well and I don't like excess fabric. I've purchased several well known Italian shirt brands in the past 10-15 years with no issue but only in the last year or so have I experienced significant slimming throughout the entire arm while the rest of the shirt is about the same.
I would agree with this but I also see a similar attention to fit in Milan for both men and women.
I'm amazed how slim many of the Italian shirtmakers are cutting the arms of their shirts. I don't have big guns and I'm not fat. Yet I feel like I'm going to tear the fabric when I make a tight curl. I'm getting tired of ordering Italian RTW shirts only to have to return them for lack of room. Crazy. Do you guys like a tight, slim cut in the arm??
I would agree that the mature Frenchman, walking around the city seem to wear classic derby Paraboot and Herschung type shoes. Funny, I'm wearing my suede, rubber soled, Paraboot wingtips today. I better go buy a baguette and some brie.
Regarding BIgi, I like the 9cm. An 8cm would be too narrow for me. I keep trying 8cm and always go back to 9cm. Bigi sure makes a great tie! Excellent fabric, colors and knots.
These people look like they could be from any of several cities in the US. I'm not saying this to be critical, just an observation of global styles.
From my perspective, there are only about 4 photos where I might guess with much certainty that the people are Parisian. IMO, the rest have a more global, urban fashion look. I wouldn't be surprised if you told me that these people were from NYC, Milan, London. I think that is a reflection on the globalization of fashion retail and the availability of style influence on a global basis online. On another topic, the photo of the school teacher and the children reminded me...
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