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The Drakes (brown edge) is made from a wool and silk blend making it a bit heftier that the other 100% silk pocket square samples. I didn't have a 100% silk square made by Drakes so I used what I had for the photo. Even with the difference in fabric I think the stitching is quite nice for a looser weave fabric. I do prefer the Monsieur Fox and Hermes silk squares for a beautifully executed edge. I was quite disappointed when I received my Rubinacci a year or two ago. I...
I don't think you can go wrong with any of the Rega's. If you ever want to upgrade you can easily resell them on Craig's List. I would suggest trying it for a while and seeing how much you actually use it. Lots of people get enthusiastic and enjoy LP's and truntables, but after 6-12 months slip back into easy to use music formats.
^^^Yes, that is how they appear in the photo.
I would lean towards Paul Stuart, but the decision has to be made based upon what they offer and the fit when you try it on. Maybe visit PS, then head to Brooks and Canali and try their offerings on the same day to get a feel for which fabric and cut you prefer. Things have changed in the last 4 years.
The poll results are: 1) Most popular, preferred was #2, silk by Monsieur Fox (24 votes) 2)Silk, by Hermes (16 votes) 3)Wool/silk blend by Drakes (5 votes) 4)Silk, by Etro (2 votes) 5)Silk, by Rubinacci (0 votes)
If you plan to attend the Styleforum Meetup hosted by Epaulet please be sure and RSVP in this thread. I need a good head count to try and arrange for dinner. Thanks, Gus
Good point on how we wear a pocket square. I like to casually push a square into my pocket these days so the edges and points often show. So, how they are sewn is visible and it matters to me.
I'm not interested in repeated views of episodes of any series including Mad Men, Breaking Bad, etc. Once I know what happens it ruins the suspense and most of the drama.
@donraphael, that is always a smart looking combination. Aside from the polka dot pocket square, which I would replace with a white linen PS, to me the solid navy suit, white shirt and POW tie is one of the top, true classic menswear looks. Much like a classic black tie rig, it looks good on everyone.
Today is the last day to post your vote in the poll. Don't forget to vote for your favorite(s). You can vote for more than one.
New Posts  All Forums: