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The women loved Jimi
Jimi likes white.....
Interesting idea Sugar. It brings back memories of the mid 70's when adding a solid yellow cotton or linen tie with a blue shirt, blue blazer and a suntan was very "prep goes to the country club".
How about a look based on a social situation? Date night, cocktails with friends, dinner with friends, house party , etc....
I know a few pros who use MIM Strats and Teles. Yes they have had a good luthier tweak them (file frets, set up and replace pots) but they get great sound and they dont worry about them on the road.
The weakness of a Talk Box, of course, is that you can't just go up to a guy and say"Hey can I give it a try?". After all, it is covered in his spit.
It sure beats the crap out of most business casual in any city.
Anyone here ever try a Talk Box? Is anyone using them today or only Peter Frampton tribute bands?
Way to go Sugar
My thoughts on wearing Jackets, Ties and Jeans- The combination of the three look their best with the of textures and colors of Fall/WInter materials. A knit or heavy cashmere tie looks less formal and works best with the other textiures. Suede is the ideal shoe with jeans or an interesting detailed brogue that isn't too shiny. If you want the late 60's Ivy style go with Levis, a blue blazer, simple rep tie, OCBD and penny loafers. This was Any Warhol's go-to look as...
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