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It was a common expression for big girls in the 80's
^ Funny that you mention that. They used this home to shoot a brief Star Trek scene
Here is a house for sale in Joshua Tree, CA. The owners spent 14 years building it including all custom furniture. I used to publish some of the owners works. The place is for sale for a fraction of the price they put into it. http://www.viddler.com/v/11914127
And, another. This one rather subtle and on a very nice new patterned navy suit.
I have been getting junk mail recently address to my father. He died 35 years ago. Very weird.
Here is another great graphic label...
Hey, good idea troika! With the brand loyalty tattoos that I see from time to time (i.e. Apple, Harley, Tabasco, etc.) It wouldn't surprise me if there are a few Ring Jacket tat's out there
Can't you just go into Apple, buy a phone and they will pay you for your old one? If you are on AT&T the Apple Store will set you up.
I love Ring Jackets labels ^^^^ They are so imaginative.
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