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Hey @StrangeJeremy what is the story on these boots? I saw them today in your store. They seemed to have a waxed or oiled finished leather? Cool look.
I also snapped a pic of this cool titanium flask, made in Japan by Snow Peak. That would be a nice stocking stuffer.
I sure like your new location. What is better than great denim and shoes next to great pizza and Mexican food? I just stopped by the store today and saw some of their new Alden boots and their suede chukka. Beautiful! The trunk show Saturday should be a lot of fun with cocktails and lots of Alden shoes on display to order.
Check out these Alden cedar shoe trees.
If you are near the Bay Area, Standard & Strange in Oakland are having an Alden Trunk Show this Saturday the 19th. In addition to their stock boots, you can order any other models of boots or shoes from the Alden line. With each pair you order you will get Alden shoe trees (a $35 value.) See you Saturday. Oh, and the guys from Caledonia Spirits will be there pouring cocktails. A little bit of Holiday cheer!
More in my size pleeze
@emptym has a brown velvet jacket that he wore to a SF Meetup. Very nice.I find my purple velvet jacket versatile for festive events. (I also got a ton of wear out of a black velvet jacket that I enjoyed for many years.) A velvet jacket is fun for the right event. I don't think that specific colors of velvet must be limited to smoking jackets. It all has to do with the personal style of the person wearing it.
He was wearing that same outfit the last time I saw him.
This is a very cool jacket
Agreed that the public Flusser, post 2007, hasn't been an example of classic menswear style. The outfits, posted above, certainly make him an easy target for negative comments from people with expectations that he should dress like a page out of "Clothes and the Man". In the 80's, 90's and early 2000's he was one of the finest resources for classic menswear and style. Not quite sure what triggered his style change for sure but I had heard that in the mid 2000's there were...
New Posts  All Forums: