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I think the made in Mexico Strats are excellent. They play great, well made and a real value. Get one. I think the Olympic white is especially nice.
So far my recommendations for South Beach next week are: The Pelican - stop in for drinks and to sit on the out door terrace for people watching. I hear the staff is all Italian and mostly models. No surprise since it is owned by Diesel jeans. Quattro on Lincoln for dinner (Italian food) Joe's Stone Crabs The Raleigh's bar Enreiquetta's Any other suggestions?
That big paisley look seems so mid 80's early 90's. I love large paisley, especially on scarves and pocket squares (I'm also consulting a line of home decor using them) but I'm not sure I'm ready to venture back into wearing them as ties.....for now anyway.
I buy a pair of nice chukkas every 6-7 years. But, the initial enjoyment rubs off due to the discomfort of where they hit on the front of my ankle. That never occurred with higher boots or even fully laced hiking boots. Just the 2-4 eyelet styles. Its too bad. My current pair have very comfortable soles. Anyone else experience this?
If you want to talk serious tone, hang out here for a while. http://www.tonequest.com/
I think they look good. They have a solid stance about them.
A friend, went to purchase a late 50's Les Paul TV Junior from the original owner. When he got there the guy had just used JASCO paint remover on the finish. he said,'The painted had yellowed so much I thought it would look better in natural wood color."
R u calling Gumby ugly?
Speaking of a Moderne, I briefly owned the reissue. It looks weird especially with its Gumby headstock but it was one of the easiest, smoothest playing guitars I've ever owned. It was a new-ish reissue so I dumped it in favor of an authentic 50's or 60's axe deal.
Of course, I assumed it was a hussle and walked away from that offer. But it was remarkable to what lengths this dude was going through to get me to bite.
New Posts  All Forums: