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I brought this baby home today. 1962 Fender Bassman, covered in blonde tolex it is 100% original (except for tubes) and even has the original 2 prong plug. Beautiful sound. Clean and clear but then breaks up nicely after 6. This was a favorite of Pete Townshend, Mike Bloomfield and Brian Setzer as well as tons of 60's Surf bands.
That is a very good looking collar TP. That would be my choice for a more elegant, formal suit.For less formal and sport coats, I prefer a soft spread (made with no or very soft interlining) and worn without collar stays for a more relaxed, soft look.
@EFV - Very nice! I prefer the look of spread collar chambray and denim shirts to BD collars. (I think I saw way too many funky GAP denim BD shirts in the 90's ) Ties with warm brown or rust colors seem to look especially smart with chambray or denim shirts. I also like dark gray wool or cashmere for something subtle.
I've owned this corduroy suit for over a year and have yet to wear it as a suit. I've had several corduroy suits in the past and used them 95% of the time as separates or as a suit when traveling in the F/W. I like that they don't show wrinkles and all you need is a knit tie to dress them up a bit. It is fun to show up for dinner in a casual suit when staying in an out of the way or rustic location. A navy suit would look too formal and uptight.
Already headed home before capturing morning cappuccino selfie. Next time @TweedyProf Here is a green corduroy suit and cashmere knit gray tie with an old well-worn denim shirt taken in soft, indirect light so there isn't much contrast. In this pic the shirt looks more like chambray but IRL it has more of the richness of denim. I think you can imagine how a newer looking darker but washed denim would look. It would actually look better with a darker denim. (Note to...
^^^That looks very nice! I like having a few guitars hanging up. They look great and it encourages me to grab one and play it.
@TweedyProf- I will post a denim shirt teed jacket combo for you later today but first, like all true #menswear dudes, I'm sitting in an Italian coffee shop finishing my morning cappuccino.☕️
@mossrockss. Joe at has a variety of lightweight washed denim that I believe run $100-$150 for a shirt made to your specs. Most of the Italian brands offer a denim shirt option from time to time as RTW and can be snagged on sale. I have a very nice Borrelli that I picked up from Lance or STF. A denim shirt with tweed and a woven wool tie has that classic country gentleman look. Perfect when paired with your Dianite sole brogues.
@TweedyProf - I'd like to recommend that you try a washed denim spread collar shirt with your earth tone tweed jackets and textured wool ties. If you get one made from a fine Italian or Swiss denim, they are light enough to wear in S/S and pair nicely with light colored trousers.
There was that time in the 90's on one Spring day, it seemed that every man in America went out and bought a solid French blue shirt. The look lasted about a year or two probably because it isn't a flattering shade on people with lighter, pinkish complexions and most darker blue poplin dress shirts don't launder very well showing fade or ironing lines on the seams. A lighter blue works with a much broader cross section of skin tones and offers classic contrast with...
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