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I would use Carlos at Oxxford. He did the same alterations on several of my jackets. One of the SA's from Wilkes Bashfird took his Kiton and Brioni suits there to be recut after he lost 30 lbs. I was so impressed by the work that I began using Carlos. He isn't cheap and don't expect rush service. But if you are specific about what you want, you should get positive results. He did an excellent job shortening length and shortening sleeve from shoulder.
Those Lesca sunglasses are very impressive.
Lazy ass
Cedar is fine. But cedar isn't a "better" choice of wood, it's just a common choice. Some say it is more porous so better for absorbing moisture. But you aren't going to want moisture buildup in your shoe trees are you? I've never seen a pair of bespoke shoes or boots with cedar trees or any other porous wood. The majority (but not all) are varnished.
In reply to @TweedyProf's comment:Unless you have a very disproportionate body shape (which needs to be addressed on a case by case basis) a good starting point with a classic jacket length hits your thumb knuckle. It can be shorter if you prefer a more fashionable look. Lets call this a rule of thumb.
As far as dress shirts, before sending them to the cleaners I wash them. For colors I simply spray with Shout around the neck. White shirts, I scrub the collar and arm pits with a brush and a diluted mixture of bleach, water and laundry soap every now and then if they begin to look yellow. I'm always doing a load of colors or whites anyway so this isn't a hassle. I have never found dry cleaning of shirts to be as good at cleaning cotton shirts as regular washing and...
Go to mytailor.com and select one of the patterned Thomas Mason prints.
So my rule of thumb is pretty easy: - Formal dark suits (flap pockets, no "fun" socks, white or blue shirt, dark shoes) the length looks best on the longer side but not too long. This is not for travel jackets mixed with jeans. This is when you want a look of formality and authority. This will probably be dark navy. - Classic sport coats, always cover your rear. -Fashionable, travel and casual jackets- shorter looks best and looks "right". These will always have patch...
Very nice assortment. On the pique long sleeve shirt how is the fit? I wear a 54 in a Ring Jacket and a 16/35 shirt. What size is the size of the collar on the XL?
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