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Just heard from my nephew who will be in town on his university architecture field trip that week. I will be bringing him along.
If you are looking for a black and white rule on this that will be true now and forevermore, there isn't going to be one. Color preferences (and in this case seasonal Summer color preferences) and the popularity of specific colors change over time. So, you must look at overall color trends if you want to look "right" in your seasonal wardrobe. So, to answer that, you simply look at current fashion seasonal color pallets. Now, whether or not those colors look good on you...
Of course you can. New members, their friends and guests are most welcome to attend. It is especially enjoyable to have new faces to join in our Bay Area Meetups.If you haven't attended a San Francisco Meetup, please come on out and join us. The local Styleforum Meetups have been going on for quite a few years and continue to bring out a crowd with mixed backgrounds and styles of dress ranging from college students to "mature" gentleman who are in tech, construction,...
Of course. The new Fall collection will be on display with lots to try on. Ask them to show you their MTM room.
@eddiemczee and @brillopad at the San Francisco Suitsupply opening party
Here are all of the details for the Suitsupply X Styleforum Meetup on Thursday September 1st
If Justin leads them all in a dance
Better yet, invite then to come over and join us.
Virtuoso is a very good cleaner and light polish but shorter term for gloss.I like it for old Martins and used every few months. But, if you want long lasting high gloss, as in years of gloss, NuFinish it baby.
If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area Thursday September 1st, come on out and join Styleforum for a meetup with Suitsupply. All Styleforum members and their guests are welcome. First timers are especially welcome. Suitsupply will have their new Fall collections on display and a special offer for all of those who attend. Please RSVP to events@suitsupply.com
New Posts  All Forums: