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I like this look and find it to be very practical to wear for travel, in wet weather or for times when I go "off road". The darker color and textured leather, IMO is ideal for F/W, with moleskin and cords or heavy flannels. C&J makes a nice version of this with a Dianite sole.
Thanks for the credit NorCal. But in all fairness this cartoon really applies to the entire Bay Area and probably LA, Austin, Portland and Brooklyn.
WARNING: If you start customizing your guitar it may lead to this...
I've considered tracking down one of these babies for a while. Either the Dave's P-90 or Music Zoo HB version would do. Music Zoo also did a run in attractive flame tops. Without the neck PU you get to see a lot more of the flame.
And therefor, those in the know, go Esquire......
Pedal? Why a pedal when you can have one of these. Danelectro sitars
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