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I like this one very much. I think it would look very good with most tweeds for a more casual option to a classic blue OCBD
This shirt would look great under a solid navy sweater offering more visual interest than a solid blue or white.
Lavender is a great choice as an oxford cloth, check or stripe. I think it looks especially smart with gray or green.
I will just post this pic for your comments...
Back to shirts for a moment.... For the last couple years I've enjoyed looking for inspiration for shirts beyond the standard solid white, blue and pink. I was placing an order for custom Inglese shirts with Greg at NMWA recently and he mentioned that no two of his shirts are alike. I take this same approach when ordering shirts. Variety is the "spice of life" and it makes for a more interesting and varied shirt wardrobe. Do any of you have a close up photo to share of...
SImply cosmetics. They were referred to a "wheat" and "oxblood". No idea why Fender decided to make the switch but it in the early to mid 60's as the popularity of guitars and amps grew Fender seems to have made a number of hardware and cosmetic changes based upon what was available. Even the textured white tolex covering became a smooth texture in it's final stages before being completely phased out to bring on the classic mid-60's black.About the time of changes to the...
A few guys who enjoy (ed) white Fender Bassman amps:
I brought this baby home today. 1962 Fender Bassman, covered in blonde tolex it is 100% original (except for tubes) and even has the original 2 prong plug. Beautiful sound. Clean and clear but then breaks up nicely after 6. This was a favorite of Pete Townshend, Mike Bloomfield and Brian Setzer as well as tons of 60's Surf bands.
That is a very good looking collar TP. That would be my choice for a more elegant, formal suit.For less formal and sport coats, I prefer a soft spread (made with no or very soft interlining) and worn without collar stays for a more relaxed, soft look.
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