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I always enjoy my visits to Temescal Alley. Lots of good food and drink in the area as well. http://www.donatomas.com/ and of course http://www.pizzaiolooakland.com/ or
I've heard second hand that jackets, shirts and sweatshirts all vary a lot from season to season making it hell to order with confidence online from anyone. From personal experience the regular line Shrink-to-fit and all LVC denim jeans are way off from previous season and even vary a lot within the product line from model to model. Some of the waist sizes vary as much as 3" from the tag size.
LVC has a major problem with consumers when it comes to sizing. It is off and a moving target from season to season. No one cares if you have vanity sizing but customers loose confidence if it keeps changing. I wont ever buy an LVC product online again until they address the issue. It is too full of disappointment & hassle and wasted expense and time with returns.
Wow, easily the best episode of this and last season. As far as Ginsburg, I just see it as being a reflection of the creative world (advertising, entertainment, etc) including people with a wide range of personalities, including crazies. Also, he is like the guy in your dorm in college. He seems OK and then at some point he just looses it. Such is life.
From the headstock and the B on the tailpiece it looks like a Burns
Women I meet rarely know mens brands but many do recognize when I wear quality shoes. They almost never know suit brands but they are usually impressed or intimidated when you say something is bespoke and from a European or English tailor. Non are impressed by me saying "my Hong Kong tailor". BTW, I don't tell them this unless they ask, "where did you get that?" A few women I know who are very active in high level, luxury brand name fashion circles most often seem to...
I had no idea Trainwrecks had increased in price to over $30K, crazy.
That mustard yellow, with green and blue ^ is a rare color combination that I like a lot. It adds an attractive and distinctive accent to an overall navy, brown, tan or green suit or jacket. I especially like it for F/W to add a bit of color to winter colors and heavier fabrics.
I miss Pete being an a-hole.
Anyone know what happened to the Foo LP? Did he keep it? Return it?
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