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It will be a good time.In addition to giving Styleforum members a first look at the new Fall collections, they will walk us through their Made to measure program. Also, many of you will know several of their SA's including MIchael, formerly of WIngtip and Al, formerly or Beckett & Rob.There will also be a very special priced offer for Styleforum members. So, lots to see, lots to try on, refreshments, and good company.
I suggest that you get a purple tie and purple socks and wear it with a blue blazer, white shirt and gray or khaki trousers. If you want to go wild get a purple pocket square too.
The BC and Etro sale is recent.
If you are in the Bay Area, many of the better Livermore outlets stores have impressive sales right now. Burnello Cucinelli is 50% off Spring and Summer. Etro have 30-50% off Spring accessories. I picked up a $200 bathing suit for $75 and a $120 pocket square for $40. Lots of beautiful scarves too.
Great. I will send an email.I'm really enjoying my MTM G. Inglese shirts. They have been washed and worn, sent to the cleaners for laundry and pressing and they look and fit great. I'm impressed by the handwork and quality details. I think this is the best value in a hand sewn, MTM shirt anywhere.
A reminder to RSVP for this event (for you and any friends and guests) directly with Suitsupply at events@suitsupply.com
It has a good fitted look. Plus, most guys wear it open with a T-shirt which looks best on you in your photos. If you plan to wear a sweater, then size up.
Looking at booking a trip to San Miguel de Allende for late September. Although I have visited the West coastal cities many times I've never been to the interior of Mexico. Any suggestions from those who have visited San Miguel for things to do would be appreciated. Looking for any suggestions related to food, arts, spa, antiques, crafts and cocktails.
Suitsupply is hosting a Meetup for Styleforum members, guests and friends with the launch of the new Fall collection in their brand new San Francisco location right off of Union Square. Thursday, September 1st Suitsupply San Francisco Here is a link to the event thread and details. http://www.styleforum.net/t/527092/sf-san-francisco-bay-area-styleforum-meetup-hosted-by-suitsupply-sept-1-6-8pm/0_30#post_8526238 Please rsvp for the event. Feel free to post in the...
Yes, there will be bites and drinks.
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