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If you can get a basic navy or charcoal grey HB suit under $500, I say go for it. My son and SIL both wear HB and look great. Both have had years of good wear from their HB wardrobe. As you are getting further into your career and changing your physical shape you might want to try several other brands. Each one will have a different feel and fit that you might prefer. Consider a fairly classic suit from Brooks Brothers as well. Shop now, dial in your size, and then watch...
I had a tweed herringbone jacket in grey with shades of medium to light blue (rather than the usual black). Navy pants looked perfect with it. Much better than any shade of grey. I've seen some grey and medium to light blue plaid jackets where navy blue trousers look smart. I don't care for navy trousers with a solid tan or solid grey jacket, but I do like jeans with them. The tan or grey jackets would need a mixed pattern with some medium/dark blue in them to go with...
Went and drove the basic BMW X1 yesterday with sport seats and sport wheel. (We own a Cayenne S and an R 32). It was a blast to drive. Nice power, very nimble, , great interior. All the things you want in a small, car with room to carry stuff in the back. I can see it was one of the only cars that both the car reviewers for the NYTimes praised it in their 2013 roundup. As an aside, have you ever noticed how certain cars look great in a color and other not so good in the...
D, go with plain patch pockets. Your tailor is right, patches with flaps add an unflattering visual width to your girth and they serve no real purpose. Plain patches will offer a more relaxed, casual look fitting a corduroy suit. When I see patches with flaps it says "70's" (not exactly the golden age of classic menswear). Flaps alone on corduroy seem to easily crease and pucker. I've had corduroy suits with all the flaps and I recommend plain patches.
Hmmm, maybe I should try one. For some reason I skipped over this. Good idea.
Well we have an R32, but a second one isn't out of the question. But even the VW dealer admits the newer ones aren't quite the same driving experience.I think I will. We have a dealer nearby. I will wait until next week after this storm passes.
Not looking for a used car. Looking for new in this price range.
Wetplate photo by Paul d'Orleans of me in a San Francisco alley today Cucinelli navy jacket Cucinelli cream cotton pants end on end blue shirt MTM by My Tailor Edward Green shoes
What is the most fun and somewhat practical car for $40k?? I'd say it used to be the VW R32, spunky, nice interior and the handy hatchback.
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