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I wear suede bucks with a dark blue cotton/linen blend suit and white shirt and white pocket square in the summer. The red sole bucks give a comfortable and casual look to the suit. I prefer the shape of bucks to desert boots which are even more casual.
1300 on Filmore is great but requires a guarantee and accurate headcount for reservations which is very hard to do following an event like a trunk show. So, we will head to Mum's where we have more flexibility.
Lets have several people order UBER's for 5:45 PM and that way the entire Meetup can head over to Mum's at Japantown as a group. It's 3/4 mile away per Google Maps.
With dinner in Japantown we can all stop at Kinokuniya and pick up copies of Men's Ex, Leon, Free & Easy and other Japanese #menswear porn
I think this has everything we need, easy location in Japantown, lots of variety on the menu, Japanese beer. Lets do it!
And then who gets the joy of cleaning up?Lets find something so that Epaulet can wind things up after a long day. Any other specific suggestions for dinner to consider? I don't know that area.
Unfortunately Suppenkuche is unable to handle us Saturday evening. Can we get some suggestions of other favorite places in close walking distance for dinner with a group of 18-22.
Just a reminder, if you are joining us for the Meetup, please rsvp in this thread. It helps us better manage these events with a good headcount.
With your white shirt, red tie and green sweater I thought it was the Italian Flag Challenge
Very nice to see this. I love my white shirts.
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