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Rumor has it that Fok will fly in for this event. If he does, don't you think he should buy the first round of beers at Suppenkuche?
A preview of dinner at Suppenkuche
You are welcome! It should be a fun weekend event and I'm looking forward to trying on your pants, leather jacket and shoes. I hear Fok may come to town. If so, we need to get him to buy everyone a round
For all of you Bay Area, Northern California people, Epaulet is coming to San Francisco for a Trunk Show and Styleforum Meetup Saturday April 18! Now is your chance to try on your favorite pants, jackets and shoes. Here is a link to the details. http://www.styleforum.net/t/470557/san-francisco-sf-bay-area-meetup-and-trunk-show-hosted-by-epaulet-april-18th/0_30#post_7788393
Try these boots on for size...
Epaulet Trunk Show and Styleforum Meetup Saturday April 18 Hayes Valley, San Francisco No-Host dinner to follow at Mums (Japantown) Epaulet, the highly regarded New York based men’s clothing brand and boutique, is coming to the San Francisco Bay Area for a Trunk Show and Styleforum Meetup. Hosted by co-owners Mike Kuhle and Adele Berne, Epaulet will be bringing all MTO categories (Southwick, Individualized, Trousers) with full size runs to try on and place orders....
That color has been a little out of favor for a wool dress pant for a while. Its funny because the cotton versions seem as popular as ever. Neiman Marcus carries a fine wool khaki tan color by Isaia and Incotex. Each brand has different shades. If you don't have a local NM store you can always call and order. BTW, they dont have all colors and styles online so just call one of their larger stores.
One important thing to keep in mind is that many of the larger, quality brands offer them in a variety of fabrics and cuts. Incotex is an excellent example. But the level of fabric and the cut will change from retailer to retailer. A cheaper Incotex at one store might use a stiffer, entry level fabric to achieve a lower price point. Some retailers only purchase a fuller cut in order to fit a wider range of builds. You can't go simply by brand name or you may be...
Paul Smith shoes have quite a range of looks and quality. There have been some good quality versions made by Lobb and others. There are also fashion forward styles that use lower quality materials and are designed for their looks with a low regard for comfort or durability.
IMO Too similar. Wear white for a summer casual look or for more formal the photo in the post with the brown linen is very nice.
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