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One guy tweeted last night.... The best part of the finale is that we won't have to read any more Don Drapper Style" articles
I was felt the construction of this entire last season was clumsy. You never quite knew where it was going and not in a good, suspenseful way. It was more WTF?? And if I hadn't been watching for a couple of years I would have turned it off. I agree the scenes at the retreat- the group sessions, the hug, etc., - were awful. Again, clumsy. But, in retrospect I did like the ending with a grin and the Coke commercial which told me Don "was back", he had his idea, he couldn't...
Time to update this thread... What are you wearing with your white sneakers these days?
I have a question for you all. If there was going to be a spin-off (a la, Frazier from Cheers, Better Call Saul from BB, etc.) who from MM would you choose to follow and why?
MM did an excellent good job in costumes and sets showing an authentic evolution from the early 60's to 1970. That was certainly a key ingredient of it's appeal. As far as entertainment MM was no BB, not even close. Soap opera? Yeah, that is probably a good description.
I think it could have been a great book if it had been edited down to 1/2 the length. Many of the most important themes are repeated many times. But it is an excellent reminder of how corrupt and exploitive the period was. We tend to think of it as a romantic time. It was pretty ruthless.
Pete was the weasel we loved to hate the first couple of seasons. I was actually beginning to miss that in the episodes. But it has now become entertaining to see him make such a significant change in his personality.
I find the unconstructed sport coats to have a nice, relaxed, casual yet smart look. The pants have nice details and fabrics. I find the fit of the shirts all over the place so I avoid them. The knitwear is awesome but crazy expensive. They do as good of a job as anyone putting together a coordinated look and style that would work in almost any city anywhere. I like it very much, but their prices much like Cucinelli have become insane for the most part.
The Ugly Renaissance....background on why this period wasn't all wine, art and roses. Makes the massive hedge fund and billionaire money and their lifestyles so tame by comparison.
After seeing Peggy walk into her new company, I would be OK if that was it for her and the last episode was all about Don.
New Posts  All Forums: