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Here are some pics of just a few of the many books at the last Ring trunk show. Lots to choose from.
Tomorrow...Thursday 6Pm No Host Cocktails and Meetup. See you at Cafe Zoetrope New members and their guests are always welcome.
Dallas Taylor is playing bass through the white Bassman stack behind Stills. Having owned Fender tweeds, white & brown tolex, blackface and silver face - Almost any Fender tweed has a warm and easy-to- get overdrive sound (but most well known are the 4 x 10 Bassman, tweed Deluxe and the Champ. Some of the best Rock and blues was recorded on one of these three amps.) The white Bassman is also a favorite. You owe it to yourself to play through one. Lots of surf music was...
Stills is playing through an old Gibson amp. I believe it is a Maestro. Crosby is playing through what looks like a silverface Fender Super but with a white Bassman head. I can only guess he used the 4 x 10 Super speakers but the electronics of the Bassman. Young plays a 50's Fender Tweed Deluxe. That has been his main amp all along. The last I heard he was still playing his main Deluxe and his favorite LP with a Firebird p/u or one of his vintage Gretsch White Falcons.
I like Breuer ties - the colors, the silks, how they knot.
@dieworkwear - Thanks, I wasn't aware of this. I'm going to play around with it and see what they recommend. I really like the level of detail.
Bourbon...yeah I agree the higher waist for denim with a sport jacket as the way to go. In fact I'm moving towards a slightly higher waist on all trousers and suits as well as denim. I will try the 3Sixteens SL-100's. I'm going to be in SF on Thursday for the next Meetup so I will plan to drop by some stores for jean shopping. I want to be sure and go by AB Fits. I haven't been by in a while and Howard has a few new brands. Mr. Six ...The Flat heads that are long enough...
That is a beautiful color of suede. Nice loafer style too.
When you do visit Carmel James, just be sure to allow a LOT of time at Khakis. Every time we go, my wife takes the dog, goes for a long walk along the beach, gets something to eat, does some shopping, etc., because she knows I'll be looking at everything at Khakis for at least two hours. They have a real variety. Lots of options.
Both of those EG's are
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