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I bought a Dutch apple pie at The Original Hick'ry Pit Here is their breakfast menu in case you don't get enough to eat at dinner today. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/57daf3ee197aea5b4277cfdc/t/57f452e4893fc0ce0cd81484/1475629798198/11-15HickryPitBreakfast4web.pdf PS: you will need to buy larger jeans if you eat here regularly
"Trojan, the world leader in modern condom technology, announced today the company has developed the world’s thinnest-skin condom to date, and will market the new condom after the thinnest-skinned man to ever run for President of the United States, Donald J. Trump." (This may or may not be actual news)
Amazed how thin skinned our President Elect continues to be on his Twitter. If he can't take some SNL humor, how is he going to withstand a real test?
Our home was built 18 years ago. About time to remodel the Master Bath (Gold fixtures and travertine just aren't as "cool" as they once were, are they?). I'll probably be hanging around this thread a bit more often.
Any frequent traveler will get a lot from following The Points Guy. I follow him on Twitter for easy updates and specials. He does monthly reviews on the best travel (airline, credit cards and hotels programs) deals and benefits. http://thepointsguy.com/ I picked up the 100,000 mile signup bonus with Chase Sapphire Reserve thanks to him. Every month he ranks all of the leading credit card benefits, costs so you can select the best for your needs. He also has good...
Unionmade has a nice selection of slim cut Shetland wool sweaters made in Scotland for those who seek a more modern trim fit. http://unionmadegoods.com/brands/harley-of-scotland-for-unionmade/
For RTW, check out : http://www.bensilver.com/Shetland-Wool-Crewneck,31850.html?ns_md=CSE&ns_sc=GoogleProducts&ns_cn=GoogleProducts&utm_medium=CSE&utm_source=GoogleProducts&utm_campaign=GoogleProducts&gdffi=4d3c41e685aa498a87f7903bb0b1e901&gdfms=E31DFD6B7C414942B69B02A776901C84&gclid=CjwKEAiA6rrBBRDsrLGM4uTPkWASJADnWZQ40bIcdJ-xSKHXT7jO6Vi9vjdTa8cMa9bsDxpZw-ZkihoCaCbw_wcB#.WC-AXuErKi4 These are very nice, classic and you get some...
I drove there two months ago to check it out. I really like Etro pocket squares and scarves and found several at a big savings. Everything in their store is mainline but some is rather odd, so you have to shop carefully for the good stuff. I then went through the Cucinelli store but even at their outlet prices (they had just stocked Fall) I don't think you would find anything that you could call a good value until it goes on sale later in the year but even then it wont be...
And, you don't loose weight:)
Thanks @Medwed for your suggestions. We wont have any problem finding things that we love to do in Paris for 10 days. We are planning, as you suggest, to visit the flea markets and Epernay to enjoy wines. I get mixed messages from people about how long to stay in Naples. We love, shopping, eating, antiques, museums and galleries. As part of our travel routine we always do at least one food tour. We also love people watching in cafes. SO, how many days would you recommend...
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