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Guys I know who own them think they are great, especially for airport security. But that is a very small group of guys. I've never been fond of the look myself. They seem to be a bit of an oxymoron. I will stick to a more traditional style loafer which, to me, is more versatile. Maybe not for formal dress, but for all other times.
I always make my simple margaritas with equal parts quality blanca tequila, Cointreau and lime juice shaken with ice and never salt on the rim. Great tequila has a natural salty after taste.I always try and find great limes. I look for thin skins and a deep green color for the best flavor.Like the glass! Presentation is everything.
Well you have 25 days before the anniversary so you should be alright http://www.eyewitnesstohistory.com/donnerparty.htm
I think you just agreed with me.But, practicality aside, it looks like it could have been from Boardwalk Empire. Is your goal to wear great period pieces? If it is, then enjoy it. But time has marched on and some looks have become old fashioned. This is one of them.
Looks like Royal Oxford on my phone.I like Royal for spread and BD collars. It is rare that I wear a tie anymore so I like my solid shirt fabrics to have a bit more of an interesting weave. End on end is another favorite.
I wear chunky donegal wool and alpaca blend socks with my boat shoes in F/W. No socks S/S.
The first page of this thread sure has a lot of bickering from the get-go.
This may be a high quality suit made from classic cloth, but to me the outfit looks old fashioned and dated. Vests are fine, DB is fine, chalk stripe is fine, heavy flannel is fine...but all together it is too much and seems to be from a bygone era.
@willsgillen That just doesn't look right at all. Return them and ask the retailer to replace them.
^^That is a beautiful suede shoe. Who makes it?
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