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Those Wildwood Tele's are sweet.
Speaking of bass guitars....there was an early 60's Danelectro called the longhorn bass. It was used on many recordings of that era. When Keith Richards had the concert for Chuck Berry to record the film Hail, Hail Rock and Roll, the bass player used a Longhorn. Tom Petty used one on many recordings. They have a good percussive sound. Jerry Jones also made a somewhat better constructive copy (no longer made) that is quite nice. Both are short scale, like the Gibson EB...
Thanks razl for including me on the Best of B&S.
Razl, thanks for including my suede bucks. I appreciate it.
Thanks guys for highlighting all of the good stuff!
Very nice! I'll take the 10.5
Levis LVC 1962 511ZXX will have a bit more room in the thigh and top block that the 1947 501XX in my experience.
Bourbon, try a pair of Levis LVC 1962 511 Zxx They are sanforized so no STF like the 1954ZXX.
New Posts  All Forums: