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I met these guys at MAGIC last summer and then had a chance to recently visit their London store. Beautiful, elegant contemporary bags and backpacks. They have their own look and style. Check out Troubadour : http://www.troubadourgoods.com/pages/our-story
Hotel Neri is now one of the favorite hotels my wife have enjoyed in any city.
A camel hair coat is a classic and looks great with classic navy and charcoal suits.
It is much harder than it looks to have the discipline and vision to source, edit and buy a cohesive look and style for a retail store. Great buyers have more than good taste, they can see how it will all come together. They don't fixate on individual items. They have a clear idea of their endgame.Most buyers weakness is that they "get excited" about something and forget how it fits into the rest of the retail story.On a personal level. Look how often we buy something and...
I think the "mishmash" is just trying to catch the next "thing" rather than having a sense of their own style.
I was in Barcelona recently and visited Bel y Cia. They make most things in their in-house workroom under the same roof as the store with the exception of some knitwear, shoes, ties and accessories. One thing about all of their clothing and accessories (RTW, bespoke, private label or in-house made) is that it only has their label and the label is small, elegant, descreet. I would like to see this as a new trend. Smaller brand labels please.
Warm climate and dressy casual = loafer. No need to over think this. Also in a warm climate one with a lower vamp. I would go for a medium brown or tan myself but the color should compliment your favorite clothing colors. If you want to up your game with a bit more rakish look go for a tassel like these.
With the significant drop in the value of the British Pound and Euro (stronger US dollar) , will we see lower prices at retail here in the US in the Spring?
Thanks but I'm looking for true rimless eyewear.
For bespoke pants, I recommend getting something a bit different than your RTW "go to" style. That is half the fun of something custom. For tweed pants you don't want them snug. A little extra room is nice and comfortable so a single pleat would be ideal. I'm all for cuffs on tweed and corduroy trousers. The trouser you describe would be ideal with a nice heavier sole shoe like this:
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