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Just picked up a nice closeout priced Kiton shirt. Thanks!
This is a very heavy large scale herringbone cashmere tweed I had made by NSM along with one of their bespoke end-on-end shirts and a bespoke EG C tie. I wear it on cold days without an overcoat. Its as cozy as a blanket.
Beautiful jacket, shoes and tie. All fantastic!
Who cares?
I really like the complexity of browns in that fabric. Very nice!
The other way to look at this is if I want to get info on bespoke I can enter into direct dialog with experienced customers that I can follow on Instagram, their blogs, etc., and have direct contact with the bespoke makers on their social media. For that reason the purpose of a forum like Styleforum serves an different and evolving purpose.
As far as Iammatt, and a few others, they just get tired rehashing the same things over, over and over again.Iammatt, as an example went to a lot of effort to take excellent photos, cropping them, and describing in great detail the maker, and special features only to have some clown come along and make silly or idiotic comments without any understanding of personal style, bespoke or quality apparel. Iammatt is certainly a big boy and can defend himself, but it gets tiring...
All online communities have changed in the last decade and especially post 2008. So much more specialized information is now available on menswear and bespoke and it goes hand-in-hand with commercial opportunities. Ten years ago, bespoke information was extremely difficult to find. You had to spend a lot of time and effort to research options and it was very, very difficult to find good information. Now, most tailors, brands and enthusiasts can communicate directly with...
In addition to Alden, Trickers and Redwing boots and a ton of premium denim and shirts, S&S also has some pretty cool Ring Jackets from Kapital Japan. I loved trying this on, but sadly it sold out the very next day. (Ya snooze, ya loose ) Here is one of the S&S owners, Neil, wearing his Ring Chore Jacket reflecting the eclectic and Wabi Sabi approach of Kapital to design. The numerous snaps allows the wearer to button or snap this classic jacket in dozens of unique...
Fok, @LA GuyI hope for your sake that the S&S guys don't have sharpie pens when you pass out .
New Posts  All Forums: