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Suit Supply contacted me about hosting a Styleforum Bay Area Meetup at their new San Francisco store. I'll get more information and pass it along. Suit Supply seems to be a brand that meets the needs of many Styleforum members.
Have fun guys!
2 miles in the hills. First time in a very long time.
Well, they will probably be there when you are ready to buy Fall😀
Looks classic length. Could go a tad shorter if you want a more fashion casual length.
The store is now open. They had their party last Thursday evening with a lot of media and fashion industry folks in attendance including the former mayor Willie Brown. It is located on Maiden Lane right off of Union Square. You will see many familiar faces working there including Mike Irons, formerly of WIngtip. (If you want great customer service just ask for Mike) They have extensive RTW and MTM. The fabrics and the pricing are amazing. Well known Italian mills and...
Not exactly classic menswear but this Papa Nui Atoll Defender cap is pretty cool for casual wear. Papa surfs the South Seas and from time to time makes up military inspired hats and accessories. Google him and you'll see some of his work and how to order. Or, Selfedge currently carries some of his caps as well.
And this is my look for hanging out in sunny San Francisco.
Here is the pic of @justinkapur yesterday in his Panta jacket.
So, what you're saying is:Tongue in cheek : phrase of tongue1. without really meaning what one is saying or writing.Whats the point of your posts in this thread when you don't mean what your saying?
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