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Pretty much my uniform except with a blue rather than a white shirt. Ivory DB Ring Jacket, C&J tassel loafers, G. Inglese shirt, Levis LVC 1954 ZXX
I have found that the very best guitar polish is several hand rubbed coats of NuFinish car wax. It is easy to apply, cleans up the finish and leaves a nice high gloss shine. I've used this on numerous vintage guitars from 50's Fenders and Gibsons to brand new custom shop editions. Just keep it away from strings.
Another pic from Mondays visit to Khakis. Here are just a few of their beautiful Edward Green shoes. I think my favorite is the single monk, in front, with pebble grain. Cool, casual style with jeans or flannels. Hard to beat EG's and Khakis has the best selection in Northern California.
It is a minority of men and women who appreciate a quality fabric, good cut and construction and can tell the difference. On the other hand, there are men who wear expensive suits, that aren't well tailored or styled with their choice of shirt, tie, shoes and accessories. So the "expense" means nothing. It's how you wear it.
Hard to believe that September is just 3 weeks away and so is the Styleforum X Suitsupply Meetup in San Francisco. Looking forward to seeing the Bay Area gang and any new Styleforum members and their guests. If you haven't already, be sure and RSVP to events@suitsupply.com
Pics of my new "raspberry" coloredBoglioli jacket coming soon. In the meantime here is a pic of Khaki's owner Jim Ockert in one of his many custom suits. Jim has a large frame so he goes with custom ordered suits, shirts and shoes. He has decades of experience ordering for himself so he is a good source for information and suggestions on any custom needs, fabrics, makers, etc..
There are discerning people who will notice and appreciate a quality suit by the look of the fabric and the cut. It is a minority of the population.
Be sure and check out the details on the San Francisco Meetup thread for the September Suitsupply and Styleforum Meetup. Here is the link to the thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/527092/sf-san-francisco-bay-area-styleforum-meetup-hosted-by-suitsupply-sept-1-6-8pm/0_30#post_8526238
Oh, and speaking of Boglioli...... I bought this Raspberry colored Bolglioli jacket. Perfect for our warm East Bay days and evenings. It is the K Coat model. I tried it on with my white shirt and jeans and it was the ideal casual tailored look. I will post pics in action shortly.
My wife and I drove down to Carmel for a weekend visit and, of course, we had to stop by Khakis. Because of their busy summer traffic and the variable cool/overcast - sunny coastal weather Fall clothing is popular even in August, so Khakis is always one of the first retailers to get the new jackets, sweaters, corduroys and accessories in their store. I really like their selection of Boglioli jackets which is far more extensive than any retailer in San Francisco. They just...
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