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Suitsupply Meetup Update: There are now about 80 RSVP's for the event The bar is confirmed and Sipsmith will be sponsoring gin and making cocktails. Beer and champagne will also be available. Causwells and Popsons will be serving mini hamburgers and Kirsten is working on a sponsor for ice cream. If you haven't already, be sure and RSVP to events@suitsupply.com and we look forward to seeing you and your guests a week from Thursday!
Is there a retailer in the US who will do a MTO for C&J? I contacted Ben SIlver and they said "No"
Here is a small pic of it pulled of my Tumblr blog abitofcolor I'd say this angle and because my elbow is bent give the shoulder the appearance of a straight line look where when standing it has a bit of a drop off beyond my natural shoulder.
I suppose a heavy fabric doesn't need much or any extra material to hold it's shape. It does have a slightly soft drop, similar to the pic above of Mariano Rubinacci's jacket.Sorry, but I don't have any pics of me wearing the jacket anymore after dumping a ton of photos off my computer. I'll look and see if I can find one on my Tumblr.
Positive. Made by NSM from a heavy herringbone cashmere tweed, all it has is a shoulder sewn seam. The navy blazer they made for me (herringbone cashmere) prior to this jacket has a bit of wadding or something in the shoulder seam area for structure.
I have jackets with extended shoulders that don't have any padding or wadding at all.
I have a couple of Neapolitan jackets that are soft shoulders and have a bit of an extension without any padding. Mariano Rubinacci, the father on the left, has a bit of an extension and to his soft shoulder which is fairly common in Naples depending upon the tailor. While his son, who has a more broad shoulder build, has more of a defined shoulder on his jacket. The construction could be identical and just reflect their physical build.
If you have never been to a Styleforum event this would be ideal for anyone interested in menswear. This will be fun and informal so come on out and join us.
Light gray is the other half and far more versatile year round.
Both, narrow spaced with narrow width stripes.
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