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Thanks for the mention @razl !
Thanks @razl !
Brand New With Tags in Box - Handmade in Italy, blue end-on-end Thomas Mason fabric (my favorite blue fabric!), large thick pearl handsewn buttons, a true classic dress shirt.The retail price on these from CORDONE is $173 plus shipping from Italy. You won't find a quality staple shirt like this at this price. I would keep it but the neck is too large. Neck actual size 16 7/8" Should work for most who want a roomy neck 16.5 PTP 23.5" Waist 22.3/4" Shoulder 19" Sleeve...
KITON CIPA 1960 Brand New (no tags but original packaging) - Only $150.00 (Now only $125.00!) these are $495 Retail Price, hand made in Italy and using the softest flannel cotton you have ever enjoyed. Smaller spread collar (the look of the CIPA 1960 models) , pearl buttons, and the colors are a very attractive deep denim blue against a natural/cream background. It really is a beautiful color combination. Sold only at the best stores such as Bergdorf Goodman, this is...
Brand New With Tags - $495 Retail, Price only $150. (Now, only $125.00!) This is the shirt you wanted but never find on sale. Regular and not the ultra skinny fit Isaia. Spread collar, made in Italy by Isaia, Isaia etched buttons, smaller scale blue and sky blue check over white background mixes easily with almost any colors and perfect to spice up that navy or grey jacket or sweater. I would keep this except it is a bit too small for me in the chest from weight lifting...
Great! Looking forward to your wonderful photos as always.
The original Bill's concept was excellent (except the fit) and, in my opinion, could still be a brand with value but it will take some work. I agree with @LA Guy that they need to attract a younger, premium audience. If they began by releasing a WWII khaki, true vintage reissue, Made in America, but with Japanese fanaticism about detail and production, they would have a great story, reflect their heritage and offer a better quality product to attract a new, younger...
The pleated pocket detail is a very nice touch too!
Sprout, this is a very rude statement. And then, you go on to say "so don't take it personally".
If you are anywhere near Oakland tomorrow, stop in at Standard & Strange for the Alden trunk show. In addition to their regular line you can order any Alden shoe or boot. Jeremy and Neil have stocked up on some pretty good booze so you can also enjoy a glass or two of Holiday Cheer. This 404 is a very nice boot. I like it's oiled finish.
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