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Nice color selection.
I just ordered a pair of their jeans with a unique combination of features - Sanforized, higher waist, trim cut, 7.5" cuff opening, super long inseam, made in New York City!, with custom Miller's Oath hardware. They also offer a 35 waist.
I like the look of the suede jacket
Photo of Kirk(from the Wall Street Journal) in front of his NYC store. Come on out and join us on the 24th for a meetup.
I like that tie very much and would wear it with a solid navy jacket and tobacco colored suede captoes. (it might look nice with a Donegal). Windowpane calls for a more subtle formal tie pattern IMO. Also windowpane is a geometric pattern and I don't care for pairing a grid design with a free-flowing swirling paisley madder when better options exist.
I've never found this shoulder style combined with the fuller cut to be very flattering. Unless you have very broad shoulders and a trim waist it is easy to look pear shaped. Dirnelli's coat also has the 90's-early 2000's Arnys style generously full cut sleeves which, to me gives it a dated look.Overall, I think there are much better options for men who are in decent shape. If you don't need a lot of extra room why add it?
Seeing it by itself, that shade of green seems far more appropriate for a Spring outfit than a tweed which I think of as being F/W. That puts it in a seasonal No Mans Land. Unless, of course, you can show a shirt and jacket combo that is enhanced by that shade of green. It might exist but I would think that it would be hard to find. My guess is that a deeper or more mossy shade of green would be more versatile and look more seasonally correct with most tweeds or corduroy...
Great details on that Garment Dyed bomber. So, on trend too.
Thanks @razl !
Kirk, Derrick and a fan outside of their NYC location.
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