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Looks like a great event.
Parker had a very nice houndstooth suit made by NSM a few years ago. I recall he had it done with patch pockets and in a slightly larger size houndstooth so he could wear it as a jacket. Houndstooth is one jacket that looks good with charcoal colored pants.
It is very hard to give good quality feedback when you post a photo and add "I apologize for the crappy iPhone picture." If you want the best possible feedback, take a photo from more than one angle and in good, natural light. I would ignore any feedback based upon the photo you provided. There are many people here who can give good feedback but it can't happen without a good pic.
If you need a case for one of your guitars, this one was custom made for Eric Clapton's 00028 by Hermes. It is reported to be worth $100K. Made from croc, of course.
Great looking mini houndstooth on gdl203. I wonder where you can buy one, hmmmmm
There is an Edward Green sale on the Khakis of Carmel thread. http://www.styleforum.net/t/417904/khakis-of-carmel-official-affiliate-thread-carmel-by-the-sea-california/40_20#post_7489906
I imagine that Justin is cooking up something special right now for the contest
Prince's live performance at the Superbowl halftime show was the best SB performance ever and in the rain. Man did he rip intense solos, dance like James Brown and never missed a beat. That was real showmanship.
Delighted to see the Formosa gray flannel suit available in my size. Looking forward to trying this maker.
Khaki's has a remarkable selection of beautiful neckwear with an extensive variety of brands and looks from such forum favorites as Drakes and Bigi as well as one of my favorite brands Seaward & Stearn. They brought an assortment to the SF trunk show but if you really want to be impressed, head to their Carmel store where they have around 2,000 ties.
New Posts  All Forums: