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Classic menswear staple shirts. Two brand new shirts made in Italy by Cordone 1965 with Thomas Mason fabrics. SIze 16/41 sleeve 35/36. $100 Now, only $65 each including shipping. Neck 16.25" Chest 23" Waist 22" Sleeve 35/36 1) Solid white with very fine weave oxford cloth. Spread collar 2) Blue graph check poplin on white background. Button down collar. Both shirts have chest pockets and rear darts.
I like this inner tag on the Ooe Yofukuten jeans "We wish to express our gratitude to all people involved in this work"
So what? There are many other elegant and stylish color options available without being a style heretic.
I stopped in to try on a sample pair of jeans that had just arrived from the collaboration between Standard & Strange and Ooe Yofukuten. Great fit, nice medium/high rise, trim (not skinny, these 34's had an 8" cuff opening) and super soft Japanese denim. Best of all, they have an extra long inseam for us tall guys. These aren't on their website yet, but you can email them for details and to get a pair. If they get enough 35W's I may get two pairs.
If his girlfriend is Scarlet then Ambrosi pants and a new girlfriend would be equally challenging.
Personally, I don't care for Longwings but that is a very good looking shoe. The pebble grain is especially nice. Good job!
Well, is it easier to get new pants or a new girlfriend?
Great thread. Great looks!
So whats the deal with the horizontal line on the denim shirt pockets? Is that the selvedge? If so, I would suggest having the selvedge line on an inside seam of the front placket (where it is hidden to everyone but you and your lover), the edge of the sleeve placket or gusset for a more subtle look. I vote for the sleeve placket if you can make it work. That would be a unique detail.
You guys sure had a lot of nice socks during my last visit. Here are just a few by Chup.
New Posts  All Forums: