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Nothing wrong with getting old (we all want to right , but do you want to dress and act old mannish? When we are young we need or want to appear "mature" and "authoritative" as we grow in our careers. And, as we get older, we want and need to be considered relevant. We don't do that by being old mannish. My mentors had one thing in common, regardless of their age they had the energy, perspective and projected a style of someone less than their years.If you want to dress in...
Can we see a good color closeup of the fabric?I saw some beautiful dark blue heather herringbone tweeds. I just bought a dark navy Donegal. I'm not a fan of the more medium blues since the effect is only a small step away from classic grey. You wouldn't want to end up looking like an old tweedy professor would you?
Or, large scale herringbone, or best of all go for more updated colors. A rich heather brown herringbone, as shown by NMWA, is a perfect alternative to the old-school grey. Having just been at the Khaki's trunk show looking at tweed books for an hour I can assure you that there are numerous beautiful color options of herringbone with more richness and complexity than the grey. Best of all it will have a fresh, updated look simply because of the complexity of colors in the...
The scarf is a bit on the formal side so I would suggest following the first and second examples as shown in this video.
I'm going to say something that will probably be considered sacrilegious in a classic menswear thread....I think the classic grey herringbone tweed jacket look is "old-manish". It's done, past it's 1950's-60's prime. Plus, it washes out the complexion of fair skinned folks in Fall/Winter. There are so many better color, pattern and scale (of the herringbone weave) options for tweed that look more interesting and updated.
I'm in for G string.
I don't like low quality fashion. I'm very deliberate about what I buy so I want it to last. I wouldn't buy something to wear as more of a disposable piece of clothing.
^^Those really look great.
I wouldn't go near the green donegals with that Navy windowpane. Stick to medium to light grey flannels for the most classic look. Khakis would look good but IMO second to the grey because they would be more casual looking. I would wear that jacket without a tie and with jeans and a solid pink or blue shirt and scarf for something casual.
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