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Lightweight Bresciani linen and cotton socks. Perfect for 104 degree heat in Las Vegas. Shoes are Lobb Russels
Follow me on Instagram "guswalbolt" I just returned from MAGIC in LV with some #menswear shots
If you want to play Eric Clapton's former 50's Korina Flying V head down to Carmel, CA and visit Rumble Seat Music. The owner has a few bursts as well and he lets you play them
Returning for a trunk show.
I see they are returning to WIngtip in October and with Salvatori Ambrosi.
Looking forward to the Fall suits.......
It has a year-round look to me. In both color and fabric. I could see wearing that in cooler weather under a sweater or leather jacket.
We have a large soaking tub. Neither my wife or I hardly ever use it, but when we do, it is very nice. I can say the same for our hot tub.
What, no melted butter?
I think a heated bathroom and kitchen floor is one of life's great luxuries.
New Posts  All Forums: