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He never liked you either
It is fascinating to me how many wealthy baby boomers follow the legacy rock bands around the world. We have a friend who retired early with big tech money and follows U2 everywhere. That is how she sees the world.
My monitor and eyes see it as deep purple. If it is navy, then it is a nice tie. Purple then superb
Plant may be very wise to leave the Led Zepplin legacy as is and not tour. At 70 + years old it would be hard to come out and pull off a LZ show. As far as him being an asshole, that is separate and impressions based upon friends in the music world who hung around the band. But, anything related to a RnR band has been exaggerated on some levels and underplayed on others.
Page has done alright for him$elf. "Page is the highest-paid guitarist in the world, pulling in an astonishing $96 million between October 2013 and October 2014, a nearly $60 million lead over his closest competition"
Page came across in the interview as a very interesting and genuine guy. He seemed to really enjoy remastering the LP collections and found it to be a positive challenge. I think he has taken on an elder statesman of Rock status and has developed a classy personal style. I recall in the 70's that most of his fellow rock star guitarists often had less than positive things to say about Page. They gave him credit for being a good session guitarists but also liked to take...
I heard an excellent interview recently with Jimmy Page. He was asked about a reunion and implied that everyone wants to do it except Plant and that it won't happen until "he ends his silliness". Sounded like everyone is pissed at him and Plant is as arrogant as ever. He (Plant) always struck me as being an asshole. They had such remarkable success that they could act anyway they wanted and still be adored.
San Francisco Bay Area Meetup Hosted by Indochino Indochino will be hosting a Styleforum Meetup in their brand new San Francisco Showroom. Come out to meetup fellow Bay Area Styleforum members while enjoying an evening of refreshments and light snacks. A No-Host dinner will follow nearby. Date: Thursday November 13th Time: 6-8pm at the Indochino Showroom, followed by dinner Where: Indochino 61 Post ST, San Francisco Dinner: Approximately 8:30PM at a nearby location...
This dark purple color is superb as a tie or pocket square with gray flannel or tan. It has long been a favorite color combination and a nice change from all the ties with a navy ground.
Looks like a great event.
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