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Only if you post pics of you in a pub totally mottled, pissed, goosed, paggered, ruined, trashed, loo la and blottoed.
Tomorrow, 5:30-7:30, House of Shields
About half of the Pitti feed of pics shows guys with a narrow cut white trouser. In the last year, I can't seem to have found any RTW. Any suggestions?
Of course most of the camera focus is on trim, guys and what they are wearing. It would be interesting to see more of what some of the well dressed but larger guys are wearing and how they tailor things to get a flattering look. Not all of us have a 29" waist
If you don't have a small waist a high waist isn't going to be very flattering with an aggressive cropped leg.
Sacafatos, thanks for pointing that out. I would say if you need a shorter jacket and are on the leaner side of a size, then yes, take your normal size. On average though, most guys will size up.
Tomorrow, Thursday June 18 House of Shields 5:30-7:30
You cant get a lot of those looks by simply "pulling up higher". The trouser needs to be cut with a higher rise and tailored to rest above and not on the hips.
LBJ's stats throughout the finals are simply amazing.
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