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I think this is a logical conclusion for the time being yet the Euro and Pound continue to fall compared to the US dollar. Goldman Sachs and others are suggesting that there is a excellent chance for parity with the US Dollar and Euro. With such an extreme shift (Euro formerly at $1.40 dropping to $1.14 and potentially to a $1.00 a continued decline would no doubt encourage a lot of people to find ways to purchase direct from Europe, with or without brands approval.This...
Well done and thank you for these pics. Nice to see a feed of tastefully dressed men and women rather than the streams of silly gimmicks. Even the New York Times feed was chasing the clowns.
Very nice pics. Lets see more! So all Pitti attendees are required to wear 1) hats, 2) facial hair, 3) skinny pants, 4) long, wide colorful scarves...is that about right? Cigarettes seem to be a bit more optional this year unless you are hanging with Lino.
Wooster for one.
I think the biggest threat to a WIlkes and Neimans is that they have almost completely moved away from co-creating anything in their store or carrying smaller brands to simply stocking the major international brand names. So what are they going to do now that they built up a major following for say Cucinelli and Kiton in San Francisco only to have Cucinelli open a store last year and Kiton to be looking for space now in SF? I don't see either retailer fostering the...
You are right, they used horrible wood and often natural finishes. But remember that it wasn't just CBS trying to save a few bucks by buying cheap heavy wood. The whole Stars Guitars and later Alembic customizing thing was hot and the idea was that "the heavier the more sustain".
The Wooster stuff is such a gimmick. It lacks the cool Commes de Garcon patchwork look they were doing years ago.
Natural finishes on Fenders became huge in the early -mid 70's. Lots of guys stripped their older Fenders to give them the new, hip natural look. Thank god the custom color look came back in early 90's.
I used to shop out at the Chestnut Hill Mall Louis in the 80's. Even their suburban mall location was to me more impressive than Barney's NY or even Bergdorf (before they expanded across the street into their own men's building). The early clothing from Zegna (introduced by Louis in the US) and from Barbera (also introduced by Louis) oozed qualty. The fabrics, colors and little details were elegant and subtle. This wasn't flashy. It was more of a fine tailored Italian take...
Lots of pics starting to flow in from Pitti showing their new designs. If you like that sort of thing you might follow them on Instagram.
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