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Hey thanks for giving me credit for organizing but aside from sending PM's it was all the work of NMWA @gdl203 Thank you Greg for hosting the event and for the delicious appetizers and refreshing cocktails! Looking forward to receiving my trunk show goodies!
I bought some very light linen/ cotton and modal blend scarves from Drakes a while ago. For warm weather stick with light and dusty colors with loose weave fabrics.
Umm...these are made by Buzz Rickson. Nothing to do with Bills Khakis.
@bourbonbasted You bring up a perfect example of where they missed the boat. This could have been an ideal solution. Imagine if millions of brand new customers of J Crew were exposed to Bill's khakis 5-7 years ago. The Made in USA story was ripe and the brand had a good story. With an updated fit the brand could have been perfect for their audience.Having consulted with a variety of owners of companies, including fashion brands, I can tell you that when things begin to go...
A truly "fashion unconscious man" makes decisions based upon what is easiest or cheapest to buy. So they are rarely brand loyal. There is always a customer but you have to be willing to compete in the low price arena and there is no way Bill's was set up for that market. Not when Khol's, Target, the Gap, etc., get things cut and sewn at a fraction of the price off-shore and are vertically integrated (no middle -men, no wholesale).
No. The style/brand becomes associated with the older demographic and the younger audience coming along wants and needs something "fresh" to call their own. If you don't offer that to them then they will pursue other options. A brand must continue to innovate, successfully appealing to an emerging audience or the clock is ticking when it will expire.The brand's both you and Nick mention have done this very well.
@dieworkwear's post by Nick Hilton about Bill's reflects how important it is to adopt change or risk being left behind. Lots of small specialty retailers across the country didn't want Bill's Khakis to change and look where it left them. I disagree with Nick that it was the introduction of many new accessories (brand extension) that lead to Bill's downfall. It was that anything they introduced continued to appeal to the same older demographic. That demographic "aged out"...
IMHO, Argyle looks best when one of the colors is the same as the pant, such as this.
Reminds me of the crazy, expressive tux's that very conservative guys would have made to wear to country club parties in the late 60's around NY. The FU look was to boldly show that they didn't have to follow the rules.
I wouldn't call the NYT piece "making fun" of SF, but it sure offers sobering facts about the realities of city life.
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