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Exceptional fabrics Murl and Justin!
Crockett & Jones For Ralph Lauren Polo 10.5 White Suede “bucks” Red Dianite Sole The “Bentley” of White Bucks. Bench made in the UK by Crockett and Jones for Polo Ralph Lauren these are a very fine shoe. Made from an ivory / slightly off-white suede, these have so much more classic style than cheap import white bucks. Built with a hard rubber Dianite sole these have a look and style that will surely compliment your khakis or seersucker trousers and suits. When new these...
Classic Walkover Suede Bucks size 10.5 US Brand New with box Brand new, never worn - Walkover nubuck “Dirty Buck” suede classic bucks “GEORGE” model with the lightweight red rubber sole. Made in USA. These have a full leather lining and are clearly superior to the cheaper imports. Very, very comfortable! http://www.walkover.com/mens-bucks This is a size 10.5 in tan “dirty buck” nubuck suede. Brand new in original box. This is a new model for 2015. The current retail...
A Suitable Wardrobe is having a storewide sale and 30% off their beautiful socks. If you haven't tried a pair of Bresciani OTC do so. You will be spoiled. https://asuitablewardrobe.com/clothing/socks?p=1
Lots of nice socks at the Mr Porter SALE which started today.
That is an excellent summary LA Guy. You should really write a book. In support of your #1, I continue to see one-of-a-kind pieces (both new and vintage) at more successful men's and women's retailers. It really gives the retailer a feeling of being special. As far as B&M...The Mayfair Paul Smith store in London has one of a kind antiques, artwork and crazy special commissioned items surrounded by suits and accessories. It really elevates the status of the regular...
I don't have first hand experience with SS's Egyptian cotton but I especially enjoy royal oxford for a more silky, smooth feel. Although all cottons wrinkle I think it wrinkles less than most any thin cotton poplins. Cotton twills might also be a good option. Why not try a shirt from someone else like Paul Stuart in a royal or twill cotton https://www.paulstuart.com/men-s/shirts/phineas-cole.html . Or, visit CEGO (The previous post) for a custom fit shirt?
Is the suit Ring?
I posted this in the WAYWRN MC then realized it may fit better here. This is my typical daily look, LVC Levis, British shoes (sometimes Italian) and an Italian jacket, this one by Napoli Su Misura. The scarf is the Harem print scarf from Monsieur Fox.
Cool Bay Area weather calls for a wool jacket and scarf
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