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I'm quite honored to be your inspiration. My only suggestion would be to ditch that coffee mug and replace with a nice gin martini.
I find that with a solid navy suit it is hard to find any pocket square that is better than white linen.The clean contrast looks "smart" and both have a degree of formality that compliment each other.
These are MTM based upon the fit offered by NMWA but with additional custom measurements and handwork details in addition to fabric and collar choices. I worked out fit options at their trunk show.Here is another pic of the red striped BD (that I believe NMWA offered RTW on pre-order for Spring). The slightly slubby weave of the fabric and it's shade of red gives this a much more distinctive look than a typical candy colored oxford cloth. For now this will be ideal under a...
Thanks for the heads up on that.^^
A pic of the rest of my order of custom G. Inglese shirts. The blue stripe is an subtle pattern that takes stripes to another level of sophistication. I especially enjoy the shade of red and interesting slightly slubby texture on the BD collared shirt. The solid looking blue and white are actually both a textured end-on-end for a bit more visual texture and detail when seen IRL.
I owned one but never wore it. I got rid of it ages ago and stuck with my handful of classics including white linen.Having worked in art and design for decades I am perhaps far more color conscious and opinionated than most as far as how I like to combine colors and what colors I will wear or avoid. Yet, I continue to evolve and every year I do seem to try a few new things. Who knows, maybe I'll be wearing cream silk one day? But for now I feel there are so many other...
Growing up on the outskirts of New York City and San Francisco there were always men with a developed sense of personal style that wore them. But, the majority of white collar workers, in all fields and professions went to work in a standard suit or sport jacket without a pocket square. I have worn them since the 70's. It was always something subtly special and noteworthy. People remembered it.
Received several custom order G. Inglese shirts. Here is a closeup pic to capture the elegant shape of the color and the handsewn button holes and collar handwork. These are easily my favorite handmade shirts and when I compare them side-by-side with Kiton (at 3-4X the price!), Isaia, Brioni, these Inglese shirts win hands down. And, if you don't care for the tiny pick stitch at the collar you can get them without as well.
Playing around with a newly arrived Sozzi cashmere knit tie. I love cashmere knits for F/W. They look so "right" with cool weather textiles and this one is especially nice in the way the small green dots coordinate with the color of the jacket. A subtle tie-in. Oh, and a new end-on-end Inglese shirt and Drakes pocket square.
My wife and I have been to Northern Italy many times. No matter what I bring I end up wearing most frequently a navy soft tailored jacket with a subtle pattern (linen or linen blend in the warm months,wool in winter), trim jeans and nice derbys or loafers with a white, blue or pink linen or cotton shirt. A few pocket squares and a nice belt add a bit of style as well. You could add a nice pair of trim chinos and gray trousers for a more dressy look. Add maybe one piece of...
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