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Better yet, invite then to come over and join us.
Virtuoso is a very good cleaner and light polish but shorter term for gloss.I like it for old Martins and used every few months. But, if you want long lasting high gloss, as in years of gloss, NuFinish it baby.
If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area Thursday September 1st, come on out and join Styleforum for a meetup with Suitsupply. All Styleforum members and their guests are welcome. First timers are especially welcome. Suitsupply will have their new Fall collections on display and a special offer for all of those who attend. Please RSVP to events@suitsupply.com
events@suitsupply.com Don't forget to RSVP at the above email address for the September 1st San Francisco Meetup at Suitsupply.
They may not be attractive but the fact is that many of these with the rubber soles are very comfortable and easy to slip on. Far more comfortable than many leather dress shoes. They are kind of the sweat pants of shoes. What are you gonna do?
For any of you that will be in the San Francisco Bay Area on September 1st, come on out to the Styleforum Meetup hosted by Suitsupply SF. It will be an enjoyable evening and friends, guests, customers are all invited to join us.
I just got back from a day in San Francisco. I would say the majority of office/tech dudes were wearing similar rubber or leather soled black square toed shoes or dark sneakers. But the actions of the majority doesn't mean it is an example of refined taste, it just means they are inexpensive, comfortable and common enough to make guys who don't care about fashion/style comfortable purchasing them. Last night my wife and I went out to a hot new restaurant, lively crowd,...
I've worn it wine tasting. I live on the edge of #menswear...
Ashton Nobler and Iron Mike, both Sales Associates at Suitsupply San Francisco, look forward to meeting Styleforum members and their guests Thursday September 1st at the new store on Maiden Lane.
Ring Jacket, DB, Loro Piana fabric, RTW from Khakis of Carmel.
New Posts  All Forums: