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Epaulet Trunk Show and Styleforum Meetup Saturday April 18 Hayes Valley, San Francisco No-Host dinner to follow at Mums (Japantown) Epaulet, the highly regarded New York based men’s clothing brand and boutique, is coming to the San Francisco Bay Area for a Trunk Show and Styleforum Meetup. Hosted by co-owners Mike Kuhle and Adele Berne, Epaulet will be bringing all MTO categories (Southwick, Individualized, Trousers) with full size runs to try on and place orders....
Roger has sure lost his mojo.
If you have an overall pattern such as POW that is black a coordinated look in shoes and accessories will look best if they are black.There are ways to coordinate colors that are more appealing and work better than others. As a 20+ year member of the Color Marketing Group and Color Marketing Association there are proven combinations that simply work and have been proven over time by what consumers prefer. Yes, you will find people on this forum or being photographed by...
In all seriousness, yes, regarding the blue or white shirt and silk knit tie if you want to build a classic business wardrobe over time. The other option would be to dress this down a bit with a very nice black loafer. That is another way to "bring on the black". There is more to life than brown shoes, although I am still buying brown/tan suede currently.
Yep. But, I hold out hope that it will change.
Yes, if you want to stay in tune with the nature of this thread.
A silk knit black tie with a white or blue shirt.
IMO, only black shoes, a white or blue shirt, white PS. The tie is where you get to express yourself.
I've seen especially well dressed men around San Francisco (yeas, they are rare) wearing suede shoes with suits forever. One of the managers at Wilkes Bashford in SF wore brown suede double monks with grey DB flannel suits or navy pin stripes at a time when everyone else was still wearing black only with these looks (late 80's). Even today a nice suede double monk is an easy way to dress down a suit or SC outfit. It is a notch above a suede buck or desert boot in formality...
Navy Ring Jacket suit and Lobb black cap toe double monks.
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