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Leave at 5 and tell'em you have an important meeting in the city with Jim Beam, Johnny Walker, Don Julio and Jack Daniels.
Most Styleforum members enjoy meeting their online friends IRL. The last couple of years we have had the added attraction of coordinating them with interesting , local retailers and manufacturers who are happy to host an event of well dressed gentlemen and their friends and dates.
Barbacco is a wonderful place to eat and enjoy some great wines. They have the most delicious spiced salumi and meatballs. I like its casual wine bar vibe. Speaking of wine bars, my friend Angie, is opening one up in Hayes Valley sometime soon (there are always crazy delays with inspectors, etc. . It will be called Birba (little brat) We will have to organize a meetup out there later this summer. It has a nice outdoor patio and she knows how to select good grape juice:)
Another Bay Area Meetup this week. Here is the thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/394336/style-forum-meet-up-thursday-may-29th-san-francisco/0_30#post_7159863
I'm in. See you gents wearing my white shoes (it will be after Memorial Day after all )
If you would like to get a suit, get a summer one in tan cotton or lightweight navy or grey wool which you can wear most of the year. Any of these will go with your shoes and shirts. Try the Brooks Brothers sales for a good value. But try on as many different suits as possible to find the best fit for you- not too tight, not too baggy and must fit perfectly in the shoulder.
It looks too long. A jacket usually looks best when it cuts you in half visually. It should probably hang down to your thumb knuckle or higher. The sleeves are too long. The shoulder looks good. The arms look rather full. Maybe just the angle but it isn't flattering.
These look a lot like the 1947 LVC 501XX. SOme '47's seem to run just a bit slimmer than others. these look to be the slimmer ones, perhaps early 47.1947's are my all around favorite Levis.
Damn, too bad these are short, I'd buy them in a second if they were 34" inseam. Very nice.
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