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That is too bad. They make a nice pant.I would recommend that you contact Dino, state the facts that you have mentioned above, and ask for a refund unless they have a visit scheduled before the end of the year. They were very good working out something with me when I stated exactly what I wanted. Good luck.
Those windowpane tweeds and the green herringbone are sure nice.
Really hard to tell from the pics but it looks short. I would never want to lengthen sleeves on a new jacket. You look like you could use it in an L.
Or just get the blue Shepherds check....
I'm starting to go back and forth between these two fabrics. The Loro Piana Shepards Check in any of these colors would work for me or the Donegal tweed in the blue. Decision, decisions.....
High quality Styleforum poster!
He was what, 27 when he died. What an amazing burst of talent, creativity and musical exploration. It makes you wonder what he would have come up with had he lived a full life.
Took these Ullswaters out for their first spin yesterday. They sure have a nice Fall look about them.
I find that the Khakis of Carmel Ring model works great for me and for several of my friends who have very different builds, weight, etc. I have two of the RTW jackets and just sized up one size for an ideal fit.Jim at Khakis has been great, along with Mr Sasamoto from Ring Japan, fitting and measuring me for my two custom Ring suits. Both fit perfectly right out of the box. Jim was also very helpful in recommending fabric options and has books from all of the better...
Ryan from Tailors Keep came by. Their storefront is just two blocks away.
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