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"Take my wife...please take her"
Bill Murray was interviewed recently and said he never watched Seinfeld. He then saw a rerun of the final and said he didn't get it. He didn't think it was funny.
L.B.M. 1911 Soft, unlined, Wool blend, Jacket Euro size 52L (runs short like a regular) LBM 1911 is a favorite for its casual jackets. This one is a washed wool blend in a brown plaid with a subtle oxblood colored over plaid. Three patch pockets, lined sleeves, working surgeon cuffs. This fits trim in the body and arm and short (even though it says long it is more like most jacket regulars) A very nice casual jacket, perfect with jeans and cords. Chest (P-to-P)...
Interesting that Delta says "approximately", that isnt the case with United or American where they list 14" as the maximum width. Here is a Rimowa that was rejected by American while loading onto Business Class. I'd be really pissed if an agent did this with my $1200 shiny aluminum roll-on. http://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/columnist/hobica/2014/06/10/carry-on-luggage-bag-size-limits/10246511/ I'm headed for Europe and now find that Lufthansa wont let me take my...
Is that guy wearing charcoal grey trousers to his fitting?
Thanks for the suggestions alexg
Anyone else having problems since March of this year with carrying on their Rimowa?(when United, Delta and American changed to a narrower 14" carryon bag size?)
Caganers ...crazy, yet I do know one or two guys who might actually like one. They certainly fall into the "Unique Gift" category.
Many independent mens specialty shops that sell suits also sell Made-to-measure (MTM) clothing including shirts. There are also a number of traveling tailors and if you are near a major city you can meet up with them and have clothing made to your measurements. Mytailor.com does online service as well as travel to many major cities. If you have any luck finding big and tall type clothing, be sure and find the very best tailor near you. Even the best off the rack clothing...
Charlie Hunter used to come by my favorite guitar shop in Berkeley and try out instruments. For the rest of us it was a cool concert
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