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I think a heated bathroom and kitchen floor is one of life's great luxuries.
Awesome photos!
I've done a few bathrooms and it is pretty hard to beat, clean white tile. it mixes with everything. I would skip the wood tile personally.
Fishing in Zihuatanejo. Fresh tuna sashimi, carpaccio and grilled. Ate them about an hour after the catch at a beach shack with palm leaves overhead and sand at our feet. The ice cold Pacifico topped it off.
Roy Buchanan said that guys, prior to distortion pedals, would take a razor blade and cut slits in speakers to get a distorted tone.
It is a sound that resembles an out-of-phase tone. I have no idea what happens from a technical point of view. There is a bit of drop in volume and you get this unique slightly hollow sounding electric-acoustic tone. You hear it on most of T Bone Walkers solos.
I've owned perhaps six ES-5's and 2 ES-5 Switchmasters. In their day they were considered a true premium guitar. In the late 80's when I fell in love with them their owners tended to be hard core blues fans. As you know, T Bone Walker not only defined electric guitar playing with a band but also the sound of electric blues with an orchestra. He was out front (rather than in the back playing rhythm) playing leads, singing and performing with his blond ES-5. The ES-5 is...
Just a reminder that this remarkable denim event takes place this weekend in San Francisco and Oakland. I'll be attending Saturday and Sunday. Hope to see some of you.
For sale is a Brooks Bothers Black Fleece White Oxford Cloth Club Collar shirt designed by Thom Browne. Size BB3 which is a trim but not skinny 16 x 35. In a moment of great enthusiasm I purchased 3 of these. After wearing them all I decided two is enough so I am keeping two and selling one. It has been worn and washed professionally one time. It still retains the heavy, oxford feel and bright white look as-new. The retail price is $195. This is an excellent...
Thanks. I've used those on previous shoes. They work oK. I was wondering more about cleaning rather than cover up.Is there a better chalk bag? If so, where do you get one?
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