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Yeah but your breath😕
Just received my Inglese long sleeve polo. Very nice! Perfect under a jacket for a bit more relaxed vibe. At some point will you be doing another pre-order where I can order a navy and or a white?
You can probably thank this dude for that inspiration...
@Claghorn 's wedding dress dilemma isn't new. There was similar interest in this look in the late 70's when Urban Cowboy came out. Lots of weddings took place with the groomsmen in the exact same outfit except quite a few chose to take it a bit further with cowboy boots. Of course, the bride and groom's kids loved laughing at those photos years later
Check out 1ST PAT-RN made in Italy. Cool look. Only downside is the inseam length is around a 30-31" for us taller guys. But I heard that will change in the Spring.
I have mine made at mytailor.com. Very nice selection of options at different prices.
I've seen guys wear a similar jacket (dark blue overplaid on grey background) with pearl grey (light grey flannels) and it looks smart. The key is that you need good contrast between the grey in the jacket and the grey in the trousers. If there isn't enough contrast in the greys it usually looks "off".As far as chinos, my personal opinion is that chinos will work but stick to the lighter shades of beige and avoid the ones with a greenish, golden or brownish cast. They...
Four wheeled roll-on bags give up space that I could use for packing compared to a two wheel roll on. However, for a full size heavy checked bag, I love the ease of rolling and sliding a four wheel suitcase.
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