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That Drakes tie would work very well with a white shirt especially because it has some white in the pattern, but without seeing your exact tie I can't say for sure. Slight shifts in color do matter. All that being said, don't wear a yellow tie without a good tan. Yellow ties tend to make people look washed out without a bit of a bronze glow.
Beautiful jacket. The size and shape of the shawl collar is right on the money.Seeing this white dinner jacket topic reminded me that at my NY High School, all the men wore white, shawl dinner jackets for graduation. I see they have continued the tradition:
I'd encourage you to discuss this with your shirtmaker. All the custom shirtmakers I've worked with built in an allowance for shrinkage. Different fabric responds differently with oxfords typically shrinking a 1/4" and fine poplins 1/8' or so in the collar. Their RTW shirts, such as a 16 neck are actually a 16.25, to allow for this. So the tagged size is the estimate post shrinkage. Most suggest washing and ironing 3-4 times for the full effect.
I took a look at the various pics posted of the light blue and light grey chambray but the pics seem a bit hazy and small. Is it possible to post ITT a large, crisp pic of both?
Man, @Mr. Claymore really knows how to roll in the 3-piece. Looking good!
Having good success this year with added strength and loosing weight (192 down to 183 and holding). Set a goal to mix up my workouts. I take part in an aerobic/boxing/light weights to loud super fast techno. It helps that I am the only guy in a room of about 35 women in great shape. I mess up all the time but it doesn't matter since everyone is focused on their own deal. I'm so relaxed afterwards and I seem to burn a ton of calories. As soon as the weather became nice I...
Received my order of white suede bucks with red Dianite soles. Surprised that they run too narrow for me across the smaller toes (especially because British shoes tent to run a bit on the wider side and my foor is a bit narrow). Toe box shape is a bit more V shape than the angle in the online photo shows. Bummed, was really wanting these to work out as I have wanted this unicorn combination for some time. There are various red sole white bucks but not with red Dianite....
New Posts  All Forums: