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Any pics from the movie reflect the fact that the costume director chose from a dozen or more suits in various fits available for every scene. Part of that is in case there is damage and part is so DC can always be shown in the most snug fit possible and practical for any movement needed. A rear standing shot will have tight pants and a snug jacket. A running scene will allow for a bit more room and movement, etc. There was a great interview online by the costume director...
An impressive collection or good looks, proving you can wear a suit without a tie and look sharp. It just takes some personal style and good fits.
But only on left shoes. They will be my new one shoe.
Hey, we take our #menswear seriously around here. Take your %$@# humor to the playground where it belongs.Oh, and where to cop shoes? Can you proxy?
Still some beautiful Seaward & Stearn ties left for sale. Handmade in the UK of beautiful printed and woven silks. The colors are "delicious" and these knot very well. I own a lot of their fine ties, pocket squares and scarves.
^^Wow, 70 euros a night is a remarkable deal. I'm interested in hearing more about your comment that staying in an apartment allows you to interact with the culture in a more intimate way. In what ways? We've never rented an apt and enjoy the interaction among the staff at hotels. Perhaps we are missing something beside daily maid service?
I had the Horsey jacket with storm system cashmere cloth. The LP storm system cashmere and wool fabrics are lined with a waterproof membrane. You will stay dry but realize that the outer layer will get damp and will need to dry after getting a good soak.
I'm looking forward to the ASW trunk show this Saturday. Will has some things I've never seen IRL. The internet is great for many things but it certainly doesn't replace the in-hand enjoyment of fine menswear and accessories.
Pics of the tie secret pocket when you unbutton the Battisti tie.
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